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Premier League

06 April 2024


Goodison Park

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Buy Everton vs Burnley tickets for the Premier League game being played on 06 Apr 2024 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Burnley tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!

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Buy Everton vs Burnley tickets for the Premier League game being played on 06 Apr 2024 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Burnley tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!

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Everton vs Burnley Tickets 2024/25

Undeniably, the upcoming Everton against Burnley battle at the Premier League will be the real deal for you. Fans had already bought tickets for their battle between Everton and Burnley with the anticipation rising rapidly ahead of the furious clash. If you are the diehard supporter of one of the football clubs, or if football captures your heart, you won’t deny yourself the pleasure of seeing them take on each other.

It will be an impressive grandeur for any Everton vs Burnley follower - from the overwhelming sound of the crowd to the stunning movements on the field. Reserving a seat at the Everton vs Burnley match seems like a fantastic idea for those football lovers who would hate to be left behind and have to push themselves for the tickets only in the last moment. Go and give your boys a shoulder on this Everton vs Burnley football match by purchasing your Everton vs Burnley tickets season tickets. 0 0 3 Then, recollect how a large group of football fans with you. Don't miss your chance; place your order fast before all items get sold!

Everton vs Burnley F.C. Tickets Prices

Although, there is one crucial thing you will need to deal with in order to get to the stadium and watch the game is the fact that you need to know how much is the ticket cost for that particular game. In regard to Everton vs Burnley tickets prices various other factors such as the location of the seat, whether it is the season pass or the pass for just one match and the importance of the specific game will be in play.

Everton vs Burnley F.C. Match and pricing information in Premier league

Here's a breakdown of the Everton vs Burnley ticket prices for the Premier League:

  • Single Match Tickets: Usually, it is the most convenient way for a fan to go and supports special events. The price may change greatly depending on whether it is sold in a certain category of seats and on the level of demand for the specific game. On a Premier League match like that between Everton and Burnley, you'd be asked to pay anything between the price range of £30-£100 or more for an average seat. Premium or VIP seats that provides better sit and more amenities would be more expensive (than ordinary seats).
  • Season Tickets : For the most dedicated fans, season tickets provide access to all home matches throughout the season, including Everton vs Burnley and other exciting fixtures. Season Everton vs Burnley ticket prices can vary greatly depending on the club's policies and the facilities offered. On average, an Everton vs Burnley F.C. ticket can range from £500 to £800 or more, depending on the seating category and any additional perks.
  • Hospitality Packages: Some football fans love to treat themselves to the glory of the game with VIP hospitality packages, which include pre-match dining, own lounge area and the top seats in the house. The prices for such hospitality packages depend on whether it is a luxury or exclusive package with the prices starting at £150 and increasing significantly in their highest tier.
  • Junior and Concession Tickets: Societies as a norm offer reduced ticket prices for under 16 and over 65 people. The premier league tickets Everton vs Burnley F.C. are like the middle-class tickets which will be a little cheaper option for the family especially the older who want to enjoy the match.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the prices are not constant and may very well change according to the season, the quality of performance of the teams, and the number of available tickets. Also, Everton and Burnley could give the fans special deals, early booking offers, or massive discounts to the supporters who always follow the team, therefore, it is in your best interest to visit the official websites of these clubs and their ticketing platforms so that you can get the up-to-date pricing information.

To conclude, the overall ticket costs for Everton vs Burnley matches that are part of the Premier League can vary greatly, thereby allowing various fans to choose from alternatives according to their tastes and budget. Whether you get an inexpensive single match ticket or a premium season pass, there’s always a ticket price option that fits your budget for you to cheer on this thrilling crusader.

