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Homberg, Germany

Located in the bustling city of Hamburg, Germany, the Volkspark Stadium is a true symbol of the region's rich history and love for football. Its central location and historical importance make it a beloved landmark and symbol of Hamburg's sporting heritage. As the home of Hamburger SV, one of Germany's oldest and most cherished football clubs, this iconic stadium has been a witness to countless victories, defeats, and unforgettable memories. Let's embark on a journey to discover the fascinating story, distinctive characteristics, and the vibrant spirit that sets Volkspark Stadium apart from all other stadiums.

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Stadium Seating Map

The stadium boasts a captivating history that is deeply intertwined with the city's sporting legacy and cultural importance. Volkspark Stadium, formerly named Rothenbaum Stadium, was established in 1953. It was designed to be a versatile sports venue, capable of hosting a wide range of events including football matches and athletics competitions.

Architecture and Design

While the Volkspark Stadium may not showcase the modern, cutting-edge designs seen in newer stadiums, its classic architecture radiates a timeless allure. The renovated stands maintain a nostalgic feel, offering an intimate and authentic setting for football enthusiasts. With a capacity of over 50,000 spectators, the stadium can accommodate a sea of passionate fans, generating an exhilarating atmosphere during matches. The Volkspark Stadium showcases classic stadium design with its symmetrical structure, oval-shaped arena, and tiered seating arrangement. The stands encircle the field, offering spectators clear and uninterrupted views of the thrilling action.

Games that took place at Volkspark Stadium

The Volkspark Stadium holds a special place in German football history, having witnessed numerous iconic moments. From Hamburger SV's triumphs in the Bundesliga during the late 1970s and 1980s to unforgettable European matches, this stadium has hosted some truly memorable games. The legendary players who have graced its hallowed turf and the passionate fans who have filled its stands have created an atmosphere that reverberates throughout every corner of the stadium.

The remarkable thing about Volkspark Stadium is the incredible fan culture that fills every match with passion. The devoted HSV supporters transform the stadium into a place of emotions, creating an atmosphere that motivates the players and captivates the spectators. With their iconic chants and all blue and white colors, the stadium became a vivid representation of football passion, truly embodying the spirit of Volkspark Stadium.

Volkspark Stadium is not just a football venue, but also a versatile space that caters to a wide range of events. From concerts to cultural gatherings. This historic venue serves as a vibrant hub for entertainment and community engagement in Hamburg.


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