Accommodation in Qatar 2022

Will I Find a Bed in Qatar During The World Cup 2022?

The Associated Press news agency conducted extensive pre-tournament research in late 2021, checking all the top hotel chains in Qatar as well as aggregation websites to find accommodations for the duration of the World Cup, which will take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2021.

They only managed to locate one room in the entire nation, and even that wasn't particularly lovely given that it was adjacent to Doha's extremely busy airport and cost more than $1,000 per night at a four-star hotel.

While this is going on, the Qatari government is anticipating 850,000 visitors over the four weeks of the competition, not to mention all the officials, the media, the teams, and their supporters.

So where will everyone be sleeping during the World Cup in Qatar?

It won't be quite as horrible as it seems, though.

The majority of the rooms, according to Associated Press, had already been reserved by the tournament organizers so they could accommodate FIFA and other football officials, sponsors and their associates, and members of the international media.

Additionally, it has enabled them to restrain hoteliers from raising prices too early.

Many of these rooms are now offered as part of Qatar Airways' all-inclusive packages, which include flights, accommodations, and sporting events.

However, the math seems challenging.

The tournament's organizers anticipate 559,00 visitors for the first two weeks of play when all 32 teams and their supporters will be present.

The 27th and 28th of November will see the most demand, when they anticipate that 276,000 ticket holders, among others, would be looking for lodging.

Since many guests will be sharing rooms and hence not staying for just one game or night, the number of rooms needed on any given night will differ from the number of match day tickets.

The Qatari tourism authorities have estimated that they will require a peak supply of 130,000 hotel rooms and other rental spaces.

Still a lot for a nation with only 3 million inhabitants.

Even though the numbers are growing daily, there will only be about 33–34,000 hotel rooms in Qatar by spring 2022.

The Supreme Council anticipates that as many as an additional 25,000 rooms will be ready by November, but that seems a bit optimistic given the country's frenetic pace of hotel construction.

Even yet, 60,000 is still far short of the goal, and the majority of the rooms are in pricey 5-star hotels.

What alternative possibilities will there be then?

The FIFA Arab Cup organizers started their "host a fan" campaign in the months leading up to the event, which will take place in Qatar in December 2021. Qataris were invited to host or stay with a visiting fan or two in their homes. Qataris have a long history of hospitality, but they also value privacy and conservatism, and it appears that the latter has prevailed. Because participation is so low, the organizers are not providing numbers.

The two sizable cruise ships that will be berthed in the city's harbor and provide views of Doha's skyline will be a better option. Over 4,000 rooms will be available, with a two-person room costing £3000 for six nights.

Camping in the desert outside of Doha will be a more cheap choice if that price sounds excessive. An hour south of Doha, on a flat area of desert between the dunes and the Gulf, the Qataris are constructing a modest tent city to house a few thousand festivalgoers after consulting with the Coachella and Glastonbury festival directors. Although it's a viable choice financially, the Supreme Council stated: "We have always seen the ability to camp as an offering of traditional Qatari hospitality, approximately 15 miles away is the new satellite city of Madinatna.

The "vacation house" program of Qatar Tourism is encouraging locals to apply for permits to rent out their houses on Airbnb. However, it appears that the private market is rather pricey, for one such offer was for a four-bedroom apartment that cost £20,000 a night. Perhaps there will be enough private rentals available at that price to make up the difference or alternative options might be required.

What is The Heavy Lifting of Qatar World Cup 2022?

It appears that Doha will carry out most of the heavy lifting on this subject, a massive complex of rental apartments, as well as the building of two dozen hotels.

Despite the extensive network of five-lane freeways, slip roads, and overpasses, there will be beds.

The Qataris are still upbeat, but they are also quietly renovating to improve their capacity during the World Cup. Since space is limited, they anticipate fans to travel from other gulf cities such as Muscat in Oman, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. For that, Doha's old airport will be reopened to ease pressure from airline traffic during The World Cup 2022.

However, anyway, it will be challenging!

The Qataris, however, are adaptable, resourceful, and very wary of negative PR, such as tourists without a place to stay or empty World Cup stadiums.

One hopes they will find a reasonable solution to this apparent shortage of rooms, and they continue to be adamant that everything will go smoothly that night.

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