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Europa League

07 March 2024


Estadio da Luz

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Buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets for the Europa League game being played on 07/03/2024 at Estadio da Luz. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Benfica tickets!

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Buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets for the Europa League game being played on 07/03/2024 at Estadio da Luz. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Benfica tickets!

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Europa League Benfica vs Rangers FC Tickets

Get ready for the thrill of a football game when Benfica fights Rangers FC in the most expected First League meeting. This tug-of-war is set to go down in history as one of the most exciting times in the minds of football fans everywhere. Book your Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets because you wouldn’t want to miss these two storied clubs fighting it out on the field. Whether you consider yourself a staunch supporter of your team or just a lover of the game of football who craves the European competition at its best, Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket season tickets are an opportunity to experience a game filled with as much spirit, skill and passion as there can be in a competition. Having choices such as one-off matchday tickets to seasonal access, fans can immerse themselves in the excitement simply no other way can. Don't let this chance for interaction with the crowd pass – make sure you get your Benfica vs Rangers FC football tickets as soon as possible and be part of the large group of fans yelling at their team!

Benfica vs Rangers FC Tickets Pricing for Europa League

Benfica vs Rangers FC match ticket pricing for the Europa League demonstrates the lack of tickets on offer and the special status of this event in the football calendar. The Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket prices are changed based on certain considerations, such as seating location, the package in the purchase, and the time when you purchase Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets online. In most cases, fans can look forward to various price levels with a lower range that caters to a lower budget and a higher one that caters to higher preferences.

Season tickets for both clubs may confer priority access, or else entitle the holders to discount on tickets, as part of their subscription. The fans would thus have an opportunity to reserve a place in one of the forthcoming matches of the season. At the same time, individual tickets on sale have been made available for those who wish to be part of the event, including the epic battle of both teams in the especially anticipated Europa League match.

Benfica vs Rangers FC Match and Pricing Information in Europa League

The average Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket price for the upcoming Europa League match is expected to be in a broad spectrum, reflecting the diverse seating and experience options available at the stadium. Here's a breakdown of the expected pricing tiers:

  • Standard Tickets: It range from low-budget opportunities for those who use seats just to be among the others, and to somewhat better ones giving the full view of the performed work.
  • Premium Seats: Higher premium seats, which promise a better view, closer proximity to the match or exclusive amenities, provide an exclusive matchday experience for those who desire it.
  • VIP Packages: In the high-end VIP packages, spectators are not only offered the best seats but also access to lounges, complimentary drinks, and other extras.

Benfica vs Rangers FC season ticket price might change based on demand and availability of merchandise, so be aware. Booking your tickets in advance is advisable to get the best seats and the most favorable fares. Whether you're a season ticket holder, enjoying your privileges, or a fan eager to witness the most desirable game of the Europa League, getting your Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket is imperative for gratifying your ambitions.

Rangers FC matches in Europa League

Date Teams
21st September, 2023 Rangers vs Real Betis
5th October, 2023 Aris Limassol vs Rangers
26th October, 2023 Sparta Praha vs Rangers
9th November, 2023 Rangers vs Sparta Praha
30th November, 2023 Rangers vs Aris Limassol
14th December, 2023 Real Betis vs Rangers
7th March, 2024 Benfica vs Rangers
14th March, 2024 Rangers vs Benfica

About Benfica vs Rangers FC in Europa League

Benfica and Rangers FC's fight for the Europa League isn't merely a match: it's a clash where the European club game beauty, skill, and adoration are displayed. As old teams from two countries highly regarded, Portugal and Scotland, who have zealous followers, naturally their games will be interesting events to be watched at any time.

Benfica and Rangers FC are clubs that went past the time and have iconic legacies, with their fighting spirit and football achievements at their core. These teams' Europa League encounters are always emphasised, with fans from various nations going to the stadium to catch sight of the supremacy. Both teams are honored for their different playing style, masterly tactical approach and twinkling moments on the field.

