Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets

Premier League

11 May 2024



Sat 11 May 2024 | 15:00 Vitality, Bournemouth , GB

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Buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets for the Premier League game being played on 11 May 2024 at Vitality. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Bournemouth tickets!

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Buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets for the Premier League game being played on 11 May 2024 at Vitality. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Bournemouth tickets!

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Premier League Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets

Don’t miss out on witnessing high-class football, watch the exciting Premier League fixture between the Cherries against the Bees! Buy your Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets and you will not miss that match whose any pass or goal could become in a book for future generations from now. This is going to be a great match that will keep every one of us on our toes irrespective of whether you are regular patron or this is your first time.

You are not going to regret for losing an opportunity to see a match between those energetic teams. Book your Bournemouth vs Brentford ticket season tickets now and become part of the army of supporters who will be chanting for a victory tonight. So, get your Bournemouth vs Brentford football tickets online now!

Premier League Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets Prices

Fans usually start looking for match tickets when the Premier League season is on, particularly for games such as Bournemouth vs Brentford. The Bournemouth vs Brentford ticket prices may range for a number of reasons, including the venue area one chooses, supply and demand, and when one purchases the ticket.

Some of these standard tickets come at a lower Bournemouth vs Brentford season ticket price and are aimed at people attending the game without making huge financial commitments. Others can be categorised as premium and are geared towards diehard fans that would not mind splashing out some money in return for getting the best seats or other perks.

That explains why Bournemouth vs Brentford season ticket will definitely not come cheap owing that is it an opportunity to guarantee a sit at all home matches with accompanying perks. A season ticket is an asset which represents complete and dramatic enthusiasm for that football club as well as loyalty to it.

The average Bournemouth vs Brentford ticket price is variable based on the impact of that specific game towards end of the league season, whether it a regular or cup match and position of these teams in the league table. Early birds may grab bargains but late comers would probably be punished as such a game may influence one’s position within the league.

Bournemouth vs Brentford Match and Pricing Information in Premier League

Standard Seats: Prices could start to form starting at a reasonable rate for such a casual fan, who comes in not to pay much out of his or her budget but rather just to enjoy an atmospheric entertainment experience.

Premium Seats: Price increases for a higher experience, clearer view lines, and easy access to facilities. These are suitable for the fan who wishes something beyond a game.

Season Tickets: It is the most expensive among the four but to the true, die-hard fan, it provides the complete Bournemouth or Brentford experience all through each of the seasons.

Family and Group Packages: At times, there are also family and group offers which makes it easy on the wallet.

The price of each match will be announced around the match day; and fans should regularly visit the club’s official websites in order to receive the latest information. It’s important to purchase these tickets only through licensed vendors and not on the Match Day because that’s the only way you will get to pay for them at a reasonable cost and also you will be safe from possible problems on the Match Day.

Brentford matches in Premier league

Date Venue Stadium
4th November, 2023 Brentford vs West Ham Gtech Community Stadium
12th November, 2023 Liverpool vs Brentford Anfield
25th November, 2023 Brentford vs Arsenal Gtech Community Stadium
2nd December, 2023 Brentford vs Luton GTech community Stadium
7th December, 2023 Brighton vs Brentford Amex Stadium
9th December, 2023 Sheffield Utd vs Brentford Bramall Lane
17th December, 2023 Brentford vs Aston Villa Gtech Community Stadium
28th December, 2023 Brentford vs Wolves Gtech Community Stadium
30th December, 2023 Crystal Palace vs Brentford Selhurst Park
20th January, 2024 Brentford vs Nott’m Forest Gtech Community Stadium
31st January, 2024 Spurs vs Brentford Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
3rd February, 2024 Brentford vs Man City Gtech Community Stadium
10th February, 2024 Wolves vs Brentford Molineux Stadium
17th February, 2024 Brentford vs Liverpool Gtech Community Stadium
24th February, 2024 West Ham vs Brentford London Stadium
2nd March, 2024 Brentford vs Chelsea Gtech Community Stadium
9th March, 2024 Arsenal vs Brentford Emirates Stadium
16th March, 2024 Burnley vs Brentford Turf Moor
30th March, 2024 Brentford vs Man Utd Gtech Community Stadium
3rd April, 2024 Brentford vs Brighton Gtech Community Stadium
6th April, 2024 Aston Villa vs Brentford Villa Park
13th April, 2024 Brentford vs Sheffield Utd Gtech Community Stadium
20th April, 2024 Luton vs Brentford Kenilworth Road
27th April, 2024 Everton vs Brentford Goodison Park
4th May, 2024 Brentford vs Fulham Gtech Community Stadium
11th May, 2024 Bournemouth vs Brentford Vitality Stadium
19th May, 2024 Brentford vs Newcastle Gtech Community System

