Barca Economic

How Football Success Can Boost a City's Economy: The Case of Barcelona!

 A football club has a strong bond with its local economy, as it turns the economy of many restaurants, fast food outlets, and bars that depend on the micro economy related to football clubs.

Barcelona is an attractive city for tourists from all over the world, for Barcelona Camp Nous welcomes over 30 million visitors to their Museum each year, which is why FC Barcelona works as a booster for tourism income.

You can quickly feel that Barcelona Club is embedded in the local culture; wherever you go in the City, you can spot logos, badges, shirts, and related advertisements.

Such a bond increases the City's economic activity, creates jobs, and adds considerable tax revenues and benefits from accommodations around the City.

Talking in numbers, football club Barcelona according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, held an activity of 1.2 billion euros in the City last year, resulting in almost 20000 jobs and more than 350 million euros in tax revenues. Moreover, fans and tourists spent a million and a half on accommodations.

The club's neighborhood intensely nourishes the area's commercial and financial activity.

After watching the games, all fans will need the whole scope of activities to entertain them to increase the benefit of their visit, from good restaurants to public parks and hotels, as well as architectural monuments and other touristic attractions. Hence Barcelona Club spends a lot of money to upgrade the environment around the City to attract more tourists and make sure they will enjoy the journey.

Football has significantly influenced cities' social and financial state, from Paris and Munich to Liverpool and Manchester.

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