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Premier League

21 April 2024


Craven Cottage

Sun 21 April 2024 | 16:30 Craven Cottage, London , GB

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Buy Fulham vs Liverpool tickets for the Premier League game being played on 20 Apr 2024 at Craven Cottage Fulham. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Fulham vs Liverpool tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Fulham tickets!
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Buy Fulham vs Liverpool tickets for the Premier League game being played on 20 Apr 2024 at Craven Cottage Fulham. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Fulham vs Liverpool tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Fulham tickets!

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Premier League Fulham vs Liverpool tickets

Let yourself be fully engrossed in the pulsating head-to-head between Fulham and Liverpool of the Premier League, which is sure to enthrall you with a fascinating show of football. Book your Fulham vs Liverpool tickets now in order to be at the ground for the thrilling tale of two powerful football teams. Whether you are a curious outsider or a determined fan it does not matter the impact of the contest is going to be deep-rooted. Be sure to see the action live on the field—either purchase your Fulham vs Liverpool season tickets or the season tickets now. Be sure you're among the electrified crowd to share in the dramatic excitement of a true football spectacle. Get ready with thrill and derive the excitement of rivalry by purchasing your Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets as early as possible.

Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets Pricing for Premier League

Enthusiastic football supporters eagerly anticipate the upcoming Premier League clash between Fulham and Liverpool, with a surge in interest for tickets to witness this thrilling match. The pricing of Fulham vs Liverpool tickets fluctuates based on factors such as overall demand, the significance of the match, and the specific seating arrangements chosen by fans. Secure your tickets now to ensure your place in the excitement of this highly sought-after game.

Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets Match and Pricing Information in Premier League

Tickets for the upcoming Fulham vs. Liverpool season are available at standard rates ranging from £50 to £150 for regular seats, depending on their location and proximity to the pitch. Opting for premium seating options can result in prices exceeding £300, offering a more exclusive matchday experience. With various ticket types to choose from, fans have the flexibility to select Fulham vs Liverpool tickets that align with their budget and preferences.

For avid supporters seeking an affordable way to attend multiple Fulham vs. Liverpool games throughout the season, the average ticket price hovers around £100 for a standard seat. Dedicated fans can also explore season tickets for away games, ranging from £800 to £1500, ensuring a guaranteed seat for each home match.

The average cost of a regular seat, approximately £100, can be influenced by factors such as the current standing of both clubs, their league positions, and the historical significance of their encounters. Prices may fluctuate based on these variables.

To stay informed about ticket releases, pricing details, and special offers, fans are encouraged to monitor official club websites, accredited ticketing providers, and social media accounts. Given the perennial high demand for tickets to witness Fulham vs. Liverpool clashes live, securing tickets early is a prudent decision for those eager to experience the intensity of these Premier League heavyweights at the stadium.

Liverpool matches in Premier league

Date Teams Venue
5th November, 2023 Luton vs Liverpool Kenilworth Road
12th November, 2023 Liverpool vs Brentford Anfield
25th November, 2023 Man City vs Liverpool Etihad Stadium
3rd December, 2023 Liverpool vs Fulham Anfield
7th December, 2023 Sheffield Utd vs Liverpool Bramall Lane
9th December, 2023 Crystal Palace vs Liverpool Selhurst Park
17th December, 2023 Liverpool vs Man Utd Anfield
23rd December, 2023 Liverpool vs Arsenal Anfield
26th December, 2023 Burnley vs Liverpool Turf Moor
2nd January, 2024 Liverpool vs Newcastle Anfield
21st January, 2024 Bournemouth vs Liverpool Vitality Stadium
1st February, 2024 Liverpool vs Chelsea Anfield
3rd February, 2024 Arsenal vs Liverpool Emirates Stadium
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17th February, 2024 Brentford vs Liverpool Gtech Community Stadium
24th February, 2024 Liverpool vs Luton Anfield
2nd March, 2024 Nott’m Forest vs Liverpool The City Ground
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4th April, 2024 Liverpool vs Sheffield Utd Anfield
6th April, 2024 Man Utd vs Liverpool Old Trafford
13th April, 2024 Liverpool vs Crystal Palace Anfield
20th April, 2024 Fulham vs Liverpool Craven Cottage
27th April, 2024 West Ham vs Liverpool London Stadium
4th May, 2024 Liverpool vs Spurs Anfield
11th May, 2024 Aston Villa vs Liverpool Villa Park
19th May, 2024 Liverpool vs Wolves Anfield

About Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets in Premier League

Step into the electrifying world of the Premier League, where the clash between Fulham and Liverpool transcends the realm of football—it's a grand spectacle, a showdown of titans that captivates audiences worldwide. The anticipation surrounding these matches creates a palpable excitement, and football enthusiasts are clamoring for the chance to secure tickets and witness this intense battle in the flesh.

