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Champions League Quarter Final Tickets

Be a part of the wonder of football in its highest state with Champions League Quarter Final tickets! Take this unique opportunity to be part of the big European club football showdown, and see how the top teams fight for the semi-final title.

All tickets Champions League Quarter Finaloptions are there so that you can choose your favorite spot among the many available to you. No matter if you are an ardent fan or a newbie to the wonderful game, simply having a FA final cup ticketsis the most important step towards feeling the best football atmosphere.

Don't deprive yourself of the experience of seeing the game live-check theChampions League Quarter Final ticket prices, compare the options, and make sure to get your seat in the stands. Whether it is from the heat on the pitch to the support in the stands, seating in the background is the first start to being part of the football history.

Champions League 2024 Quarter Final Fixtures

First legs

Tuesday 9 April

  • Arsenal vs Bayern (21:00 CET)
  • Real Madrid vs Manchester City (21:00 CET)

Wednesday 10 April

  • Atlético de Madrid vs Dortmund (21:00 CET)
  • Paris vs Barcelona (21:00 CET)

Second legs

Tuesday 16 April

  • Dortmund vs Atlético de Madrid (21:00 CET)
  • Barcelona vs Paris (21:00 CET)

Wednesday 17 April

  • Bayern vs Arsenal (21:00 CET)
  • Manchester City vs Real Madrid (21:00CET)

About This Event: Champions League Quarter Final Tickets

The UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals stand out as a turning point among the most popular and renowned football championships in the world. Whilst fans are anxiously waiting to be able to buy Champions League Quarter final ticketsso as to witness the teams from all over Europe compete with each other for the glory, the drama that will be going down in live will be the main focus. The quarter-final tie has on many occasions been the stage on which the biggest moments of football history occur, revealing the taciturnity of its top players and the strategic ability of its best coaches.


Europe's leading club competition, the Champions League, that used to be known as the European Cup until 1992 and was established in 1955, has become the venue for the most sensational games. The quarter-final round has always been a significant step, which is a constant reminder that the number of participants is getting smaller and, of course, it means that the contenders are becoming more and more serious about winning.

Quarter Final Winner List

The quarterfinals of the Champions League is a seminal stage where the greatest football teams from Spain, England, Italy, Germany and beyond have been the most regular contenders. Here is the list of clubs who have made it to the quarter finals for good amount of time in the Champions League:

  • Bayern: 22
  • Real Madrid: 20
  • Barcelona: 19
  • Man United: 14
  • Chelsea: 12
  • Juventus: 12

Achievements and Champions in the Champions League Quarter Final

Most Titles:Clubs like Real Madrid, AC Milan, and FC Barcelona have frequently emerged victorious from the quarter-final stage on their way to lifting the trophy. List of most title wins:

  • Bayern: 22
  • Real Madrid: 20
  • Barcelona: 19
  • Man United: 14
  • Chelsea: 12
  • Juventus: 12

Consecutive Wins:Teams achieving back-to-back victories or more during the knockout stages, including quarter-finals, underline the competition's intensity and the difficulty of retaining the crown.

  • Barcelona (2007/08-2019/20): 13
  • Real Madrid (2010/11-2017/18): 8
  • Bayern (2011/12-2017/18): 7
  • Real Madrid (1997/98-2003/04): 7
  • Man United (1996/97-2002/03): 7

Unforgettable Moments in the Champions League Quarter Final

Here are some unforgettable moments in Champions League Quarter Final:

  • It was in the year 1997/98 when the Champions League saw an historical match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, the first two clubs in the same country to have reached the semi-final spot. A very tight game was played out where the first leg in Munich ended scoreless, and there was another scoreless game played at Borussia Dortmund on the subsequent game day. At last, the point on their road to the semi-finals was taken when Stéphane Chapuisat fired a left-footed volley from 19 metre distance past the goalkeeper Oliver Kahn.
  • The match between Chelsea and Barcelona in the 1999/2000 Champions League is one with a great story that had fans hooked for every second of the match. The fact that Barcelona was beaten 3-1 at Stamford Bridge in the first round made their prospects look tough in the second leg. Interestingly, Luis Figo's strike in the second half of the game contributed to a small margin of hope. In the first leg at Camp Nou, Rivaldo and Figo beat Barcelona, making the result of the returning match to Camp Nou in favor of the team that was defeated away thanks to the away rule. Then Tore André ; Flo grabbed his third goal of the game, and both sides were back at the level of 3:3 until Dani García's goal in the last minutes of the match pushing the match into extra time.

