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10 December 2023


Goodison Park

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Buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets for the Premier League game being played on 09 Dec 2023 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Chelsea tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!

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Buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets for the Premier League game being played on 09 Dec 2023 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Chelsea tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!

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Everton vs Chelsea Tickets 2024/25

  • Go and get the magnifying glass to see the incredible collision of the top level Premier league football teams, where Everton host Chelsea in a game that is only going to end up as a mosaic of scintillating goals and a whirlwind of super exciting soccer. Our Everton vs Chelsea Tickets is the Major Battlefield between the two football Kings who are ready to Dominate.
  • The only true fans that do not want to lose out should be the ones who get their tickets immediately to watch the Everton match. You have just decided to buy some Chelsea season tickets to make sure that you get to watch all the matches of the team. If you are a Chelsea vs Everton season ticket holder, you can easily be considered to be in the most important game of the football league.
  • It is obvious that the match will show the viewers a great magnificent tale with beautiful goals, amazing tactics and friendly atmosphere that is only possible for the live competitions. Do not miss the opportunity to have it all done – buy your Everton vs Chelsea away match ticket and see how beautiful football is!

Premier league Everton vs Chelsea F.C. Tickets Prices

The excitement regarding the upcoming Premier League clash between Everton and Chelsea is at an all time peak making the football enthusiasts eager for this exhilarating showdown. Everton vs Chelsea Ticket prices for his high-stakes match vary based on several factors, offering fans a range of options to tailor their experience.

Everton vs Chelsea F.C. Match and pricing information in Premier league

The following are the type of ticket pricings that are usually available:

  • Single Match Tickets
    - For those seeking the thrill of witnessing the Everton vs Chelsea battle live, single-match tickets are available at thee diverse Everton vs Chelsea ticket price points. The pricing structure typically considers factors such as seating location , match day demand and the overall importance of the fixture. The average Everton vs Chelsea Ticket Prices usually range from £30 to £100. The prices can range from the basic affordable amount to a premium cost for exclusive views and standard seating to a premium cost for exclusive views and VIP amenities.
  • Season Ticket Options
    - Devoted fans looking to commit to the complete season can explore the option of purchasing season tickets by paying the Everton vs Chelse season ticket prices. These packages offer a cost-effective solution for attendees planning to attend multiple matches throughout the season.
  • Average Everton vs Chelsea Ticket Price:
    - The general admission ticket price for the match of Everton versus Chelsea tends to vary according to various factors like the team’s current performance, individual players’ performance, and for whatever reason the match is important in the league’s rankings. Fans should frequently consult their official club ticket platforms or club announcements for any updates on ticket prices.

The choice of Everton vs Chelsea ticket prices include the price ranges that allow everyone no matter the financial status to be a part of the action on the field. Attending either a solitary game of Everton vs Chelsea F C is just as exciting as watching the entire Premier League season, as the coming season is guaranteed to deliver.

Upcomming Chelsea's matches:

Date Teams Tournament Venue
8th April 2025 Chelsea vs Ipswich Town Premier League Stamford Bridge

About Everton vs Chelsea in Premier league

The rivalry between Everton vs Chelsea in the Premier League goes beyond a mere football match, it is the titans pitting each other against each other, the terrific display of excellence of the beautiful game. These clashes have developed into much awaited events that have always attracted global football fans who look forward to seeing these traditional rivals play with their full glory on the field.

Everton’s history with Chelsea F.C. in the Premier league:

The Everton-Chelsea rivalry in the Premier League is full of memory-inducing stories and fierce blaze. As the years pass, both clubs display football techniques and tactical perspectives. These actions have made the table of Everton vs Chelsea etched in the history of the Premier League. Both of the teams got their share of success and failures alike.

The clash between Everton vs Chelsea in the Premier League is more than a mere football event, it’s the titans clashing against each other, a wonderful spectacle of football brilliance. These encounters have become highly anticipated fixtures, grabbing attention of the fans across the world eager to witness the drama and skill displayed by two English football’s historic clubs.

History of Everton vs Chelsea F.C. in Premier league

The history between Everton and Chelsea in the Premier League is rich with memorable moments and intense passion. Over the years both clubs have showcased their footballing prowess and tactical masterclass, the Everton vs Chelsea table have made an indelible mark on the fabric of Premier League history. Both the teams had their share of success and failures. The following gives an overview of the same.

Everton vs Chelsea Fixtures in Premier League

The following is the Everton vs Chelsea fixtures that will enable the fans to have align their watching schedule

Date Teams Venue
December 10, 2023 Everton vs Chelsea Goodison Park, Liverpool
April 15, 2024 Chelsea vs Everton Standford Bridge, London

Everton vs Chelsea Results in Premier League

Here are the recent Everton vs Chelsea results:

Everton Chelsea
Total 64 64
Won 14 29
Lost 29 14
Tied 21 21

Everton vs Chelsea Champion history and champions list in Premier league

In the history of the Everton vs Chelsea champions some of the greatest clubs of the Premier League has won the games. The following are some of the winners over the years.

