Anti-Spam policy

1BoxOffice Anti-Spam Policy


1Boxoffice aims at securing a safe, unique and satisfactory experience for our users. In line with this, we have established and implemented an anti-spam policy to prevent any sort of any unwanted communication. The policy defines our guidelines on how to take action against any violation and spam acts.

Definition of Spam:

Spam is considered as any untrusted and irrelevant message sent to users and with an aim of advertising and marketing of a certain product, service or any other.

Prohibited Activities:

The 1BoxOffice platform inhibits its users from engaging in the following activities:

Sending Unsolicited Emails: Users must not reply or engage with any communication with any sender whom they didn’t provide consent to receive message from.

Bulk Messaging: Sending similar messages to many users without their consent is prohibited.

False Information: Users must not communicate using any false information or content like false or untrue sender information or deceptive subject lines.

Automated Messages: messages using any kind of automated tools, scripts, or bots is strictly prohibited.

Opt-In Consent:

Users must provide consent regarding any communication they want to receive.

Unsubscribe Mechanism:

Users can easily unsubscribe to stop receiving any kind of communication. An easy and functional unsubscribe mechanism must be well-maintained.

Compliance and Reporting:

Users who receive any kind of spam communication from 1boxoffice platform can report directly to [email protected]

Consequences of Violation:

Warnings, suspension of accounts, or termination of access to the 1BoxOffice platform are actions that 1BoxOffice can take as a result to any violations of this anti-spam policy.

Review and Modification:

1BoxOffice has the right to always modify this anti-spam policy. Users hold the responsibility to keep themselves updated with any changes or alterations done to the policy.

Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact [email protected]