In overtime, Rivaldo had his second penalty and put the Barcelona goal ahead, but the defence had been stung so badly that it was only till the 104th minute that Kluivert scored when Barcelona could finally feel safe. The match ended with a 5-1 result on the night. This result completed a fabulous 6-4 comeback and was the decisive factor in sending Barcelona on to the next round.

  • The Champions League of 2003/04 between Real Madrid and Monaco witnessed one of the most unforgettable ties that brought out the unpredictability of football. Although the Monegasques lost 4-2 to Real in the first leg at the Bernabéu, it appeared that they were on the verge of elimination. Indeed, G. Raul extended Real's lead in the return match at Stade Louis II. Still, Monaco gained courage and started the epic comeback with the help of hope and cunning.

The goal scored by Ludovic Giuly put an end to the first half and after that, Fernando Morientes, on loan from Real Madrid added another one, early on in the second half, which tied the aggregate score but pushed Monaco ahead on away goals due to that they scored more away goals during the Real Madrid's home match. The turnaround was finalized when Giuly scored his second goal of the game, this making the score of the match 3-1 for Monaco, and the aggregate score became 5-5 as well, with Monaco advancing on goals away.

Monaco's triumph, as acclaimed by head coach Didier Deschamps is the demonstration of the boundless potential football carries, whenever belief is unstoppable. This remains the finest example of the game's unique ability to produce stunning surprises.

Outstanding Players Throughout Champions League Quarter Final History

Andriy Shevchenko (9 goals):

Andriy Shevchenko from Ukraine was a great striker in Europe during those times of early 2000s becoming famous for his sharp goal-scoring ability. This skill gained him the Ballon d'Or in 2004 and the top goalscorer of the Champions League for three times.

Shevchenko bagged nine goals in quarterfinals of the Champions League over his career. The journey of the quarterfinals of which began in 1998 with Dynamo Kyiv against Newcastle United was his. Next, in 2003, at AC Milan, he scored against Ajax and assisted Milan to eventually won the championship.

He won six Champions League quarterfinal victories while competing for Dynamo Kyiv, AC Milan, and Chelsea, achieving the final once with AC Milan in 2003. All in all, he managed to score a total of 48 goals in 100 Champions League games.

Filippo Inzaghi (9 goals)

Filippo Inzaghi, the Brescia coach, was in the heyday of his career, the most feared striker on the pitch. He was the player of both Juventus and AC Milan, two Italian top division teams of UEFA Champions League.

During his entire career, Inzaghi netted goal nine times in the champions league quarterfinals. His first quarterly game was in 1998 with Juventus against Dynamo Kiev, where he was a major scorer, scoring four goals across two matches.

Inzaghi was Juventus and AC Milan's top scorer in three quarterfinals of the Champions League in 2003 and 2007, respectively, with both teams becoming the champions. During the tournament, he netted 46 goals in 81 matches, the highest in history.

Raul (10 goals)

Raul, who is the ex-captain of Real Madrid and also one of the best strikers in UEFA Champions League is historically remembered. For a long period of time, he was the first scoring champion in this competition until Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, and Benzema were named.

Raul found the net 10 times during his history of Champions League quarterfinal matches. The first leg of his quarterfinal challenge took place in 1996 at the age of 19 where he scored a goal for Real Madrid in a 1-0 win against Juventus.

Raul was successful in eight of those 16 years he played with Real Madrid, and later scored the last two goals in the finals of his Schalke 04 debut season. He captured the UEFA Champions League trophy in 1998, 2000, and 2002 and took over the title of the tournament's top scorer in 2000, racking up 71 goals in 142 matches.