About Bournemouth vs Brentford in Premier League

There are few football clubs that have left their stamp on the English football scene as much as Bournemouth and Brentford. The Cherries of Bournemouth had experienced their moments of success as the underdogs, while the Bees of Brentford enjoy great praise for their use of big data techniques in football and staying strong in many matches.

In the English league the encounters they have are not only exhibition of talent, they are also confirmation of English spirit of competition in league matches. A good combination of tactical intelligence and the courage to engage in vigorous football is typical for both teams traditionally considered as underdogs trying to upset the apple cart.

History of Bournemouth vs Brentford in Premier League

Bournemouth has just risen to the Premier league so its history with Brentford is relatively young. They have had several battles in the lower leagues and each premier league match provides another installment to an emerging rivalry. Each game has a chance of giving someone an edge in the Premier League pecking order meaning that everyone becomes more and more crucial.

Fixtures in Premier League

Below is the Bournemouth vs Brentford table that shows the Bournemouth vs Brentford fixtures:

Date Teams Venue
11th May, 2024 Bournemouth vs Brentford Vitality Stadium

Results in Premier League

In addition, prior Bournemouth vs Brentford in the PL have been interesting, with each side winning over one another. However, for the latest season’s results, fans can check the respective club’s website or premier league platform. Here are the recent Bournemouth vs Brentford results:

Bournemouth Brentford
Total 11 11
Won 1 4
Lost 7 3
Tied 3 4

Champion History and Champions List in Premier League

Champions in the premier league are mostly dominated by some selected clubs whereby among those leading at the topmost are teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and also Liverpool. Although they may have missed out on winning the Premier League title, both Bournemouth and Brentford still have integral parts to play in the drama of the league, every big win over a top club is crucial to deciding who wins the title.

Premier League Champions List (Recent Years):

  • 2022/23 – Manchester City
  • 2021/22 - Manchester City
  • 2020/21 - Manchester City
  • 2019/20 - Liverpool
  • 2018/19 - Manchester City
  • 2017/18 - Manchester City

In conclusion, Bournemouth vs Brentford fixtures are a fascinating aspect of Premier League football, embodying the unpredictability and competitiveness of the league. Though neither has clinched the title, their presence is a reminder that every team in the Premier League can influence the title's destination, making every match a crucial piece of the season's puzzle.

Offers Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets in Premier league

Fans are always looking out for cheap offers on Bournemouth versus Brentford tickets in Premier League matches. For example, promotions could be early birds, where tickets would be cheaper per advance purchase. However, last minute deals may also be found but they will not be as accurate because of how the ticket sales have gone for the game.” Clubs’ attempt is often to fill seats at their matches so as to have lively crowds watching them.

Comparison of Tickets for Premier League

When comparing ticket prices for a Premier League match like Bournemouth vs Brentford, it’s important to consider a few factors:

  • Cheap Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets: - Official Club Sites:Normally the cheapest one with prices fixed by the clubs.
    - Secondary Market: May be cheaper compared closer to the days before the match, particularly if the vendors wish to dispose of them.

Average Bournemouth vs Brentford Ticket Price:

For instance, during high-stakes matches, prices may go up depending on demand.

Premium seating categories and purchase made at the eleventh hour may push up average prices.

Comparison charts are a great way to visually compare ticket prices across different platforms:

Platform Standard Ticket Last-minute Ticket Premium Ticket
Official Club Website $50 $70 $120
1 Box Office $55 $75 $125
Viagogo $60 $80 $130
Ticketmaster $55 $70 $120

The most cost-effective approach for fans is often to compare prices across these platforms, taking into account any additional fees, and to purchase as early as possible to avoid price hikes as the match approaches. Always ensure that the purchase is made through a reputable source to avoid counterfeit tickets.