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3rd December 2024 Everton vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League Goodison Park
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14th December 2024 Arsenal vs Everton Premier League Emirates Stadium
21st December 2024 Everton vs Chelsea Premier League Goodison Park
26th December 2024 Manchester City vs Everton Premier League Etihad
29th December 2024 Everton vs Nottingham Forest Premier League Goodison Park
4th January 2025 Bournemouth vs Everton Premier League Vitality Stadium
14th January 2025 Everton vs Aston Villa Premier League Goodison Park
18th January 2025 Everton vs Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Goodison Park
25th January 2025 Brighton & Hove Albion vs Everton Premier League AMEX Community Stadium
1st February 2025 Everton vs Leicester City Premier League Goodison Park
15th February 2025 Crystal Palace vs Everton Premier League Selhurst Park Stadium
22nd February 2025 Everton vs Manchester United Premier League Goodison Park
25th February 2025 Brentford vs Everton Premier League Gtech Community Stadium
8th March 2025 Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Everton Premier League Molineux Stadium
15th March 2025 Everton Vs West Ham United Premier League Goodison Park
2nd April 2025 Liverpool vs Everton Premier League Anfield
5th April 2025 Everton Vs Arsenal Premier League Goodison Park
12th April 2025 Nottingham Forest vs Everton Premier League City Ground
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About Everton vs Burnley in Premier League

An interesting encounter between two teams of English football {the Premier League} competition, who are in the top level – Everton vs The Burnley F.C. displays the rivalry that is among the teams and this depicts how active the league is and the fans are restless and wait for the games. First off, let us discuss the history, trophy cabinets, and previous head-to-head results of Everton and Burnley in the Premier League.

History of Everton vs Burnley F.C. in Premier League

The have been in a rivalry ever since the first time in 1992 when the Premier League was founded. Likewise clubs, no matter how good or bad they are, have experienced the best and worst of high league games.

  • Everton: The famous team of NFL, Everton which is known as “toffee”, has been always a part of English Premier League. This paragraph says that there is a tradition in their club and have already won nine league championships before the era of the Premier league. Everton might not have been able to win the premier league but nevertheless have displayed consistently good performance year on year, have a very enthusiastic supporting club, and are now known as one of the producers of the finest talents.
  • Burnley F.C.: Like the majority of them, Burnley's, whose nickname is Clarets, has experienced the not always flowery reality of being in the Premier League. They have experienced both sets of circumstances – relegation and promotion. But they have bounced back and are currently competing for promotion to the premier division. Burnley is generally known for its sound teamwork and a successful defensive back-four and often very difficult to penetrate.

Everton vs Burnley Fixtures in Premier League

The Premier League season brings fans from all over the world together in a green wave of emotions. It states the names of the forthcoming matches of the season as well as their schedule with the match dates in between Everton and Burnley. In addition, few of these fixtures are necessary since they bring excitement and are usually the determinants of the ranking of the leagues. Here is the Everton vs Burnley table that shows the Everton vs Burnley fixtures :

Date Teams Venue
2nd November, 2023 Everton vs Burnley Goodison Park
16th December, 2023 Burnley vs Everton Turf Moor
6th April, 2024 Everton vs Burnley Goodison Park

Everton vs Burnley Results in Premier League

Football is an unpredictable game as demonstrated by the differing outcomes of matches between Everton and Burnley in the Premier League. Such results mean a lot in terms of the respective standings of these two clubs and their ambitions for the current season. Here are some recent Everton vs Burnley results :

Everton Burnley
Total Matches 18 18
Won 10 7
Lost 7 10
Tied 1 1

Everton vs Burnley tickets Offers in Premier league

For a fan of football going to watch a premier league match between Everton vs Burnley, tickets can be purchased through several offers and options. Here's a breakdown of the offers and where you can explore different platforms for cheap Everton vs Burnley tickets purchases:

Everton Vs Burnley Offers in Premier League:

  • Early Bird Discounts : There are also the Everton and Burnley that give some discount to fans who buy Everton vs Burnley F.C. tickets before the match day. Often, such discounts would result in lower ticket fees as compared to those charged for normal tickets.
  • Membership Benefits : In addition, clubs usually maintain membership program with privileges such as purchasing tickets at lower prices. Buying memberships may, in effect, afford one with multiple tickets for Everton vs Burnley for various matches during the whole season.
  • Group Discounts : Some soccer clubs provide discounts on groups, which allow families and large groups to go together at an affordable price.
  • Youth and Senior Discounts : Most of the clubs offer discount coupons for juniors and senior members. This allows children and young adults to attend matches at an affordable price.

