Football Tickets Prices

Can You Still Afford to Watch Your Team? The Impact of The Pandemic on Premier League Ticket Prices!

Due to the pandemic and all the restrictions of Covid 19, many football clubs were economically affected, so the loss of the clubs reached about 2 Billion euros. Then when life went normal again, the demand for football tickets reached high levels which led to full stadiums.

All that in addition to the inflation that scored its highest level in 40 years, and the unexpected squeeze on the living standards, caused a financial crisis that affected the Premier League as well as other fields.

Although the huge contracts with Sky LDT and BT sports eased the crisis effect on the premier league clubs by increasing the broadcast revenue due to the –lockdown- policies and the increase it caused in the number of viewers of football matches on screens, the money wasn’t enough to fix things up.

On the other hand, according to financial fair-play rules, every club is allowed to make certain losses a year, so adding ticket pricing was one of the best solutions to make up for the loss. Out of 20 clubs, 11 have increased their ticket prices such as Tottenham Hotspur which has reached the most expensive season ticket rate, moreover, Arsenal still has affordable season tickets after a 14% additional fee from last year. All these changes made the average price of the cheapest season tickets across English football, double the cost of the living rate.

Quite the opposite, eight clubs including Liverpool have chosen to fix their top prices for the coming year. Other clubs are willing to enhance some seats in the stadiums for hospitality areas which will help them maximize their income. Knowing that the Premier League Fans are paying twice the price compared to that of the other top 4 leagues in Europe. This price escalation will prevent families from watching their favored team matches and might lead to less attendance in the stadiums.

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