How to buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets

Buying tickets for one of the games of the Premier League, e.g., Bournemouth -vs- Brentford, brings great pleasure and 1 Box Office helps you reserve your seat for this event. Here’s how you can buy your tickets through their official website:


Create an Account:
First of all, you should sign up with an account at 1 Box Office and then start purchasing your ticked. Normally, this entails emailing one’s address, designing a password, and validating it.


Navigate to the Event:
On this, you can search for the game using the search option, or navigate your way to the sports section and find the Bournemouth versus Brentford match. This is where a Premier League football section should be integrated in the website.


Select Your Tickets:
The available tickets will be found once on the event page. These include prices, views from the seating area and other options. Choose the number of tickets you prefer, as well as your preferred seat location.


Review Your Selection:
Ensure that you have verified all the aspects with regards to the match such as the date, time, and ticket purchases. All this information should be checked twice prior to progressing to payment.


Enter Payment Information:
Enter your payment information. One commonly sells tickets through Box Office that include several payment options such as credit/debit cards, and secure online payment system.


Complete the Purchase:
Review your order again and then enter your payment details. If everything is alright, then make the purchase. Once completed, you will be sent a confirmation email detailing your ticket information and guidelines for picking up tickets or receiving e-tickets.


Receive Your Tickets:
E-tickets can be sent through email in case it’s a preferred means of delivery by customers, or physical tickets are sometimes shipped to people. This is how to get Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets.

Where to buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets

Tickets can be purchased from several legitimate sources, but the most common places to buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets are:

Official Club Websites: The sale of tickets is also done directly by every Football Club through preferential price discounts that are offered sometimes to their members or season ticket holder.

Authorized Ticket Vendors: The secondary ticket market has several reliable sources such as one box office, Ticketmaster or other similar platforms.

Physical Box Offices: The other option for people who want to purchase tickets physically is to visit the physical box office situated within the stadium. That’s why, this is considered to be the best place to buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets.

Why 1 Box Office is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

1 Box Office is considered among the best places to buy the best Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets for several reasons:

Guaranteed Authenticity: Purchasing tickets from 1 Box Office ensures that they authentic and this reduces chances of counterfeit tickets.

Customer Service: Customer service support is provided in order to provide assistance with any problems and queries regarding the procurement process.

Selection: One box office usually stocks an array of different ticket styles, cater for both high-end tastes and smaller purses.

Secure Transactions: Your personal information including payment details is safe as this site applies secure transactions.

User Experience: Buying a ticket from this site is usually simple, as the entire procedure does not involve any difficulties.

Summarily, in the event that one wants to buy Bournemouth against Brentford tickets, 1 box office is a trusted and customer friendly point with lots of tickets sold on secured and user-friendly system.

Tips to Buy Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets

Buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets online with confidence by visiting the 1 Box Office website. Here are the benefits of buying from this site, making it one of the best sites to purchase your Premier League tickets:

Ease of Purchase:

  • Simple Online Transaction: Purchase Brentford vs Bournemouth tickets with ease. This is why, it is considered to be the best site to buy Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its user-friendly designs make the shopping experience simple for everyone.


  • Secure Payment System: With state-of-the-art encryption, your financial information is safe.
  • Verified Tickets: The tickets are authenticated to avoid forgery and counterfeit which makes each ticket unique.

Variety of Choices:

  • Wide Selection: From a standard to premier range in tickets.
  • Detailed Information: There are detailed descriptions of the views from the seat as well as information on the tickets’ costs.

Pricing and Deals:

  • Competitive Pricing: 1 Box Office sells affordable Bournemouth vs Brentford ticket prices compared to other sellers.
  • Exclusive Offers: They may have periodical promotions or discounts.

Customer Service:

  • Dedicated Support: The company’s hotlines are also available for a customer care provision whereby customers can clarify queries and solve concerns.
  • After-Sale Service: This includes post-purchase support for any ticket-related problems.


  • E-Tickets Available: Convenient quick delivery of tickets by email.
  • Physical Tickets: Secure delivery is also offered for those who would rather hold physical tickets.
  • Reliability
  • Positive Track Record: A record of pleased customers and good referrals.
  • Event Updates: Be updated on any change in the event or your tickets.

Among notable ticket vendors, one stands out by offering a quality, secure and easy purchase of Bournemouth versus Brentford tickets – 1 Box Office is such a ticket vendor. From advanced booking to last minute tickets, we offer a holistic service approach so that you only have to worry about celebrating match day.