Everton Vs Burnley sale on Other Platforms:

  • Club Websites : For instance, you can obtain match tickets through official websites owned by Everton and Burnley. They typically come with different categories of tickets as well as offer unique perks to fans.
  • Ticket Resale Platforms : Fans may decide to exchange their tickets at ticket resell sites like StubHub, Viagogo, or Ticketmaster resale function. These platforms can create opportunities for the purchase Everton vs Burnley tickets online , but one can expect different prices, and it is a must to certify that the tickets are genuine.
  • Secondary Ticketing Sites : They can also acquire some tickets from other secondary ticketing sites such as SeatGeek, TicketCity, and TicketNetwork. Ensure you compare their prices because these are some of the best deals on Everton vs Burnley tickets So, book Everton vs Burnley tickets now !

Comparison of Everton Vs Burnley Tickets for Premier League:

To make an informed decision when purchasing Everton vs Burnley tickets, it's crucial to compare prices and offers across different platforms. Here's a comparison chart to illustrate the average Everton vs Burnley F.C. ticket price :

Platform Types of Offers Average Ticket Price
Club Websites Early bird, membership benefits £30 - £100
Ticket Resale Platforms Variable resale prices Varies
Secondary Ticketing Sites Various deals and offers Varies

Steps for how to buy Everton vs Burnley tickets for Premier league

In search of where to buy Everton vs Burnley Premier League tickets, 1Boxoffice official website is a respected and easily accessible option. So, how to buy Everton vs Burnley tickets ? Here are the steps to guide you through the process:


For the official website 1Boxoffice’s for more.
Enter the website first by using your browser. Click the link to the 1Boxoffice and you will then be on the company's website. This is a rather handy feature since you don't need to enter the URL or use a search engine to find it.


Get your Everton vs Burnley tickets before they sell out
In order to find what you want, you will normally have the opportunity to either look for something or just browse the site on the 1Boxoffice website. This facilitates the process of finding the specific game one intends to attend, as one can use terms like "Everton vs Burnley" or "Premier League tickets."


Go With Your Delighted Seat
Seats offers are posted on the screen after locating the Everton vs Burnley match. You just have to pick from a category of tickets such as ordinary, VIP or hospitality pack.


Select the number of seat tickets.
Please choose the number of cheap Everton vs Burnley Football Club tickets you would like to purchase for the match. Also consider the number of people, within your group or family, who will use the space when finalizing your choice.


Pay me and Grades will rise.
Choose your prefered tickets and put them in the Cart or on the button that is similarly cut . Then, go back to your order, making sure that you are sending the right match, seats, and number of units.


Sign in or sign up.
Get started by logging into your 1Boxoffice account with your login credentials here. Failure to provide such information cause you to open a new account therefore.


Complete Purchase
Make sure that you enter your payment details according to those specified here by inserting your credit card details and click on the "Pay" button. Please make sure your invoicing and shipping details are correct. Obviously, buy Everton vs Burnley F.C. match tickets right now!


Confirmation and Ticket collection and delivery
In that case, how can someone get a Everton vs Burnley ticket? When you are now done with the payment process, you should expect an email confirmation that the Everton vs Burnley tickets have been secure for you. Providers can still reach you online with printable and downloadable e-tickets, or they can mail you the tickets directly to your home.

Where to buy Everton vs Burnley F.C. tickets

1Boxoffice is the reliable and trusted platform where you may buy Everton games against Burnley tickets as well as tickets for various sporting events and other events, such as concerts and shows.

Why 1Boxoffice best place to buy Everton Vs Burnley tickets

Here's why it can be considered the best place to buy Everton vs Burnley tickets :

Official and Authorized : Saving Box office will grant you a privilege to purchase the live tickets only from an authorized seller. You would see that there would be no transaction with ticket scalpers or any fraud sellers and you would go with the memory in your mind to know that you are safe.

  • Wide Range of Events : Besides the Box Office have the staff of catering for other Premier League and entertainment events globally meaning that it is one stop shop for the people who like entertainment.
  • Secure Transactions : The platform is clearly committed to ensuring that you are protected from fraud and personal information disclosure at all times hence, online ticket purchase is safe.
  • User-Friendly Interface : The system is user friendly and easy to navigate around the preferences of people therefore, the users would end up getting their preferable tickets.
  • Customer Support : On top of that, a Personal Box Office will often have customer service so to help with answering any ticketing related questions or problems in order to make this process easier.

Finally, 1Boxoffice is one of the most trusted and credible websites to check out when in search of the best Everton vs Burnley tickets or other tickets. You can now purchase the tickets safely and watch the Premier League match as the excitement unfolds using the aforementioned steps.

