AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets

Europa League

22 February 2024


Stadio Olimpico

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Buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets for the Europa League game being played on 22/02/2024 at Stadio Olimpico. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy AS Roma tickets!

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Buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets for the Europa League game being played on 22/02/2024 at Stadio Olimpico. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy AS Roma tickets!

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Europa League AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets

Get ready for a stunning game where AS Roma will go head to head with Feyenoord in this thrilling Europa League game. This derby is likely to be visually gratifying, as both teams are more accustomed to creating wonderful football for their fans to enjoy. It doesn't matter if you are a hard-core Roma or you are supporting Feyenoord, buying tickets for this occasion is a must for feeling the atmosphere, tension and pride of the European football live.

From being a season ticket holder to attending the only game of the season, AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets are all you need to spend an unforgettable night among light flashes. Here is the chance of your life to be part of this football match; buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord football tickets now and let the anticipation build up to this great event.

Europa League AS Roma vs Feyenoord Ticket Prices

The fact that two of Europe's most highly-regarded clubs will be in the Europa League match is definitely one of the things that made fans anticipate the game and the tickets. The AS Roma vs Sparta match is not just a football game; it is proof of the existence of the history and competitiveness that characterizes European football. The fact that the tickets are sold for a game of high stakes and these teams have a huge fan base also influences the prices of the tickets, seating choices, and on-field perks.

AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets: Prices for the Europa League Game Tickets

In AS Roma vs Feyenoord match in the Europa League, ticket prices depend on some factors namely whether the seat is in a more attractive place or less attractive position, whether it has access to the amenities or not, and whether the ticket is part of season pass or single match purchase. The seasonal subscribers of both clubs can get priority pricing and access at the time of renewal, thus, this option is more attractive to the most die-hard fans.

  • Standard Tickets:Besides, the fact that the cost for a regular ticket for the AS Roma vs Feyenoord match differs quite a lot in different parts of the stadium is worth mentioning. From the basic price which will be used to cater for fans who want to have the match experience by itself, without the luxuries of the VIP, will be the starting point.
  • Premium Seating:For the fans who like to have a thrilling matchday and enjoy the exclusive amenities, the premium seating is an excellent option which provides excellent views, comfortable seats and access to amenities. The sellers of tickets have not only increased the price of the tickets, but they also reflect the advantages that this provides.
  • Season Tickets:The special offer to season ticket holders of AS Roma and Feyenoord, who fly to Europe, is to get a discount. This may sound like a lot of money for a short period of time, but this is the price you pay for having all the home matches in your hands, including the Europa league's glorious games.

The ticket sales at different price points will allow fans to choose their favorite option for the upcoming Europa League encounter between AC Milan and Slavia Prague.

AS Roma vs Feyenoord Match and pricing information in Europa League

  • Standard Seating:Coming from just £60, it provides a well-priced option with a decent aspect of the game.
  • Premium Options:Starting from £150, which is the highest price level of tickets for fans, whether they are after the best seats with top amenities or not.
  • Season Ticket Advantage:Specialize pricing offered for season ticket holders and highlight the loyalty of those fans who followed the team throughout the year.

Note that these prices represent the case and so they may vary depending on the factors mentioned before including market demand and availability. To avoid being left out and getting the best out of the event, consider watching out for the official sources and buying tickets early enough when the sales are open.

Feyenoord matches in Europa League

Date Teams
15th February, 2024 Roma vs Feyenoord
22nd February, 2024 Feyenoord vs Roma

About AS Roma vs Feyenoord in Europa League

The AS Roma and Feyenoord Europa League clash promises to be a great match of European football, as it brings together two clubs with long traditions and very enthusiastic fans. AS Roma, with its historical performance and victories in both domestic and international events, is famous for its come-from-behind victories and the electric atmosphere of Anfield. On the one hand, Feyenoord, the most successful club in the Czech Republic and the one with the tradition of promoting home-grown talents and challenging Europe’s elite on the continental stage should be remembered in this context. This pairing not only reflects the competitiveness of the Europa League but also illustrates the multicultural nature of European football.

