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شالكه 04

In 2015, Schalke 04 was ranked the 7th best football team in Europe by UEFA 2015 club rankings.  Schalke 04 is considered one of the best teams in Germany and has also proven their self in Europe by qualifying and competing in the biggest club competition, the Champions league. The club plays their home matches at Veltins-Arena, Gelsenkirchen which is widely regarded as one of the most modern and best multi-use facilities in Europe. This unbelievable stadium has a capacity of 62,271 supporters, one of the biggest stadiums in German football. Buy official football tickets for all leagues including Bundesliga and UEFA European Champions league fixtures from 1Boxoffice now!!

Watch the likes of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Yevhen Konoplyanka and many other great players up close buy booking your tickets at 1BoxOffice and witness entertaining football! Can Schalke 04 compete with the very best this season? Book your tickets with 1BoxOffice and watch the action unfold live!

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+  شالكه 04 ضد فرايبورغ عرض الكل

+  شالكه 04 ضد بوروسيا مونشنغلادباخ عرض الكل

+  شالكه 04 ضد آر بي لايبزيغ عرض الكل

+  شالكه 04 ضد هوفنهايم عرض الكل

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