Lionel Messi (12 goals)

Lionel Messi is among the greatest ever football players, whose career sparkles with marvellous achievements at the age of his professional debut. He's one the two players have scored more than a hundred goals in the Champions League history.

Messi has scored total 12 goals against the quarterfinals of Champions League, where he scored his first one in this stage 2009, making a pair of goals for Barcelona, after Bayern Munich was defeated by 4-0. He scored in the last game of the quarterfinal against team Manchester United back in 2019 which was 3-0.

From the first Barcelona goal in his quarterfinals to the last quarterfinal goal, he wore the Barcelona jersey. Messi has been a champion in the Champions League 4 times- 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2015- and he was the main scoring leader in 6 seasons (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2019). The most remarkable part of his Champions League campaign is the fact he scored 125 goals in 156 matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo (25 goals)

During the time when Cristiano Ronaldo was the most popular in the UEFA Champions League, he was commonly referred to as one of the best football players in the world. He is in the book of records for the most appearances and the most goals scored in the competition.

In the top of the quarterfinals, Ronaldo is the outstanding scorer with 25 goals, far ahead of his closest rival, Lionel Messi, who has only 12 goals. His first time at the quarter-finals was during the 2007 match between Manchester United and AS Roma. The latest goals he scored at this stage have been in 2019 against Ajax. This was the match that ended the participation of his team Juventus.

In the quarterfinals, there was an instance when Ronaldo scored a goal while he was a member of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus, which proves he was equally effective with different teams and leagues. He has raised the Holy Grail of the Champions League five times, which is the most of any player, and led the top scorers in seven different seasons (2008, 2013-2018). In the end, CR7 has registered 140 goals in 183 matches he has played in the Champions League.

Leading Coaches Across Champions League Quarter Final Years

Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitez, who was a star’s player for Valencia and had the UEFA cup with his team, decided to take the job at the faltering Liverpool in the summer of 2004. Despite encountering many difficulties, Benitez's tactical skills and a small portion of luck made the Champions League victory in the first season a truly remarkable event, which included the legendary battle with Milan, especially the unforgettable comeback.

Different Jupp Heynckes would have left on the high note, whereas Benítez persevered and turned Liverpool into a strong force on the continent. Liverpool, under his leadership, became a regular member of the top-tier games. He made the team reach the Champions League final in 2007 again. Despite the fact that he couldn't keep up his previous success with teams like Inter, Chelsea, Napoli, and Real Madrid as he had done with Liverpool, the victory against all odds in 2005 and the ability to raise Liverpool's status in European competitions will ensure his place in the top managers of football history.

Louis van Gaal

It is Loui van Gaal's Champions league trip, which took a decade and was done by Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United. It is not only for the success, but also for the style and philosophy he brought to football game. His remarkable first three years with Ajax were also significant when he reached the final twice, secured the title once, and but missed out the following year to a contemptible Juventus team.

The football philosophies of Van Gaal with Ajax echoed with the translation of young, home-grown talent, which can be seen in the development of European football, both for Ajax and for those players who left for other clubs. The approach and strategical guidelines that Van Gaal introduced at Ajax did not simply stop with him, they flowed through the footballing philosophies of Barcelona and Bayern Munich even after his tenure, and probably contributed in the successes that these clubs had in the future. His effect on football, in particular in how the teams went through the Champions league, certifies him as a legend in the game.

José Mourinho

José Mourinho's career can be likened to the trajectory of "Game of Thrones": before gaining an early popularity and acceptance, but the ending was too controversial to satisfy the fans. Mourinho arrived at the peak of his career when he led Porto to an unexpected Champions League triumph similar to what made the show a hit in early seasons through its brave writing.

Considering Chelsea, during Mourinho's period, the club metamorphosed rapidly into a European powerhouse, notwithstanding the fact that the Champions League title eluded them. His Inter Milan spell is the place where he created the most significant part of his legacy, with a display of a narrative-defying show against Pep Guardiola's exceptional Barcelona team in 2010 with a master class in small-sided strategy. This success is generally thought to have been the greatest tactical achievement in history of FIFA World Cup.