Cost of Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets

The prices of Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets vary depending on the kind of seat chosen, time of play, or present ticket demand. So, how much are Bournemouth vs Brentford tickets? The average ticket price for Bournemouth vs Brentford for regular seats may be reasonable as opposed to those for VIP sections where one gets better sighting or add on benefits.

Why Ticket Cost Variation

Ticket prices are subject to variation due to:

Demand: Demands are high in high-profile matches or the weekends, thus leading to price inflation.

Seating: The most expensive seats come with better view positions or other luxury options.

Timing: So, how much are tickets for the Bournemouth vs Brentford? Buying tickets ahead of time is usually more affordable than purchasing them few days to the match day.

Season Ticket Holder Resales: The season ticket holder can sell out the ticket if he or she cannot attend a game.

Top Matches Insights

For top-tier matches, such as local derbies or clashes between title contenders, ticket prices can surge. The Bournemouth vs Brentford season tickets prices could see an uplift if either team is contending for top spots in the table or if it's a crucial end-of-season fixture.

How Much Are Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets: The average ticket can vary, but fans might expect to pay from $50 for basic seats to upwards of $150 for premium experiences.

Bournemouth vs Brentford Season Tickets Prices: Season ticket holders have the advantage of a fixed price for all home games, which often results in savings compared to buying individual match tickets.

How Much Are Tickets for the Bournemouth vs Brentford: For high-demand games, last-minute ticket prices can skyrocket well beyond the average, sometimes doubling in price.

Understanding these factors can help fans make informed decisions when budgeting for game day and securing their tickets to enjoy the live-action of Premier League football.

Matches & Stadium Details of Bournemouth and Brentford Teams in EPL

It is an acclaimed league that has been characterized by very competitive games starring some of the renowned footballers in the field and legendary clubs. A regular Premier League season usually lasts from August–May and comprises 38 match-days (playing home vs. home with every team in the League).

Premier League Stadium Details

There is a stadium in almost every Premier league club that carries great value for the heart of their supporters and the area in general. Stadiums are different in sizes, atmospheres, and amenities. Here's a brief table outlining some key details of the Premier League stadiums:

Club Stadium Capacity Opened Notable Features
Liverpool Anfield 54,074 1884 The Kop stand; Hillsborough memorial; Eternal flame
Newcastle St. James’ Park 52,305 1892 Iconic cantilever roof; The Gallowgate End
Manchester United Old Trafford 74,140 1910 The Stretford End; Munich Clock
Arsenal Emirates Stadium 60,704 2006 State-of-the-art facilities; Exterior bronze statues
Chelsea Stamford Bridge 40,834 1877 Historical East Stand; Shed End
Manchester City Etihad Stadium 53,000 2003 Modern design; Circular concourse

The stadium is not only fields hosting sports matches but are landmarks of historical or cultural value, which give additional emotions during watching a match. Each of these stadiums starting from the modern facilities of the Brentford Community Stadium through Anfield – an iconic arena that holds a special place in Premier League history – is a unique entity on its own adding its own flavor to this grand sport celebration.

FAQs About Bournemouth vs Brentford Tickets

  • Tickets will be sold on the official club websites and other places like 1 Box Office. Register with the seller and readiness to purchase immediately upon ticketing release, especially popular games.
  • There are different prices according to seating category and also time of a match. This would involve a low price point for conventional seats and more expensive tickets for premium seats. Ensure to consult the companies’ official websites for correct price quotations.
  • Often, ticket sales begin two weeks prior to the day of the match. Club members and season ticket holders are normally offered priority access; thus, one should register for club mail for the most recent update on tickets’ releases.
  • Customers can buy the authentic tickets from different shops, for instance, 1 Box Office guarantees the safety of their payment and after-sales customer service.
  • This will include the match significance, seat’s locations, and the time when tickets are purchased. Prices will be advertised closer to the actual selling day so make sure you keep an eye out for the latest news at the official websites and 1BoxOffice. The prices vary with the quality of seats and might include cheap rates for normal sitting, expensive ones for the best views, or even special packages such as hospitality.

Premier League   Teams Tickets

Team Tickets Home Ground / Stadium City Seating Plan
Arsenal Tickets Emirates Stadium London Emirates Stadium Seating Plan
Aston Villa Tickets Villa Park - Villa Park Seating Plan
Bournemouth Tickets Vitality Stadium - Vitality Stadium Seating Plan
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