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London, United Kingdom

London Stadium, situated in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, East London, is an enchanting fusion of sporting legacy, architectural ingenuity, and cultural marvel. Initially constructed to accommodate the 2012 Summer Olympics, the stadium has since then undergone remarkable changes to serve as the home venue for West Ham United Football Club. London Stadium took on a significant role during the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, acting as the main venue for the captivating opening and closing ceremonies, as well as a variety of thrilling track and field events.

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Architecture and Design

The London Stadium showcases a cutting-edge cable-net roof design that spans across a significant part of the seating area. This unique roof not only adds to the stadium's distinctive look but also ensures the safety and comfort of the spectators.

The moment West Ham United takes the field, the London Stadium bursts with an intense energy and passion. The stands are filled with blue supporters, creating an electric atmosphere that adds an extra spark to every match.

London Stadium is constantly changing and growing, as it strives to improve the fan experience and maintain its status as a vibrant and significant part of London's landscape.

London Stadium underwent significant renovations after the finishing of the Olympics in order to transform it into a versatile facility. Eventually, it became the new residence for West Ham United during the 2016-2017 season.

In order to establish an intimate atmosphere for football matches, the transformation involved the addition of seating arrangements to bring fans closer to the pitch. Additionally, a large retractable seating system was added to cover the running track, enhancing the overall experience for spectators.

Games that took place at London Stadium

London Stadium, originally constructed for the 2012 Summer Olympics, has transformed into the home ground for West Ham United Football Club and has witnessed a wide range of sporting events and concerts. Here are some notable games and events that have taken place at London Stadium

  • 1. 2012 Summer Olympics: London Stadium served as the primary venue for the athletics events during the 2012 Summer Olympics. It hosted thrilling track and field competitions, as well as the grand opening and closing ceremonies.
  • 2. West Ham United Matches: Since the 2016-2017 season, London Stadium has proudly been the home ground for West Ham United in the English Premier League. The stadium has witnessed numerous league matches, FA Cup ties, and League Cup fixtures.
  • 3. 2017 IAAF World Championships: Continuing its association with athletics, London Stadium hosted the prestigious 2017 IAAF World Championships. Athletes from all around the globe gathered here to compete in thrilling track and field events.
  • 4. 2015 Rugby World Cup: London Stadium showcased its adaptability by hosting several matches during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It proved to be a fantastic venue for this exhilarating sport.
  • 5. MLB London Series: As part of the MLB London Series, London Stadium became the stage for historic Major League Baseball (MLB) games. In 2019, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox faced each other in an unforgettable two-game series.
  • 6. 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League Matches: During the 2019-2020 season, London Stadium proudly hosted UEFA Champions League matches, including thrilling group-stage fixtures.
  • 7. Concerts: London Stadium has also welcomed renowned artists and bands, hosting a variety of concerts. Its versatility as an entertainment venue has been truly remarkable.
  • 8. 2018 Muller Anniversary Games: The Muller Anniversary Games, an annual athletics event, have found a perfect home at London Stadium. This prestigious event attracts top international athletes, showcasing their incredible talents.
  • 9. Rugby League: Expanding its repertoire to include different rugby codes, London Stadium has also hosted thrilling rugby league matches. It has become a hub for rugby enthusiasts.
  • 10. Community Events: London Stadium has played a vital role in engaging the local community by hosting various community events, sports festivals, and activities. It has become a place where people come together and celebrate.


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