Located in Lower Saxony in Germany, Wolfsburg is a city that combines the best of both worlds: the past, the future, the innovation, and the beauty of nature. It is a city that holds stories dating back to the 20th century, when it was proposed as a model town by the Nazi government. Wolfsburg was named after the castle that used to stand on the bank of the river Aller. Originally, Wolfsburg was a center for Volkswagen, Germany’s most famous car manufacturer. Today, Wolfsburg is a thriving city with a rich history and culture.

Popular Events Wolfsburg

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Popular Events Wolfsburg

Bundesliga Matches at Volkswagen Arena

At the Volkswagen Arena, VfL’s home games are one of the highlights of the city’s football history. Football fans flock to the stadium to witness the thrill of Wolfsburg’s matches against top teams from all over Germany. The Bundesliga season runs from August through May, with games taking place occasionally on weekdays.

International Friendlies and Tournaments

Wolfsburg hosts international friendlies and international tournaments involving top clubs from all over the globe. These events are a great chance for fans to watch top-class football and see world-class players.

Cities near Wolfsburg

  • Hannover: Located to the southwest of Wolfsburg
  • Magdeburg: Located to the east of Wolfsburg

Tourism in Wolfsburg

Autostadt (Car City): In the center of Wolfsburg, Autostadt is an auto theme park and Volkswagen customer delivery center. Visitors can explore the world of cars in an interactive way, visit futuristic pavilions and go on guided tours at the Volkswagen factory. There are driving experiences with exhibitions about sustainability and mobility.

Volkswagen Factory Tour: The Volkswagen factory is home to some of the world’s most iconic cars. If you’re an automotive fan, you’ll enjoy a guided tour to watch robots assemble cars and learn about the latest technologies used in the automotive industry.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg: If you are an art lover, you will love the contemporary art museum in Wolfsburg. The Kunstmuseum is well-known for its eye-catching architecture and a wide variety of exhibitions. The museum presents works by international artists.

Allerpark: Allerpark, Wolfsburg’s largest park, is full of fun activites. You can swim in the lake, take a walk along the waterfront, or play sports like beach volleyball or skateboard. There are plenty of green areas that are perfect for picnics.

Phaeno Science Center: Phaeno’s science center is an interactive museum that educates and entertains. It’s the perfect place to explore the world of science with lots of experiments and demonstrations. Whether you’re interested in physics, chemistry, biology or technology, Phaeno has something for everyone.

Wolfsburg Castle: Schloss Wolfsburg, also known as Wolfsburg Castle, is a historic building that dates back to the Renaissance. The Wolfsburg City Museum is located in the castle, where visitors can learn about the history, culture and heritage of the city through exhibitions and historical artifacts. The castle’s gardens and courtyard offer a peaceful escape from the city’s hectic atmosphere.

Wolfsburg Activities and Events

  • Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Take advantage of Wolfsburg's natural surroundings and enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, and nature walks. Explore the scenic trails along the Aller River or venture into the nearby countryside for a day of adventure in the great outdoors.
  • Attend Events and Festivals: Browse the events calendar for cultural festivals, concerts and performances in Wolfsburg. From music festivals and food fairs to seasonal events, there’s something for everyone in Wolfsburg.
  • Enjoy Wolfsburg Culture: Culture lovers will find plenty to enjoy in Wolfsburg. There are a number of museums, galleries and theaters in the city, each with its own unique point of view on art, history and modern society. The striking modern architecture of the Kunstmuseum offers an impressive selection of contemporary art from all over the world. The Autostadt is a sprawling car theme park next to the Volkswagen factory that offers an exciting mix of innovation and fun.

Wolfsburg Football

  • Volkswagen Arena: The Volkswagen Arena is home to the city’s professional football club, Volkswagen. It is located in the area of Allerpark and has a capacity of more than 30,000 people. The stadium is equipped with lot of facilities and was opened in 2002. Since then, it has been used to host Bundesliga games, international matches, and other sports events. Its unique design and lively atmosphere make the Volkswagen Arena a must-see destination for football fans visiting the city. While there are other smaller local football stadiums in Wolfsburg, the VW Arena is the primary football stadium in the city, hosting professional games and major events.