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  • 24 October 2023

Tottenham Hotspur vs Fulham: Can Tottenham make it to the top today?

Tottenham Hotspur aims to ascend to the pinnacle of the Premier League by securing a victory today, thereby continuing their remarkable commencement to the season under the stewardship of Ange Postecoglou.

The Spurs have remained undefeated through their initial nine league matches, experiencing draws on two occasions. They welcome their city adversaries, Fulham, in pursuit of their third consecutive triumph following successive victories against Liverpool and Luton Town prior to the international hiatus.

Fulham has had a stable, albeit somewhat inconspicuous, commencement to their second season in the Premier League with Marco Silva at the helm, currently positioned in 12th place. Prior to the international break, they lost only one of their last five matches in all competitions, with their most recent victory being a 3-1 triumph at home against Sheffield United.

However, Fulham faces a formidable challenge against Tottenham Hotspur, and their historical performance in league games against London clubs has been less than stellar, with no wins in their last 10 encounters (4 draws and 6 losses).

Let’s checkout the match highlights now:

First-half begins!!!

It’s the first minute of the game, Fulham has initiated the commencement of the first half.

In the 2nd minute, it’s a great save! An excellent early opportunity arises as Maddison threads a pass to Son on the left side of the penalty area. The Spurs captain attempts a toe-poke shot across the goal, but goalkeeper Leno adeptly denies the attempt.

In the 6th minute, another strong challenge is made on Maddison, this time by Palhinha, resulting in Tottenham Hotspur being granted another free-kick on the left side.

In the 12th minute, it’s a great save! Vicario executes a spectacular save, stretching to his left to intercept Palhinha's powerful header, thereby preserving parity for his team. This represented a prime scoring opportunity for the visiting side.

In the 20th minute, Fulham secures another corner after Romero deflects Robinson's delivery behind the goal line. Unfortunately, the ensuing set-piece does not yield results as Vicario confidently claims the cross.

In the 23rd minute, since the chaotic opening moments, Fulham has successfully managed to neutralize Tottenham Hotspur's offensive endeavors. However, under Postecoglou's direction, the Spurs persistently mount intense attacks, much to the delight of the energetic home crowd.

In the 30th minute, it’s wide! Tottenham Hotspur launches a rapid counterattack down the right flank, with Kulusevski capitalizing on the space left open by Robinson, who had advanced up the pitch. The Swedish player cuts inside onto his left foot and supplies a pass to Richarlison. Despite a skillful curling attempt from the edge of the penalty area by the Brazilian, the ball narrowly misses its mark, passing wide of the left post.

In the 35th minute, Hojbjerg receives the first yellow card of the match following a mistimed challenge on Willian.

In the 36th minute, it’s a goal!! Tottenham takes the lead! 1-0! Spurs make the breakthrough, with the captain, Son, finding the back of the net. Fulham commits an error in defense, losing possession of the ball, which Richarlison promptly seizes. He then passes to Son, who skilfully maneuvers the ball onto his right foot before firing a powerful, curling shot into the top corner from the edge of the penalty area.

In the 40th minute, so close! Tottenham Hotspur almost doubles their lead following another fluid attacking move. Son's subtle flick finds Udogie, whose shot is thwarted by Ream inside the penalty area. The subsequent follow-up effort from Kulusevski is miraculously blocked by Palhinha, just meters from the goal line.

In the 45th minute, Spurs make a dynamic foray into the penalty area, with Romero, an unexpected protagonist, leading the charge. Kulusevski then plays a cutback pass to the penalty spot, but Fulham's defense makes a crucial interception, preventing both Son and Richarlison from taking a shot on goal.

Another two minutes added to the game.

In the 46th minute, Hojbjerg falls to the ground following a collision with Bassey inside the penalty area. The Spurs players implore the referee to make a decision in their favor. After a concise review by the VAR system, the referee's initial decision stands, and no penalty is awarded.

Second-half begins!!!

In the 54th minute, it’s a goal!! Tottenham score their second! 2-0! Another error from Fulham leads to a goal as Maddison extends the home side's lead. Bassey is at fault again, losing possession in the right corner, and Hojbjerg capitalizes, intercepting the ball. The loose ball then reaches Son, who expertly passes to Maddison. The English midfielder takes full advantage, coolly placing the ball past Leno to grant Spurs a two-goal cushion.

In the 62nd minute, Fulham proceeds to make a substitution, bringing on Wilson to replace De Cordova-Reid.

In the 69th minute, Palhinha commits a foul against Hojbjerg, resulting in a free-kick for Tottenham Hotspur from a wide-right position.

In the 72nd minute, the visitors make a further adjustment to their lineup, substituting Reed in for Lukic in the central midfield position.

In the 75th minute, so close! Bassey nearly makes his third costly mistake of the game as a heavy touch permits Maddison to swoop in and steal the ball inside the penalty area. The defense regroups in time to block his subsequent shot, following which Richarlison sends the ball over the crossbar from a narrow angle.

In the 79th minute, there is a brief halt in the action as Richarlison and Wilson find themselves on the ground following a collision. Fortunately, both players are able to regain their footing, allowing the game to proceed.

In the 82nd minute, Tottenham Hotspur makes a substitution, with their second goal-scorer, Maddison, departing the field to be replaced by the newly acquired Veliz.

In the 84th minute, it’s a save! Vicario pulls off a crucial save, diving to his right to deny Jimenez, who had found space on the right side of the penalty box. Although Tottenham Hotspur players were appealing for a foul during the build-up, the referee was not convinced, making Vicario's stop all the more important.

In the 85th minute, Vicario is the recipient of the first yellow card issued in the second half of the match.

In the 90th minute, Tottenham Hotspur launches a counterattack, with Lo Celso attempting to deliver the ball to Veliz. However, the young striker mistimes his run and is subsequently flagged for offside.

Seven minutes added to the game time.

In the 92nd minute, Robinson delivers a cross that finds Wilson positioned deep on the right side. Despite the Welshman's effort, Emerson steps up and successfully blocks the attempt.

In the 95th minute, Wilson makes a determined run towards the goal, but struggles to find the necessary space and time to take a shot. Romero, on the other hand, displays impressive speed as he rushes back to execute a crucial block inside the penalty area.

And that’s it! The game is over. Tottenham Hotspur have defeated Fulham, scoring 2-0 on the board. Stay tuned for more!

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