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  • Football Ticket Copy: How to Spot A Scam!
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  • 11 February 2023

Football Ticket Copy: How to Spot A Scam!

How to Recognize Fake Football Tickets?


Sadly, internet ticket fraud is getting more and more prevalent. Many tickets are bogus, while others may be real. In reality, during the season, 80 to 100 fake tickets are seized on average per game, preventing fans from entering the stadium and leaving them unhappy and out of pocket, which is the last thing any football fan wants or needs. Football fans are advised to use extra caution when buying tickets and learn how to spot fake football tickets because many ticket scammers utilize the same technology as legitimate ticket firms, making it challenging to tell the difference between the two.


If something appears odd, keep your senses sharp because you could be right. Instead of going to the stadium and getting turned away, it is ideal to check ahead of time. Several warning indicators should instantly raise concerns. There are physical signals, but the most common and visible one is when a website offers you the chance to get tickets to a famous football event that is frequently sold out, or football tickets have yet to go on sale officially.


Five ways to recognize bogus football tickets:


First, holograms


Numerous football teams have chosen to have tickets with hologram images due to the increase in access touting. Holograms are virtually impossible to duplicate, which makes it less likely that they will be falsified. Hold an actual ticket next to the phony one to compare them and identify issues immediately.


Second, The kind of paper


Most football fans are familiar with how a ticket feels; it frequently has a slight gloss and is printed on stiff paper. Alarm bells should go off if you are offered a football ticket but instead receive access printed on thin printer paper. The same holds if you buy a ticket but receive an electronic ticket that you can print at home. Make sure you receive value for your money.


Be aware of tickets that don't have a perforated edge because many tickets are printed on paper with one. Check online with other people to determine if your passport is valid before purchasing or attending the game if you already have your ticket. Still, this will be different if you utilize an e-ticket and self-printing at home.


Third, Printing


Although many ticket scammers utilize the same technology as legitimate ticket sellers, the printing quality is a surefire way to distinguish between a confirmed ticket and a fake. Frequently, ticket brokers speed up their work and produce hundreds of tickets at a time. These hurried projects often make smudged or off-center printing, something that actual ticket businesses would not permit to be given to customers.


Before purchasing from a reseller, it's a good idea to be familiar with how a "genuine" ticket appears to determine whether it is authentic or false.


Fourth, serial numbers.


Serial figures are a crucial component of a ticket. It would be best to always scan a football ticket's barcode before purchasing or using it. Verify the correct number of keys on the access; if there should be 10, check to ensure it is precisely 10. Any less or more is strictly prohibited. Ask to see another ticket if this happens to you to be sure the serial numbers aren't the same.


Throughout, there are typos and grammatical errors.


As with anything else, typos and grammatical mistakes can be a significant red flag that something isn't authentic or professional. Look for minor details that scream "fake ticket," such as poor grammar, incorrect punctuation, unusual capitalization, and typos in the fine print (for example, "no refund" rather than "no refunds").


How to ensure that e-tickets are valid e-tickets


E-tickets may be made quickly in a Word document and distributed as a PDF file, providing you with no doubt as to whether they are genuine or fraudulent, making it more challenging to determine whether they are legitimate. But much like with regular tickets, you should take every precaution to prevent becoming a fraud victim.


First, wait to download your e-ticket until the last minute after receiving your ticket. Download and thoroughly read it as soon as it arrives in your inbox (often straight after purchase or at least one week before the event). Check the serial number and ensure it looks accurate by looking for typos or grammatical issues. Should there be any problems, you will have sufficient time to ask questions and, if necessary, seek a refund by contacting the folks who sold it to you.


You should notice that when you buy a ticket in this way, the name on the ticket is virtually never your name. Don't worry; you won't be asked for identification when you arrive, so this won't be a problem. It would help if you focused on ensuring that your seat and serial number are correct.

Please make sure you get football tickets from trusted businesses or individuals to ensure they are genuine. When buying tickets on social media or in person, you should exercise caution because this is a good time for ticket scammers to strike.

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