History of Benfica vs Rangers FC in Europa League

The history of Benfica vs Rangers FC in the Europa League is marked by a series of unforgettable matches that have left a commanding imprint in the history of the cup. Despite representatives from their teams being seen less often, each match has been a remarkable display of the greatness of inter-club rivalries on the football scene, combining high-caliber play with players that are considered the best in the world.

Fixtures in Europa League

Group Stage Matches: Two teams have experienced ups and downs throughout the group stages, some common with the European giants that they have faced in their bid for the last 16.

Knockout Rounds: It's the particular games and fixtures, especially those in the knockout stage, which are highly desired by everyone, with both teams hoping to further their journey whilst becoming graven ingrained into the lore of the UEFA Europa League history.

Here is the Benfica vs Rangers FC table that shows the Benfica vs Rangers FC fixtures:

Date Teams
7th March, 2024 Benfica vs Rangers
14th March, 2024 Rangers vs Benfica

Results in Europa League

The games between Benfica and Rangers FC in Europa League showed different outcomes, where both teams have proved that they playing smart and tough at the same time. Instead of the overwhelming dominance expected, matches have reflected the mixed result of close games, draws, and the occasional defeat, thus, displaying the competitive nature of their encounters and the evenly matched quality of the squads.

Here are the recent Benfica vs Rangers FC results:

Benfica Rangers FC
Total 4 4
Won 1 0
Lost 0 1
Draw 3 3

Champion History and Champions List in Europa League

The Europa League has witnessed several champions over the years. Benfica and Rangers FC are fighting for their slot in the Champions League too on which these teams have their names inscribed. As the history of the competition is full of stories of upset victories, reigning champions, and the highest level of intrigue, one of its great features is this.

Recent Champions:

  • 2021-2022: Villarreal
  • 2020-2021: Villarreal
  • 2019-2020: Sevilla
  • 2018-2019: Chelsea
  • 2017-2018: Atlético Madrid

The teams of Benfica and Rangers FC each time drew near to capturing the trophy, with them both regularly reaching the knockout stages and semi-final games in different duels respectively. Their motif ‘to rule the trophy’ is the strongest inhibitor of them being the best team in Europe’s competitions.

The Europa clash between Benfica and Rangers FC is a battleground where legends are born and rejoice. Now, the chapter is still being written. Like professionals, spectators worldwide are already charged up ahead of the arrival of every episode knowing that each game they attend is a vital part of the football history to come.

Offers on Benfica vs Rangers FC Tickets in Europa League

The Europa League being filled with star-studded encounters, including the hotly-anticipated clash of Benfica and Rangers, proposes a selection of ticketing options and deals which are available to all basketball fans. Be it the affordability of Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket prices or your choice of premium matchday experience, the competition among these two legendary clubs for this historic battle gives a profound insight into valuation and accessibility.

Offers in Europa League

However, for those fans looking to soak in the incredible atmosphere of a Benfica vs Rangers FC match without having to pay through the nose, there definitely are many promos to check up on. The most wanted are early bird specials, group discounts, and fan club exclusive deals, which are not only inexpensive but also very affordable. Furthermore, season ticket holders enjoying priority access and discounted rates will be able to secure their place for one of the highlight matches of the season.

Comparison of Tickets for Europa League

The average Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket price can vary widely based on factors like seat location, time of purchase, and the match's significance. Let’s break down the ticketing options into a comparison chart for a clearer overview:

Ticket Type Average Price Range Benefits
Standard €50 - €100 Affordable, general admission
Premium €101 - €200 Better views, some additional perks
VIP/Hospitality €201 - €500 Best views, exclusive access, and amenities

Cheap Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets within the Standard category are the cheapest and are a perfect choice if you want to enjoy the game in a no-frills manner. On the opposite side of the scale, VIP packages offer fans an unmatched matchday experience with benefits varying from gourmet food to meet-and-greets with famous names.