Tips for buying Everton vs Burnley Tickets

The advantages of purchasing Everton vs Burnley tickets from one box office.

  • Official and Trusted Source : For example, 1Boxoffice is a reliable place to buy Everton vs Burnley tickets. It is also assuring you’ll get genuine tickets for the game with no fear of encountering illegal or fake sellers. That’s the reason, why it is considered to be the best site to buy Everton vs Burnley tickets .
  • Wide Selection of Events : The ticket Everton vs Burnley shop – 1Boxoffice also has tickets available for other Premier League matches, concerts, sports events, etc. This simply implies that there are numerous entertainment options under one roof.
  • Secure Transactions : Security of your transactions is indispensable to 1Boxoffice and 1Boxoffice keeps it as a top priority. The platform applies end-to-end encryption for your data; it works by using encryption dictator which ensures transaction is done in a safe and secure way using your credit card.
  • User-Friendly Interface : Our website has been developed so that you can easily buy Everton vs Burnley tickets online and then make a simple booking. In whichever case, it will be easy for everybody, even the newbies to navigate through it.
  • Convenience : Purchasing Everton v Burnley tickets via 1Boxoffice allows you either to buy at home or on the road. Booking of the tickets Everton vs Burnley online will avoid long queues and save time.
  • Transparent Pricing : The 1 Sphere has a clear and straightforward pricing structure for season tickets between Everton and Burnley. The tickets will be considered as the whole and you will not exceed your financial ability while making the purchase.
  • Customer Support : Meanwhile, it is also the main customer service channel to address the tickets and to answer any questions or complaints that may concern the users. Their assistant team will be there throughout the booking of the event and also any queries you have regarding the event.
  • Variety of Seating Options : 1Boxoffice website, usually, offers a range of seating alternatives such as standard seats, VIP packs, great Everton vs Burnley F.C. ticket prices ,and hospitality packages for the Everton vs Burnley tickets. This enables you to individualize your matchday experience depending on your tastes and needs.
  • Mobile-Friendly : With the new 1Boxoffice website being optimized for use on a mobile phone, it is possible to order for the tickets from your smartphone or tablet. For instance, you can buy Everton vs Burnley away tickets on the go so as not to miss any entertainment moments.

Consequently, 1Boxoffice has a number of benefits and services for the audience members who may wish to get tickets for the Everton vs Burnley game or for other events. It is that it is an authority site, so one can purchase tickets online with a clean navigation and secure transactions and it emerges number one. First Box Office is the place whether you are a sports fan, favorite music or just like entertainment and you want to book tickets for the certain upcoming events.

Everton vs Burnley Tickets Cost in Premier League

A lot of considerations should go into purchase of the Everton vs Burnley tickets since these tickets depend on many elements hence you may have to consider your financial position. So, how much are Everton vs Burnley F.C. tickets ? Here are some insights into ticket pricing:

Variation in Everton Vs Burnley Ticket Costs:

  • Seating Category: Everton vs Burnley season tickets prices depend on seats location. Standard seating areas tend to be cheaper than VIP/hospitality areas.
  • Match Importance: In addition to that, you will find tickets being cheaper in rounds with lower betting value and more expensive in cases of higher bets. As the stakes are higher in close matches or during games against enemies, this might lead to a demand for tickets being raised which can be attributed to high ticket prices.
  • Early Bird Discounts: Some of the fans can have tickets to the cost, which is lower by grabbing early bird deals and other offers provided by the team.
  • Membership Benefits: The cost of tickets for the club derby between Everton and Burnley cases a low price nevertheless as a result supporting fans to save some money.
  • Age and Concessions: The elderly above 60 years are likely to enjoy the VIP package that will enable them also not to have any problems when it cost.
  • Secondary Market: Say, on ticket selling platforms, prices will change depending on the market forums of supply and demand.

