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  • 01 February 2023

Things to do in Barcelona

Surely You'll Visit Camp Nou, But What Can You Do Other than That?

Barcelona, the vibrant capital of Catalonia, is a beautiful seaside city that proudly displays its beauty and sunny way of life. A charming location with unique cultural attractions, magnificent scenery, and a historical center. Naturally, the pleasant Mediterranean climate enhances the charm.

An ideal visit to Barcelona would be four days and three nights long. However, you could visit the city for two nights, assuming you arrive early in the morning.

First on the list of where to go after visiting Camp Nou is Park Guell!

We strongly advise you to purchase your ticket online in advance; most of the park is free to enter. But for just €10, you can access one of the Barcelona views, the impressive serpentine bench covered in intricate mosaic tiles, and you'll get a clear picture of the most famous salamander in the world. On the other hand, if you are visiting to wander around the free area, there are still easily 90 minutes of exploring to do, so it's still worth a trip.

Talking about buying tickets online, be careful of fake third-party ticketing websites. Trying to book Park Guell, for example, might add 3€ or 4€ per ticket as service fees, which is 40% for all you mathematicians out there. Even though some third-party sites out there are reputable and provide a good service, our point is just to be aware of add-on fees.

Coming Second on the list would be The Sagrada Familia!

Don't miss going up to one of its two towers. This will give you a unique and close-up view of the structure, as well as one of the highest viewpoints in the city. There are two towers to choose from, named Passion and Nativity. Since you have to choose one when booking, the Nativity side seems to be the better choice for three main reasons. One is that Gaudi oversaw the building of this Tower before his death; two, the sculptures on this side are said to be much more decorative; thirdly, It's the only Tower that features an outside bridge, letting you cross from one Tower to the next. These tower trips will sell out, so book the relatively inexpensive 7 Euros in advance.
The Magic Fountain is the third attraction on the list!

This fountain, which dates back to the 1920s, experienced a resurgence in popularity during the Olympics. Here are a few valuable things to know if you are to visit.
Firstly, it happens as little as three times a week, so check what days it's running. Some other sites are nearby, so allow at least 45 minutes to wander around before show time. In the summer months, if you want a close-up view, arriving about an hour before is generally suggested. So you can quickly get your place at the front. And for extra brownie points, take note of the wind direction before you find a spot. You will always see guys changing their place after realizing they are standing in the wind's spray zone. But overall, this 20 minutes combo of music and jets is a great way to cap off your first or last hours in the city.


When choosing a good location for accommodation, all options will probably have most attractions within walking distance. The three areas that are good central districts are El Born, The Gothic Quarter, and Eixample. They are known for their stylish boutiques, bars, and restaurants, as well as the Catalonian cultural appeal.

Now, for a few general Barcelona tips that are useful to know:
Regarding tipping, the average tip you might wish to pay is 5% for good service and 10% for a great one.

However, if you are one of the feel-thirsty fast visitors, you would like to know that it is safe to drink from the taps here. One tip is that if you've finished a water bottle, keep a hold of it. Free public drinking fountains are spread throughout the city, so keep your eyes out for a free top-up.

Although Barcelona has unfortunately been called the pickpocket capital of the world, visitors are no longer complaining about that issue. Yet, it's better always to keep your valuables in sight and attached to yourself, no matter where you travel.

It would be good to know that Barcelona, much like the rest of Europe, uses the 2-pin round connectors for its sockets, so make sure that won't be a problem for your chargers and batteries.

Talking about public transportation and how to get the best from your money.

There are several different options, which can be a bit overwhelming. After landing at Barcelona's El Prat airport, a popular way into the city is the Aerobus which is a €10.20 return. This goes from both Terminals and takes approximately 20 minutes into the center, making it the quickest option. From then onwards, single metro and public buses are €2.40 each. If you'll be traveling more, getting the TEE CASWELL T-Casual works out cheaper. Priced at €11.35, this gives you ten bus and metro tickets, paying for itself from the fifth journey. Or you can go for the Hola Barcelona travel card. That offers unlimited travel, from 2 to 5 days, starting at €15.
Although Barcelona is very much a walking city and reasonably compact, the Hola Barcelona will give you the freedom to zip around without feeling the need to keep tabs on your remaining tickets.
Next, let's talk about all the cafes and restaurants that we recommend you mark on your Map.
El Quim in La Boqueria Market. It is usually too busy, so expect not to find a seat sometimes, yet there are so many good food options on their menu that you'll easily find a plate for your taste. Then in the Gothic Quarter was Tasca El Corral which had this fantastic assortment of chorizo, cheese, and bread. Caelum, also in the Gothic Quarter, this pastry cafe was perfect for a quick coffee and sugar rush to get us through the day.
And if you're in this area looking for tapas, you can't go wrong with a stop at Bar del Pla.
Finally, an excellent breakfast option is the Granja Petitbo. Pancakes, eggs, Muesli, all good stuff!

In conclusion

There is no wrong time to visit Barcelona, but if you are traveling in November, Barcelona has some of the best winter months in Europe and temperature. November can experience a high of 18 degrees. So if the plan is to have a short, cheap flight, and If being able to sunbathe on the beach isn't crucial to you, visiting Barcelona in November, you'll benefit from a relatively quiet city.

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