History of AS Roma vs Feyenoord in Europa League

The two clubs have not met often in the past, which means that each game brings new surprises and tough battles. These encounters mostly embody tactical chess games in which the richness of European football's competitive system is demonstrated. When they meet in the Europa League this time, both teams would like to add new names to their European heritage, with AS Roma relying on its experience and Feyenoord fighting to upset the odds.

Fixtures in Europa League

The teams to play in the Europa League are determined by a draw of UEFA; the teams from all over Europe participate in the championship to gain victory.

Here is the AS Roma vs Feyenoord table that shows the AS Roma vs Feyenoord fixtures:

Date Teams
15th February, 2024 AS Roma vs Feyenoord
22nd March, 2024 AS Roma vs Feyenoord

Results in Europa League

The hard-fought clashes between AS Roma and Feyenoord will be of tremendous interest, as both teams want to acquire the maximum of the points. The past experiences of both sides have been truly amazing as both sides have demonstrated their tactical and technical skills oftentimes resulting in very close matches. Here are the recent AS Roma vs Feyenoord results:

AS Roma Feyenoord
Total 6 6
Won 2 1
Lost 1 2
Draw 3 3

Champion History and Champions List in Europa League

The Europa League, well-known for its unmatched thrill and unpredictability has brought many different winners from all across Europe. While AS Roma had won the competition on several occasions, it served as a validation of their supremacy in the European arena. Although Feyenoord has a great tradition in the Netherlands, it also has the dream to make it to the legendary Europa League glory.

Europa League Champions (Recent Years):

  • 2023/24: Sevilla FC
  • 2022/23: FC Barcelona
  • 2021/22: Villarreal CF
  • 2020/21: Manchester United FC
  • 2019/20: Sevilla FC

The participation of AS Roma in the list of winners means that they have massively done well in European competitions and they strive to be in the same group as other winners. Feyenoord on the other hand has a dream to compete with these teams by making a deep run in the tournament. The Europa League competition is a wondrous illustration of the fierce UEFA spirit of football, where clubs with different histories and objectives unite in the pursuit of the European championship.

Offers for AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets in Europa League

The Europa League game between AS Roma and Feyenoord is a game that attracts a lot of fans' interest as they try to grab themselves a spot at one of the games that will not be missed this season. Knowing what each offers and the range of platforms for buying cheap AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets is key for fans who want to be in the stadium and not spend all their savings at the same time.

Offers in Europa League

In regular occurrences, fans obtain exclusive offers for AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets from the official club website and UEFA's platform, where they can select standard tickets for VIP experiences. The options of early bird specials, group discounts, and loyalty rewards are the ones that can be explored to get favorable prices for the tickets. Furthermore, the season ticket holders of both clubs can benefit from priority seating and special rates, which not only attract new members but also retain existing ones.

Comparison of Tickets for Europa League

As you examine ticket prices from different platforms, make sure you pay attention to authenticity, seat location, and additional charges. Here's a simplified comparison chart to give an idea:

Platform Average AS Roma vs Feyenoord ticket price Additional Benefits
Official Club/Tournament Site £60 - £150 Guaranteed authenticity, potential early access
Ticketmaster £65 - £160 Secure transaction, customer service
Viagogo £70 - £200 Wide selection, dynamic pricing
StubHub £75 - £180 FanProtect Guarantee, varied options

These are indicative prices that may change depending on the demand, the match, and the time of purchase. Ticket enthusiasts are allowed to pick between these platforms after comparing them, and given their budget and preferences, to get good deals on AS Roma vs Feyenoord matches in the Europa League.

Note: The above table will serve you as a general overview; actual prices and deals may differ. Abide by the rules and only purchase from authorized sellers in order to eliminate instances of scams.

How / Where to Buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets in Europa League

Picking up tickets for hot-sellers in the Europa League, such as AS Roma vs Feyenoord can be quite a challenge. Nevertheless, if the process is explained, and they are provided with a proper platform, fans can easily buy their favorite items. So, how to buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets? We would suggest that you get the tickets at 1 Box Office, which is renowned for its reliability and broad range of ticket availability.

Steps to Purchase Tickets for Europa League by 1 Box Office


Visit the 1 Box Office Website:
The first step is going to the 1 Box Office website. The platform is user-friendly and is carefully designed to allow you to find tickets for the game you want to watch within a short time.