Year Team
2016-2017 Chelsea
2014-2015 Chelsea
2009-2010 Chelsea

The Everton vs Chelsea rivalry in the Premier League is a captivating saga that unfolds with every fixture. From the historical context to the fixtures, results, and the champion history of both clubs, the rivalry encapsulates the essence of English football’s intensity and enigma. As the seasons progress, football enthusiasts eagerly await the next chapter in the enduring battle between Everton and Chelsea in the Premier League.

Everton vs Chelsea tickets Offers in Premier league

If you are a lover of football you must be seeking an affordable way to watch The Premier League matches then the good news is that you have a range of ticket pricing offers that cater to diverse budgets. Clubs often introduce a number of schemes including special promotions and discounted ticket packages, allowing fans to catch the Everton vs Chelsea showdown without breaking your bank.

Offers in Premier league

The offers include early-bird pricing, family packages or student discounts, these offers aim to make Premier League matches accessible to a broader audience. Be watchful over the official club websites and ticketing platforms to secure the Everton vs Chelsea tickets at a more economical rate.

Everton vs Chelsea Tickets Comparison in Premier League

Comparing Everton vs Chelsea ticket prices clash in the Premier League is crucial for fans looking to strike a balance between experience and affordability. Cheap Everton vs Chelsea tickets can be secured but the prices vary according to factors like seating arrangements, match significance and the available ticketing options will enable fans to find the best deal that aligns with their preferences and budget for this thrilling Premier fixture.

The following comparison table will enable you to save and secure best deals on Everton vs Chelsea tickets.

Ticket Source Standard Ticket Price Premium Ticket Price
1 Box Office £40 - £80 £90 - £150
Authorized Resellers £60 - £100 £120 - £200
Secondary Market £70 - £120 £140 - £250
Fan-to-Fan Exchange £50 - £90 £100 - £160

Steps to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets in Premier league

Here is how to go about purchasing Everton vs Chelsea game tickets. If you are up for the premier league match between Everton vs Chelsea, you can easily find tickets on our 1 Box Office with very complete detailed information.


Visit the Website:
Begin with visiting the 1 Box Office's home page through your favorite web browser.


Search for the Match:
Use the search bar on the website to find the Everton vs Chelsea match mixed with other available fixtures.


Select Your Seats:
Finally, when you locate your desired concert, try out the seating chart that the 1 Box Office website provides. Generally, they have various seating categories which are intended to comfort people with different seating preferences and pocket money.


Add to Cart:
With choosing your preferred seats, put them into your virtual cart. Take, please, a moment and look your order through one more time before proceeding to checkout.


Provide Details:
The very next thing you are required to do is fill all necessary details that include your name, email address, and payment method in the checkout form. Be sure that every detail is as accurate as it can be to make the deal possible.


Complete the Purchase:
While you are at it, continue with the purchase by following on-screen guides. 1 Box Office serve safe payment options to make sure your transaction is properly secured.


Receive Confirmation:
If everything goes right with the purchase, you'll get a confirming email from 1 Box Office. Following will be details about your ticket for ordering, so make sure you keep this email safely.


Collect or Deliver Tickets:
Given 1 Box Office's delivery services, you can pick up your tickets in person or download the e-tickets for convenience. If you choose the e-delivery option, you will receive tickets to your email address, which you provided when you made the purchase.

Where to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets in Premier league

  • Official Club Office: The primary and often the best place to purchase Everton vs Chelsea tickets is through the official box office. This ensures authenticity and minimizes the risk of encountering fraudulent transactions. Club box offices offer a direct line to the source, providing fans with accurate information on seating options, pricing and any available promotions.
  • Premier League Official Website: The Premier League’s official website may also serve as a gateway to purchasing tickets for Everton vs Chelsea for specific matches. It provides links to individual club websites and relevant ticket information, offering a centralized platform for fans to navigate the ticket-buying process.

Why 1 box office best place to buy tickets

1 Box Office is the best site to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets for the following reasons.

  • Reliability: Premier League Everton vs Chelsea F.C. tickets acquired from the 1 Box Office are reliable ensuring entry into the football facility.
  • Optional Ticket Options: In many cases, the broadcaster provides such an offer for those people that make their decision to purchase the really valuable ticket Everton vs Chelsea as a souvenir.
  • Direct Customer Service: In case of any problems or queries, customers will be assisted directly when buying from the field office.
  • No Hidden Fees: For example, some sites charge an additional expense not offered through purchasing one ticket at a time from the box office.

Summarizing, when purchasing Everton vs Chelsea there are many available alternatives for interested fans. However, in most cases , buying at 1 Box Office ensures you an authentic and reliable place to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets.

Tips to Buy Everton vs Chelsea Tickets in Premier League

For several elements, I Box Office is extraordinary because it is the best website for purchasing the Everton vs Chelsea tickets online. Here are a few reasons why you ought to consider 1 Box Office as the best site to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets online.

