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  • 13 August 2022

Paper or E-tickets? The Debate!

Paper or E-tickets? The Debate!


The evolution in the world of tickets is now in the sporting industry, where event providers are working hard to enhance the ticket purchasing experience by increasing safety and security.

Going from paper tickets to e-tickets and mobile tickets is a big step in sports events. Although some football lovers prefer paper tickets because it is a hard copy so they feel more secure and they think about it as a souvenir, that doesn’t make it the best option regarding the things that may go wrong like transferring the ticket to another person or forgetting the ticket at home, so there is a chance of losing the ability to attend the game or paying fees instead. Moreover, paper ticketing systems need more staff to make the work, so more mistakes may be on the way, and tickets can be sold at inflated prices outside the stadium.

On the other hand, e-tickets come as a PDF attachment issued by the stadiums, which you can either open from your email or in an app, so no more lost tickets in a hurry, no more scams, and no more overpriced tickets.

In addition, the e-tickets will allow the stadium organizers to know the ID of the attendee, which will help control undisciplined behaviors and reward great fans.

Besides having the advantages of e-tickets, mobile tickets will help you navigate the journey, from the moment you enter the stadium to finding your seat, nearby toilets, and emergency rooms, as well as purchasing food and drinks right from your seat.

Mobile tickets will also help stadium managers determine the super fans and reward them for their loyalty through last-minute discounts, VIP experience, or simply buying them a round of drinks.

The debate between traditional and modern tickets might soon end since the cost of printing paper tickets and paying for the logistics behind them will make more sense if spent on improving the overall user experience of football fans.

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