Search for AC Milan vs. Slavia Prague Tickets:
Use the search bar to find the AS Roma vs Sparta Praha Europa League game. You can navigate the website's football section and quickly select the Europa League, then the particular match.


Choose Your Tickets:
When you locate the partner, then you'll view a list of available tickets. The costs will depend on the location of the stadium, visibility, and any extras (like VIP access or hospitality packages). Get the tickets that correspond to your choice and the amount of money you have.


Review Your Selection:
Choose your tickets after that and check if your choice is actually as you expected. Look at the seats, the price, and the quantity.


Make Your Purchase:
So, how to get AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets? Continue to the checkout page. Personal and payment information is something you will submit. 1 Box Office is committed to using secure payments so as to guarantee the safety of your transaction.


Confirmation and Delivery:
After your purchase, you will be provided with an email confirmation that contains the relevant details of your tickets. Electronically or through the secure post, tickets can be made available in accordance with the delivery options presented by 1 Box Office.

Where to buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets

Tickets for the Europa League match between AS Roma and Feyenoord can be purchased directly from 1 Box Office's official website. This platform specializes in providing tickets for sports events, including football matches across Europe. That’s the reason why it is considered to be the best place to buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets.

Why 1 Box Office Is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

1 Box Office stands out as a premier destination for buying football tickets for several reasons:

  • Reliability: It has a proven track record of offering genuine tickets to high-profile matches.
  • Selection: Provides a wide range of ticketing options, from standard seats to exclusive VIP packages.
  • Secure Transactions: Ensures all purchases are made through secure payment gateways, protecting your financial information.
  • Customer Service: Offers excellent customer support and is ready to assist with any queries or concerns regarding your purchase.
  • Convenience: Allows fans to purchase tickets easily from anywhere, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction from start to finish.

For fans looking to experience the thrill of AS Roma vs Feyenoord in the Europa League live, 1 Box Office offers a trusted and straightforward solution to secure your best AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets at the match.

Tips: 1 Box Office Benefits for AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets

If you book your AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets through the 1 Box Office website, you have an opportunity to not only secure your best seat for this night of excitement but also many additional benefits. Here’s why 1 Box Office is your go-to platform for snagging those coveted tickets:

  1. Wide Selection of Tickets: Whether you're a budget or a luxury person, 1 Box Office offers you an option that suits your pocket or needs. They boast a huge collection, hence, whatever you're looking for is at your beck and call. That’s why it is considered to be the best site to buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets.
  2. Guaranteed Authenticity: For a buyer, one of the biggest worries when buying online tickets is the possibility of getting fake tickets. 1 With every ticket sold, you can be assured that the tickets are genuine and that you can enjoy your show with the utmost confidence.
  3. Secure Payment System: Safeguarding your financial data makes it more resilient against any breach and secure payment gateways guarantee a secure transaction from start to finish.
  4. Hassle-Free Booking: The AS Roma Vs Feyenoord ecommerce website offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that makes it effortless for you to select and purchase the tickets. After only a few clicks on your keyboard, you're ready to go.
  5. Reliable Customer Support: In case any questions arise or you need assistance on the way to buying the tickets, 1 Box Office provides excellent customer service and is ready to solve any problems.
  6. Electronic and Physical Ticket Delivery: For your convenience and in case of urgency, you may choose to buy AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets online either in the form of an electronic ticket which you can print out at home or a secured postal delivery with physical tickets.
  7. Transparent Pricing: We believe in honesty and transparency. For 1 Box Office, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, and you will only pay for your match day, thus budgeting will not be an issue for you.

Opting 1 Box Office as your platform for buying tickets to AS Roma vs Feyenoord online means you are part of the action with the ease of knowing that you are secure, reliable, and convenient. Not only does the website offer low competitive AS Roma vs Feyenoord ticket prices but also gives a range of benefits to those who want to reserve their place in the stadium. This way, it is the best site to secure a spot in the stadium.

Cost of AS Roma vs Feyenoord Tickets

The excitement surrounding the AS Roma vs Feyenoord match in the Europa League has fans eager to secure their seats, but many wonder about the cost. So, how much are AS Roma vs Feyenoord tickets? Ticket prices can vary significantly, reflecting the match's high demand, seating options, and unique matchday experiences.