  • User-Friendly Interface:They additionally make certain smooth navigability within the web site which ends up in a handy buying of tickets . That’s the reason why this is the best site to buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets.
  • Secure Payment Option: Various secured charge channels like, credit score card is available on 1 Box Office websites. So, book Everton vs Chelsea tickets now!
  • Transparent Pricing: Buying from 1 Box Office eliminates hidden costs and relaxes your pocket.
  • Variety of Seating Options: Provides several seating choices to suit your desires and wallets.
  • Customer Support: 1 Box Office provides a specialized support team at your disposal to help address any question and problems. So, get Everton vs Chelsea F.C. match tickets!

It is always suggested that you compare the prices when you buy Everton vs Chelsea tickets online, look at the testimonials that previous customers have awarded for the site. You are also requested to buy Everton vs Chelsea away tickets online way in advance to the match to avoid buying the tickets at a higher price. Going by these tips you can get the Everton vs Chelsea tickets online in a smart manner so that you can secure the best seats for the lower prices that are affordable to you.

Everton vs Chelsea tickets cost in Premier League

Everton vs Chelsea F.C. tickets come with a pricing spectrum influenced by several factors. So, how much are Everton vs Chelsea F.C. tickets? The cost hinges on considerations such as seat location, match significance, and overall demand. For fans eager to secure their spots in the stadium, understanding the pricing dynamics is essential.

Ticket Cost Variation Insights:

The reason for the difference in tickets prices between Everton vs Chelsea matches can be seen within the demand across individual matches. Many games of the English Premier League which involve teams from the top league attract high prices because of the enhanced interest and competition. Matchups with traditional opponents and rivalries or those which are title contenders see a surge in the sale of tickets. Being much aware of these differences helps supporters form opinions and invest their funds accordingly as per the magnitude of the game.

Everton vs Chelsea Top Matches Insights in Premier League:

Some games involving Everton vs. Chelsea stand out as high-value matches, influencing the pricing of tickets, as well. So, how much are Everton vs Chelsea F.C. tickets? The next level of football or turnaround stages in the league can give prices from £30 to £50 on average. What is the cost of the Everton vs Chelsea F.C. tickets. It should be noted that winning games against these teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, or Liverpool, might attract higher average costs, reaching £50 to £100 or even more. Fans should account for the variance of the ticket prices as this is the case with each match, hence they should attempt to book their tickets well in advance if they want to get their value for their money.

In a nutshell, the average ticket price for Everton vs Chelsea highlight the intricacy of cost construction in the Premier League, where the art of pricing depends on factors namely the level of importance for a match, opponent strength, and generally demand. Value-for-money minded and fans should consider the featured games in every round of the season which should culminate in genuine tickets for an enthralling and memorable matchday experience.

Everton vs Chelsea Matches & Stadium Details in Premier League

Premier League is regarded as one of the most fascinating and competitive football leagues across the world. The league features an outpouring of games that not only showcase the best quality but can also be really captivating. Every matchday provides an opportunity to witness all the skill, strategy, and passion of competing sides fighting over points and success. We are from the thrilling local derbies to the clashes between traditional siblings, the best quality in the Premier League is a measure of its exciting and lurking nature.

Elite clubs in UK such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are the best teams that excite fan turnout with their electrifying games. The Premier League's league format promises that points are significant and will be used to decide on the teams' rankings, which in turn defines the pursuit for the coveted Premier League championship. As one game after another comes to an end, a famous picture, a sudden goal, and an unimaginable upset turn the pitches into a richly weaved tapestry that leaves us on the edge of our seats.

Everton vs Chelsea Stadium details in Premier League:

Club Stadium Capacity Opened
Everton Goodison Park 39,572 1878
Chelsea Stanford Bridge 40,343 1905

FAQs About Everton vs Chelsea Tickets in Premier League

  • To purchase Everton vs Chelsea tickets online, you can visit the main websites of the teams or utilize trusted and authorized ticketing agencies. These digital marketplaces connect directly with fans, fostering a feeling of security. Make sure to stay sharp on ticket announcement dates and openings proclamations in order to guard your spot for this greatly anticipated clash.
  • On the 10th of December 2023 and on the 13th of April 2024 the match is going to be played.
  • Ticket prices for the Everton vs Chelsea match varies die to locations of the seats and the importance of the game match. One may need to obtain the ticket prices from the official websites of Everton and Chelsea, or from any of the specific ticket providers. Be sure to verify whether there are any promos or sale rates that change the time window offered.
  • The date for Everton vs Chelsea tickets are usually posted on both official ticket websites of Everton and Chelsea, and also from the authorized ticket dealers. Get ready for these announcements, and you had better buy tickets upon the very release in order to ensure you will be assigned the very good seats.
  • It is the right approach to agree with your Everton vs Chelsea tickets by means of official websites of Everton and Chelsea or authorized drawing agencies. Such platforms offer the assurance that tickets sold are authentic and that the purchasing process is secure. One more, you may get not only access to the clubs shows or priority pre-sale concert tickets.
  • The price range for tickets to view Everton vs Chelsea matches will change due the following: where the fan seats and importance of the event. Accurate price information can be retrieved from the official websites of Everton and Chelsea, and you may also address to the ticket offices of the clubs directly to get more information. Searching for discounts or any possible special promotion can prove helpful in getting the best maxed-out ticket prices.

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