Fans in search of tickets for the Europa League clash between Benfica and Rangers are advised to evaluate the two options mindfully. While a good deal is hard to resist, the thrill of a once-in-a-lifetime experience often compensates for the extra cost, which turns into priceless memories. Whether it is economy or the luxurious route, fans will always have an option to fit into their budget and desires. Get Benfica vs Rangers FC match tickets today.

Steps to Buy Tickets for Europa League Using 1 Box Office

The process of obtaining tickets for a Europa League match, and a very interesting one at that, which is Benfica versus Rangers FC, is a moment of a hesitation and anticipation for fans all over the world. One of the major ticket-selling platforms that offer tickets to such highly demanding football fixtures is surely 1 Box Office. This is a walk-through guide to buying tickets using the 1 Box Office and the reason why it is the best place to buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets.


Check the Website:
How to get Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets? Start by visiting the 1 Box Office official website. The platform has a user-friendly interface, and it walks you through the process of selecting the tickets easily.


Look for the Match:
Search for the Benfica vs Rangers FC Europa League match. If you wish, you can also check out the Europa League section and find the game among other listings.


Select Tickets:
If the match is found, you will select from among the available ticket options standard, preferred, and VIP packages. Go through the descriptions and prices so that you can choose tickets that suit your needs and wallet.


Accept the Purchase:
When you have selected the tickets go to the checkout. They will request your personal and payment details. Make sure that all the details are correct so you do not have any trouble with the purchase.


Receive Confirmation:
After your purchase process is completed, you will receive an email confirmation containing all the details of your tickets, along with information on how to collect them or if they will be delivered electronically. This is how to buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets.

Where to Buy the Tickets

Benfica vs Rangers FC Europa League tickets as well as tickets to other high profile matches can easily be bought online via the 1 Box Office website. This system is a safe and convenient way to get tickets which provides reliability and comfort to football fans throughout the world.

Why 1 Box Office Is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

1 Box Office stands out as the best place to buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets for several reasons:

  • Guaranteed Authenticity: Any tickets purchased through 1 Box Office are real and promise entry to the show, giving buyers confidence.
  • Wide Selection: If you seek cheap seats or the ultimate VIP experience, 1 Box Office provides a lot of ticketing options for different tastes and wallets.
  • Secure Transactions: The platform makes sure that all transactions are safe, keeping your personal and payment details safe.
  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service is the main priority of Box Office, offering help and guidance throughout the purchase process, thus, providing an enjoyable experience for all customers.

Fans who wish to fight for the opportunity to attend the Benfica vs Rangers FC Europa League match would assuredly enjoy the 1 Box Office service which guarantees such people security, reliability, and convenience. Due to the authenticity it pursues, its variety of offerings, and its high level of customer satisfaction, there aren’t many places that can beat it when shopping for the best Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets to such a landmark event.

Tips to buy Benfica vs Rangers FC Tickets

To buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets online can be challenging due to the intense competition among fans to secure a spot. However, with the right strategy and approach, you can enhance your chances of getting your hands on those coveted tickets. Here are some essential tips to guide you through the process:

  1. Subscribe to Alerts:
    • Early Notification: One of the features of several ticketing platforms, 1 Box Office included, is alert services, which inform you instantly that tickets are available. Register for these alerts to be ahead of others.
    • Club Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters from both Benfica and Rangers FC as they might have presale tickets or special offers for their subscribers.
  2. Be Sale-Time Alert:
    • Pre-Registration: Pre-register your details on the ticketing website if possible to speed up the checkout process.
    • Log In Early: The day the tickets become available for sale, get to the site well in advance of the start of the sale. This helps prevent delays caused by the server being overloaded.
  3. Explore Package Deals:
    • Travel Packages: At times travel agencies or the clubs themselves will offer package deals, which include tickets to games, accommodation, and even flights. These are some of the best choices for getting a ticket and making your travel plans easier.
    • Hospitality Packages: While more costly, hospitality packages provide one with a sure ticket plus a premium match-day experience, often involving meals, drinks, and other benefits.
  4. Use Multiple Devices:
    • Spread Your Chances: Improve the chances of getting a ticket by using several devices or browsers. This will help you move ahead of the line online.
    • Network Reliability: Make sure your internet connection is steady. The wired connection can offer more stability during critical times over Wi-Fi.
  5. Be careful with Secondary Markets:
    • Authorized Resellers: When primary tickets are no longer available, consider the secondary markets but make sure to buy from the authorized and credible resellers to avoid getting scammed.
    • Ticket Prices: Expect the fact that tickets to the event in the secondary market may be priced higher because of the demand. Never hesitate to compare Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket prices across various platforms.
  6. Follow Social Media:
    • Last-Minute Releases: In the days before the match, some clubs and ticketing platforms release more tickets. Keep track of the official social media profiles of Benfica, Rangers FC, and the Europa League for updates.
  7. Join Fan Clubs:
    • Member Priority: Official Fan Club members frequently get first refusal of tickets. Being part of the official fan clubs of Benfica or Rangers FC could give a benefit in getting the tickets.

If you want to be successful in getting Benfica vs Rangers Twelve-star tickets for their Europa League game, you should consider the tips I have provided. Along with thinking ahead, being patient, and sticking to plans, you need to be sure you will be able to purchase a ticket for the event that is so in demand. Book Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets now.

Perks of Choosing 1 Box Office

Using 1 Box Office as your ticket store for top-notch tourneys, like Benfica vs Rangers FC in the Europa League, presents different merits that go hand in hand with the conventional buying ride. These added advantages are among the reasons why 1 Box Office is the best site to buy Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets, being a benefit to worldwide football lovers.

  • Comprehensive Event Coverage: 1 Box Office is not limited to football and provides opportunities to attend performances of a wide range of events such as concerts, theater, and other sporting events. Due to this broad coverage, it can be an all-in-one site for your entertainment needs.
  • Multi-Currency Transactions: Having clients all over the world, 1 Box Office provides transactions in different currencies. It facilitates the buying process for international buyers, removing the need to do currency conversion plus the charges that come along with it.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The 1 Box Office website and mobile app are user-centric. User-friendly interface and seamless check-out make it easy and hassle-free to purchase the tickets.
  • Secure and Transparent Purchasing: 1 Box Office emphasizes both transparency and security. Customers are given a clear indication of seating position, pricing and additional costs at the outset. In addition, the system uses cutting-edge security methods to secure the personal and financial details of the clients.
  • Excellent Customer Support: 1 Box Office is committed to providing more high-quality customer support. If you have questions before buying or require help after your purchase, they are available to assist you through email, phone, or live chat.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: Being aware of the requirements of modern consumers, 1 Box Office provides different types of ticket delivery such as e-tickets, mobile tickets, and physical delivery. Together with this, customers are provided with a choice since which method to use is up to them.
  • Loyalty Rewards: For ordinary customers, 1 Box Office has a loyalty rewards program. The points can be earned by customers with every purchase and they can use the points to receive discounts on further ticket purchases. This system is a perfect way to save money for lovers of live performances.
  • Real-Time Updates and Notifications: Clients are allowed to opt-in to receive live updates concerning their best events, ticket availability, and any date or venue changes. Such an attribute guarantees that the fans do not miss any crucial information about the events that they have in mind.
  • Exclusive Access: Sometimes 1 Box Office gets the ticket allocations only, as in the allocation of tickets to a particular event, providing one with tickets which he or she might be unable to get anywhere. This benefit is especially useful for popular events such as the Benfica vs Rangers FC match since the tickets to such events sell out quite fast.

Selecting 1 Box Office ensures that fans are provided with a trusted ticket-purchasing vehicle in addition to a number of other features that improve the overall event attendance experience. Be it the simplicity, the confidence of safe transactions or the joy of obtaining Europa League Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets for a sold-out performance, 1 Box Office offers customers an all-around and enjoyable service.