Why Ticket Cost Varies

  • Seating Location: The most influential factor is where you choose to sit. AS Roma vs Feyenoord season tickets prices range from more affordable options in the upper tiers to premium costs for seats closer to the pitch or with added benefits like access to lounges.
  • Match Significance: High-profile matches, such as knockout stages or rivalry games, often see a spike in ticket prices due to increased demand.
  • Season Tickets vs. Single Match Tickets:Season ticket holders might enjoy reduced rates per game as part of their package, while single match tickets can be priced higher, especially for sought-after encounters.

Top Matches Insights

For top-tier games like AS Roma vs Feyenoord, the average ticket price for AS Roma vs Feyenoord often falls into a broad spectrum, generally starting from £60 for standard seating and going upwards of £150-£200+ for premium experiences. This match, being a crucial fixture in the Europa League, might see prices leaning towards the higher end of the spectrum due to its significance and the international fanbase of both teams.

Fans looking to experience the electrifying atmosphere should consider purchasing their tickets early to avoid price surges as the match day approaches. The investment not only secures a spot to witness this thrilling encounter but also contributes to a memorable footballing experience.

Matches & Stadium Details in the Europa League

The UEFA Europa League, the most prominent club football tournament next to the Champions League, is the stage where the most amazing young talents and clubs compete in Europe. Every season, the clubs play a sequence of matches, which finally lead to the finals which are eagerly awaited. In the following, we will examine the structure of the matches, highlighting the importance of the venues that host such exciting tournaments.

Stadium Details of the Europa League

Europa League matches are played in various stadiums across the continent and feature some of Europe's most famous football stadiums. Lastly, it is the UEFA that selects a stadium from among those that are known for their large capacity, excellent facilities, and football legacy. For example:

Stadium Location Capacity Notable Features
Estadio Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Seville, Spain 43,883 Known for its passionate fans and historic significance, often hosts Sevilla FC's matches
Emirates Stadium London, England 60,704 Modern amenities and a vibrant atmosphere, home to Arsenal FC
Vodafone Park Istanbul, Turkey 41,188 Renowned for its intense atmosphere, serves as the home ground for Beşiktaş JK

Stadiums where the matches of the Europa League take place are chosen for their best-in-class facilities which provide a comfortable and secure environment to the fans. These venues, however, are not just the fields for football matches only; they are the temples of the sport, full of history and atmosphere, to which fans come, so that the matches of the Europa League become their unforgettable experience.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the group stages or the breathtaking final, the Europa League evokes football at its best, with teams fighting for honor in the continent’s most prestigious football arenas.

FAQs: AS Roma vs Feyenoord Europa League Match

  • The tickets can be bought directly from the official sites of AS Roma FC and Feyenoord, UEFA's official website, and 1 Box Office (a trusted ticketing platform). Make sure that you're purchasing from a legitimate vendor to avoid fraudulent activities.
  • The match is scheduled to happen on 15tH February 2024 and 22nd February 2024.
  • The cost of the tickets changes depending on their location, the importance of the game, and the purchase date. Prices can start from £60 for standard seats and may go up to £150 or more for premium tickets.
  • Normally, tickets are available from several weeks to a few months before the match day. Watch carefully official websites to get sale dates.
  • The most secure way is buying tickets from official club websites or online ticket distributors such as 1 Box Office. These platforms offer a sense of safety, dependability, and genuineness.
  • The standard price per ticket, starting from £60 for seats in general and rising up to £200 or more for VIP experiences or premium seats, is influenced by a number of things, such as the time of purchase and the seat location.

Europa League   Teams Tickets

Team Tickets Home Ground / Stadium City Seating Plan
AC Milan Tickets San Siro - San Siro Seating Plan
AS Roma Tickets Stadio Olimpico - Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan
Atalanta Tickets Gewiss Stadium - Gewiss Stadium Seating Plan
Bayer Leverkusen Tickets - - -
Benfica Tickets - - -
Brighton & Hove Albion Tickets AMEX Community Stadium - AMEX Community Stadium Seating Plan
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