Everton vs Burnley Top Matches Insights in Premier League:

Some of the most anticipated Premier League matches, like Everton vs Burnley, can command varying ticket prices based on their significance and demand. Here are some insights into top matches:

  • Derbies : Matches between local rivals, such as the Merseyside Derby (Everton vs Liverpool) or the Manchester Derby (Manchester United vs Manchester City), often feature higher ticket costs due to the intense local rivalry.
  • Title Deciders : Matches that can potentially decide the Premier League title, involving top clubs like Manchester City, Liverpool, or Chelsea, can come with premium ticket prices.
  • Champions League Qualifiers : So, how much are tickets for the Everton vs Burnley ? When teams compete for a spot in the prestigious UEFA Champions League, ticket prices can rise as fans eagerly watch their clubs strive for European success.
  • Relegation Battles : Matches between teams fighting to avoid relegation can also be intense and significant, potentially affecting ticket prices.

In summary, the average ticket price for Everton vs Burnley can vary based on factors like seating category, match importance, discounts, and promotions. Understanding these variations can help fans make informed decisions when purchasing tickets for this exciting Premier League clash. Additionally, top matches in the Premier League often have unique pricing dynamics, reflecting their importance in the football calendar.Top of Form

Everton vs Burnley Matches & Stadium Details in Premier League

Premier league, one of the most followed football leagues around the world, involving the fiercest English clubs of the season to spend season long tournaments is the premier league. The teams take part in the PL each year and play every other team twice (19 home matches and 19 away matches). The aim is to win the title.

Everton vs Burnley Stadium details regarding the Premier League.

It includes famous stadiums every of which is the heart and soul and has its unique history and atmosphere undefined

Club Stadium Capacity Opened
Everton Goodison Park Stadium 39,572 1878
Burnley Turf Moor Stadium 21,944 1882

FAQ’s for Everton vs Burnley Tickets in Premier League

  • You have multiple options to buy tickets for the Everton vs Burnley match if you are interested in seeing the Premier League. Buy them from the club's official website, verified ticket sellers and via alternative digital ticketing platforms. Along with them there could be some additional tickets which will be offered at the stadium’s box office, yet the number of such tickets can go up or down.
  • The showdown will happen on 2nd November, 2023, 16th of December, 2024, and 6th of April, 2024.
  • A number of determinants of ticket cost during this event are what kind of seats a person purchased, the category and discount of the game. In fact, the tickets that are for premium seats are higher in price than the ones we have just mentioned, which are from £30 to £100 and above.
  • Tickets availability for Everton vs Burnley games is scarce. In most cases fans place their orders early; and the relevant teams only communicate some special market days. Hence, you need to be acquainted with the websites of official club as well as selling platforms so as not to be left behind on the issue of when tickets will be available and the dates of the sales of tickets.
  • The most reliable option to ensure you get tickets for Everton vs Burnley is to purchase them from legit places. For example, this will assure official club sites and tickets paid for in advance for members. Therefore, it is very crucial to steer clear of the fakes and scalpers which may deceive you in getting the real premium Everton against Burnley tickets.
  • There are a range of prices for the tickets at the Everton vs Burnley game which depend on the specific seating area and the extent of the game's importance. The ranged price per ticket for the next Premier League game will vary between £30 and £100 and above according to where the seat is placed within the area of the ground. Prices can increase or decrease in accordance with the market fundamentals (e.g., demand and offers). Therefore ticketing agency should confirm their rates by official ticket suppliers.
  • Additionally, you may approach Everton FC and Burnley FC for hospitality packages enquiries on their official websites. On most occasions it is providing such hospitality services like VIP seats, pre-game meetings, arrival to some restricted sectors. Additionally, this can be achieved by making contact via the hospitals’ hospitality departments for direct help and related comments.

Everton vs Burnley Latest News

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The latest signing that Aston Villa has made is the signing of Onana from Everton for £50 million.

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Dan Ashworth Says Manchester United Were ‘Below Standards’ Under Erik ten Hag, Outlines Goals for New Season

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Kevin De Bruyne agrees terms with Al-Ittihad; Saudi club eyes Ederson

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Al-Ittihad is making waves in the transfer market, setting its sights on two key Manchester City players: Kevin De Bruyne and Ederson.

Man United Defeats Rangers; Jadon Sancho Scores on Return and Leny Yoro Shines in First Start

22 Jul. 2024 | 1Boxoffice

Manchester United had a good preparation period and beat Rangers 2-0 with Jadon Sancho back and Leny Yoro getting his first minutes in the team.


20 Jul. 2024 | 1Boxoffice

Blue Heaven Holdings, the owner of Everton, revealed that talks with the Friedkin Group about the sale of the club were not successful and are over.

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