Real Madrid overcame their round-of-16 curse and established their dominancy, which led to the Champions League later on. Nevertheless, Mourinho's later career performances could not equal the successes of his early years. However, in the long run, the ultimate splendor of Jose Mourinho's brilliance are still as striking and arresting as the initial attraction of "Game of Thrones".

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane's term as Real Madrid's manager is a good illustration of the fact that, at times, success is not in trophies you win, but in the number of victories you record. Whilst the romantic story of football tends to celebrate the aesthetics and tactical ingenuity, what Zidane has accomplished speaks for itself as far as his win rate, especially in the Champions League, is concerned. Carlo Ancelotti worked 11 seasons to get three champions titles; Zidane achieved the same result in two and a half seasons, unprecedented success for modern football.

By 2015/16 season, he took over as manager, which led Real Madrid to an unfamiliar three consecutive Champions League titles, a feat that not only highlights his natural-born leadership qualities but also the fact that he is a 'Natural Born Winner.' Although it might not have significantly changed the tactics manuals or earned style accolades which are characteristic of some of his fellows, the massive accomplishment

Zidane's later seasons with Madrid cannot be in the same magnitude as the first glorious ones, yet his legacy is not in any doubt. Zidane's club career started in a very successful way by winning the European championship three times in a row, which marks him as one of the greatest and most successful managers of all times.

Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti, also referred to as "Uncle Carlo", made great use of the groundwork that Mourinho had put at Real Madrid and won tremendous trophies. In the year 2014, he was the one who steered Madrid to their tenth Champions League title, "La Decima," being tied to the record of the legendary Bob Paisley of three European Cup/Champions League victories. Ancelotti didn't stop at reaching a third Champions League victory; he surpassed the record by winning the Champions League once more making him the only manager to have achieved this feat.

Ancelotti's Champions League journey began with remarkable success at Milan, where he claimed two titles that, by all accounts, could have been four if not for two dramatic turnarounds: the quarter-final loss to Real Betis in 2004 and that unforgettable game against Liverpool in 2005. However, the aforementioned defeats did not stop him from winning UEFA Champions League two times with Real Madrid, which enhanced his record as the most triumphant manager ever.

Stints at Parma, Juventus, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern Munich, Napoli, and two spells at Real Madrid make Ancelotti the embodiment of sheer excellence in European football management. His constant success in diverse leagues and the record of winning the Champions League four times certainly place him as the role model for the young football managers.

Champions League Seating Chart

The seating chart varies by stadium, with each venue offering a unique view of the action. Fans can choose from a variety of vantage points, from up-close-and-personal to panoramic views.

How to Buy Champions League Quarter Final Tickets Online

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The Champions League Quarter Finals involve multiple matches. Select the specific game you wish to attend. Be sure to check the date, time, and location to ensure it fits your schedule.


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FAQs About Champions League 2024 Quarter Final Tickets

  • Normally, the Champions Leagues Quarter final tickets are placed on sale when the Round of 16 is over and the draw for the Quarter Final is already determined. The specific date when it happens differs from season to season, but it is usually in mid-March. You should regularly check the official UEFA website or 1 Box Office for clear and precise information about the online ticket sale.
  • Champions' League Quarter Finals are usually held in the first part of or in April. The knockout stages have the two-legged format with the matches played during two weeks period. On the homepage of UEFA website visitors can also find dates for the Quarter Finals of every season that feature on the official UEFA Champions League calendar.
  • Yes, hospitality tickets for Champions League Quarter finals are there for the fans who wish for a VIP matchday experience. These hospitality packages provide a range of benefits such as the location of the best seats in the stadium, unlimited access to lounges and dining options as well as sometimes a chance to meet the legends of world football. These tickets for Champions League Quarter final may be bought from UEFA's legal hospitality partner or from authorized ticketing companies that currently distribute hospitality packages. Whether you need to book a room or tickets Quarter final Champions Leagues for hospitality, it is advisable to check and do it early, to be sure that you have a place in the Quarter Finals.