Cost of Benfica vs Rangers FC Tickets

How much are Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets? The prices for Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets may range from a relatively modest price for standard seats that could be around €50, to several hundred euros for premium or VIP experiences that provide closer action and extra benefits. The Benfica vs Rangers FC season tickets prices for both clubs may be offered discounts or get the priority in booking, which influences the cost dynamics for regular attendees in general.

Ticket Cost Variation

Several factors contribute to the variation in Europa League Benfica vs Rangers FC tickets cost:

  • Demand and Supply: Matches, such as Benfica vs Rangers FC, which are in high demand, are often associated with higher ticket prices because of the limited supply of seats and the great interest from fans all over the world.
  • Seating Category: Seat position and quality in the stadium are decisive factors when setting the ticket price. Premium seating zones provide superior views and services, hence higher pricing.
  • Match Significance: The kind of competition (e.g., group stage vs. knockout rounds) is also a factor as later stages usually attract higher prices due to the fact that it’s win or lose.

Top Matches Insights

For top-tier Europa League matches, for example, Benfica vs Rangers FC, the average ticket price for Benfica vs Rangers FC can perhaps give an outline. Still, one should bear in mind that the prices will change according to the said conditions. The historical data indicates that high-profile matches can attract average ticket prices which are significantly higher than the base price, in particular, as the match day draws near and the availability reduces.

Fans need to be proactive when securing tickets for such popular matches, looking into early purchase opportunities and checking official sales channels for discounts. The experience of watching these titans of football fight is unmatched, making the investment a good value to many fans.

Matches and Stadium Details of Benfica vs Rangers FC Teams in Europa League

Europa League Matches

The Europa Cup stands out due to the tremendously dramatic and sensational contests among the top European club football. This is just a little hint about some of the partners in the Europa League, with an introduction of the magnitude and global fashion of this whole affair.

Stadium Details

During Europa League games, the contestants get to experience some of the most historical and modern stadiums across Europe. These stadiums are popular not only for the impressive capacity services they provide but also for the energy and excitement that they create around match days.

  • Anfield - Liverpool, UK
    • Capacity:53,394
    • Home Team:Liverpool F.C.
    • Features:One of the most iconic football stadiums in the world, known for its electrifying atmosphere and historic "This is Anfield" sign.
    • Significance:Hosts numerous high-profile Europa League matches, offering a unique and intense football experience.
  • Stade Joseph Marien - Brussels, Belgium
    • Capacity:8,000
    • Home Team:Union Saint-Gilloise
    • Features: A historic stadium with a unique charm, offering a closer and more intimate spectator experience.
    • Significance: Reflects the rich heritage of Belgian football and provides a distinctive setting for Europa League matches.
  • Puskás Aréna - Budapest, Hungary
    • Capacity:67,889
    • Home Team:Hungary National Team
    • Features:A modern and state-of-the-art facility, known for its cutting-edge architecture and facilities.
    • Significance:Hosts a range of international fixtures, including key Europa League matches, showcasing top-tier football in a contemporary setting.

FAQs on Benfica vs Rangers FC Europa League Match

  • Benfica vs Rangers FC away tickets can be purchased through official club websites, the UEFA website, or authorized ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office. Ensure you're buying from reputable sources to avoid scams.
  • The match is scheduled for 7th March 2024 and 14th March 2024. However, always check the official UEFA Europa League schedule for any changes.
  • Benfica vs Rangers FC ticket price vary depending on the seating category, ranging from €50 for standard seats to upwards of €500 for VIP packages. Prices are subject to change based on demand.
  • Ticket sales usually start a few weeks before the match date. Sign up for alerts from official sources to stay informed about the sale dates.
  • Purchasing tickets as soon as they go on sale through official channels is the best approach. Consider joining fan clubs for priority access or using reputable ticketing platforms for secure transactions.
  • The average ticket price for the match can vary widely. Expect to pay anywhere from €50 for basic seating to over €500 for an exclusive match-day experience in premium or VIP areas. Prices fluctuate based on factors like timing, seat location, and the stage of the competition.

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