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  • Georgia vs Scotland: Can Scotland win today?
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  • 17 November 2023

Georgia vs Scotland: Can Scotland win today?

Spain’s victory over Norway helped Scotland to secure their place in Euro 2024 before the last two group matches. In turn, this proved that Scotland finished in the second place. They won five games out of six and scored well while defending tightly in the first games. Despite having less goal score, Scota still managed to rank first in their group and qualify to the fourth euro finals. However, Scotland lost 2-0 to Spain. Losses to England, France, and Spain in recent friendlies have presented difficulties to them.

However, Georgia have just defeated Cyprus by 4-0, but cannot be ranked first or second in their group from their past defeats. Through their performance in Nations League, they have managed to retain an opportunity to play-off and thus qualify again for Euro 2024. They had started on a good note with a win against Italy, but lost to Spain in a heavy defeat, and barely losing to Norway. At present, Georgia has not participated in the Euros, just missing out in the last tournament by the narrowest possible margin.

Let’s take a look at today’s match highlights:

1st half begins!

  • In the 1st minute, Scotland kicks off their Euro 2024 qualifying match, quickly switching to a new ball after the start.
  • In the 6th minutes, opportunity for Scotland! Patterson speeds down the right side and earns a corner from Shengelia. Gilmour sends a sharp pass near the box, where McTominay gets a clear shot, but his immediate attempt flies high over the goal.
  • In the 8th minute, Patterson mishandles the ball, forcing him to chase it towards the sideline. While attempting to shield it, he accidentally puts his hand in Kochorashvili's face, resulting in a foul and a free-kick against him. He receives a yellow card for this action.
  • In the 12th minute, Kochorashvili from Georgia makes a long pass. Kakabadze keeps it in play but is pushed by Christie from Scotland, earning a free-kick. Christie disagrees with the call.
  • In the 15th minute, Goal for Georgia! They lead 1-0. Chakvetadze passes to Kakabadze, who crosses to Kvaratskhelia. Kvaratskhelia scores past Clark.
  • In the 24th minute, McTominay passes to Christie, who moves near Georgia's box but isn't tackled.
  • In the 26th minute, Clark saves a strong shot from Kvaratskhelia, who has been key in Georgia's attacks.
  • In the 32nd minute, Porteous and Kvaratskhelia compete for the ball. Kvaratskhelia is hurt but can keep playing after treatment.
  • In the 24th minute, Christie is pushed by Kvirkvelia, winning a free-kick for Scotland. Taylor's cross from the free-kick misses everyone.
  • In the 37th minute, Christie is booked for a sliding tackle on Kvaratskhelia.
  • In the 39th minute, Chakvetadze's free-kick for Georgia goes out for a throw-in. Lochoshvili tries for a free-kick but play continues.
  • In the 43rd minute, Dykes from Scotland has been active but hasn't had much ball contact.
  • In the 44th minute, Patterson sends a cross into Georgia's box, but Christie's header is easily caught by the goalkeeper.
  • In the 45th minute, three minutes of extra time are added.
  • In the 45+2 minute, Georgia is defending their lead. Patterson tries a cross for Scotland but it's easily cleared.
  • In the 45+3 - half-time, with the score Georgia 1-0 Scotland.

2nd Half begins!

  • In the 46th minute, Scotland makes two substitutions. Christie, who had a yellow card, is replaced by Ferguson. Gilmour, despite playing well in the first half, is swapped for McLean.
  • In the 48th minute, Kvaratskhelia from Georgia makes a strong run and wins a corner against Patterson of Scotland.
  • In the 49th minute, goal for Scotland! McTominay scores, making it 1-1. McLean assists him with a pass, and McTominay's shot finds the bottom corner.
  • In the 56th minute, Mikautadze from Georgia is fouled by McLean. Shengelia's free-kick is saved by Clark.
  • In the 57th minute, goal for Georgia! Kvaratskhelia scores again, bringing the score to 2-1 in favor of Georgia. He beats Patterson and shoots low past Clark.
  • In the 59th minute, Kvirkvelia from Georgia receives a yellow card for a foul.
  • In the 60th minute, McGinn's free-kick for Scotland into Georgia's box doesn't result in a goal.
  • the 61st minute, Mamardashvili from Georgia makes a great save against Dykes' header.
  • In the 65th minute, McGregor from Scotland crosses the ball, but Mamardashvili, the Georgian goalkeeper, intercepts it well.
  • In the 69th minute, a substitution takes place: Georges Mikautadze is replaced by Budu Zivzivadze.
  • In the 72nd minute, Shengelia from Georgia is injured and replaced by Azarovi at left-back.
  • In the 79th minute, Scotland makes two changes: Armstrong replaces Taylor, with McLean moving to left-back. Ralston replaces Patterson at right-back.
  • McTominay's free-kick for Scotland goes over the goal.
  • In the 82nd minute, there’s a clash on the pitch as Kochorashvili from Georgia fouls McTominay and then falls, holding his face, after an altercation.
  • In the 86th minute, Dykes, who had a challenging game for Scotland, is substituted for Shankland.
  • In the 88th minute, Ralston wins a free-kick for Scotland. McGinn's cross from the free-kick is easily headed away by Georgia.
  • In the 90th minute, Kvaratskhelia from Georgia receives a yellow card for a late tackle on Ferguson.
  • In the 90'+1' minute, seven minutes of additional time are announced.
  • In the 90'+2' minute, Goal for Scotland! Shankland scores, making it 2-2. Armstrong assists with a cross, and Shankland heads it into the net.
  • Clarke, Scotland's coach, will be happy with his substitutions. Armstrong's cross finds Shankland, who scores with a header.
  • In the 90'+3' minute, it's Shankland's second goal for Scotland.
  • In the 90'+5' minute, Armstrong from Scotland is shown a yellow card for a slide tackle on Kochorashvili.
  • In the 90'+7' minute, Zivzivadze from Georgia has a shot saved by Clark.
  • In the 90'+8' minute, the match ends with the score Georgia 2-2 Scotland.

Scotland managed to tie the game with Georgia in their second-to-last Euro 2024 qualifier. McTominay missed an early chance for Scotland. Then, Georgia scored first when Kakabadze passed to Kvaratskhelia, who beat his defender and scored past goalkeeper Clark. Kvaratskhelia also set up Shengelia for a shot, but Clark saved it. Dykes missed a header for Scotland, but McTominay later scored with a low shot from McLean's pass. Georgia quickly regained the lead with Kvaratskhelia's powerful shot. Dykes' header was saved, but Scotland equalized in the final moments. Armstrong crossed the ball to Shankland, who headed it into the goal. Georgia's next match is against Spain.

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