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From Cheering to Loyalty: Get to know the Top 6 National Football Fans in the World!

There are no criteria by which to determine which are the best football fans in the world however it is possible to classify the fans according to some characteristics that they should have such as:

public attendance

encouragement style

support the team abroad

support team financially 

cheering for the team where they lose when they lose 

support team on social media

Brazil fans are the most interested people in football for their energy in the stadium is insane they have passion and a good influence on the game’s mode that grows inside the team's talent. Being the star of the World Cup by winning the most number of cups so far gave Brazil, a country with a very basic culture and weak financial structure, something to be proud of now and throughout history. All that made football not just a game in Brazil but also a feeling much more like a second religion. On top of that, Brazilians embrace soccer over anything in life and give it all their heart and soul faded

On the other hand, England fans are there under the spotlight, especially through the Premier league which captures attention from all over the world knowing that England fans have unpleasant behavior because they are awful losers and annoying winners. English supporters are known for their violence and racist actions making other countries’ fans, especially their neighbors dislike their culture.

Quite the opposite, Spain fans are fantastic they have enormous excitement for a football so other stadiums are for of life you can feel they go beyond the dressing up or cheering loud with drums you can see football we lab became the life of song they inherit commitment to the cause generation after generation

In addition, every café, restaurant, and Biergarten in Germany set screens to display the game during significant football games and finals. All ages gather to watch and applaud from young children to old grandparents. Furthermore, you may find in the big cities what is known as fan miles, where up to a million people assembled to watch the games wearing the German flag's color of black, red, and gold.

Besides, Argentina's people are big fans of this game knowing that it is the home country of many famous players where children start playing football at young ages, this makes you feel that Argentina's people in general and fa, in particular, are breathing football.

Winning the World Cup in 2018 after 20 years of the first France World Cup trophy, the fan base of the national team in France went back on fire showing support to the players and they're gaining their role as the 12th player in France's games. Being enthusiastic people, French fans Paul French fans are taking that Passion to football games as well especially when it comes to their national team’s tournaments, on the other hand, being a real competitor in the World Cup and lately in the euro cop has given them many foreign fans as well.

The Italian fans have a unique and passionate loyalty to the game as they are the home of the Italian Serie A! But this year, fans of Italy's national team still can't understand the fact that their team hasn't qualified for the World Cup 2022 for the second time in a row. That has never happened before in the history of the Azzurri. After all who expected that the winner of the Euro year before the World Cup won't be able to compete in the world's main football event?

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