Embarking on the quest for Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets is no small feat; it's a journey through a dynamic market where ticket prices ebb and flow with the teams' current form, the chosen seat location, and the sheer significance of the match. The thrill of an already exhilarating game is amplified by the relentless demand for these tickets, turning the entire experience into an extraordinary pursuit for fans seeking a coveted spot at this riveting encounter.

History of Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets in Premier League

The evolution of their rivalry is intricately woven into the narrative of Fulham vs Liverpool tickets. These matchups have transformed into pivotal moments on the Premier League calendar, characterized by intense drama, exceptional skill, and an unyielding pursuit of victory. Devotees on both sides eagerly await the ticket releases, anticipating the opportunity to secure a seat in the stadium and witness history unfold.

As technology advances, the ticketing process has undergone a transformation, offering fans the convenience of online platforms for their ticket purchases. Supporters can now acquire tickets for these crucial encounters through official club websites, authorized ticket resellers, and various season ticket options, ushering in a new era of accessibility and convenience.

Fixtures in Premier League

Fans are anxiously anticipating the announcement of the dates and venues for the Premier League clashes between Fulham and Liverpool. The thrill lies in the unpredictable nature of these matchups, with both teams vying for supremacy. Below is the Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets schedule, detailing the fixtures for these eagerly awaited encounters.

Date Teams Venue
3rd December, 2023 Fulham vs Liverpool Anfield, Liverpool
20th April, 2024 Fulham vs Liverpool Craven Cottage

These matches act as a fight for the pride of the opposing fan bases in addition to showcasing the skill on the pitch.

Results in Premier League

The outcomes of the Fulham vs Liverpool matches in the Premier League paint a vivid picture of the intense rivalry and high level of competition defining this battle. Below are the most recent results for Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets:

Fulham Liverpool
Total 25 25
Won 15 6
Lost 6 15
Tied 4 4

Every outcome becomes a part of the drama, adding to the whole tale of this intense fight.

Champion History and Champions List in Premier League

The quest for Premier League glory amplifies the significance of Fulham vs. Liverpool encounters. Despite both teams having tasted success in the past, Liverpool's triumphs have been more recent.

Here's a glimpse into the champions' history in the Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets saga:

Liverpool boasts multiple Premier League championships, with standout victories in the 2004/2005, 2005/2006, and 2014/2015 seasons. Fulham, while steeped in history, has eluded recent Premier League crowns. Their last cup triumph dates back to the 1960-1961 season. The relentless pursuit of championship glory fuels the zeal of both teams, with every match serving as a crucial step in their quest to ascend to greatness.

The Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets champions' history is more than a mere scoreboard—it's a narrative of determination and aspiration. Each clash between these two football powerhouses is eagerly anticipated, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of supporters, transcending the boundaries of a simple football game.

Offers Fulham vs Liverpool tickets in Premier league

Comparison of Tickets for PSoccer enthusiasts often find themselves in a fortunate position when seeking an economical way to witness the exhilarating Premier League showdown between Fulham and Liverpool. Both teams regularly roll out promotions and special deals, providing football fans with exclusive offers and more budget-friendly options to savor the thrill of live Football Premier League.

Comparison of tickets for Premier league

Platform/Source Average Fulham vs Liverpool tickets price Benefits/ Notes
Official Club Websites £40 - £200 Reliable, offers full range of tickets
Authorized Partners £50 - £250 Premium options, potential for deals
Secondary Marketplaces £60 - £300+ Fulham vs Liverpool tickets price varies, last-minute availability
Fan Resale Platforms Varies (Face value & up) Fair Fulham vs Liverpool tickets prices, dependent on availability

In conclusion, by investigating various deals and resources, supporters can customise their experience and make sure they see the Premier League match between Fulham vs. Liverpool with extra benefits and the greatest deal.

Steps of How to Buy Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets for Premier League


Go to the official 1 Box Office website:
To secure your Fulham vs Liverpool tickets, head to the official 1 Box Office website and follow these steps:


Navigate to Premier League Section:
Visit the 1 Box Office website and locate the Premier League section, typically featuring details about upcoming games and ticket availability.


Choose the Match:
Identify the Premier League fixture between Fulham and Liverpool and click on it. This will lead you to a comprehensive page with match specifics such as date, time, and available seating sections.


Select Your Seats:
Utilize the interactive seating map to pinpoint your preferred seats. The chart displays various sections of the stadium along with corresponding ticket prices. Choose your desired section to view available seats.


Add to Cart:
After finalizing your seat selection, add the tickets to your cart. Double-check your choices before proceeding to the checkout page.


Provide Personal Details:
Fill in the mandatory personal information fields with your name, contact details, and any other required data for online ticket purchase. Ensure accuracy to avoid any issues during the transaction.


Payment Process:
Opt for your preferred payment method and complete the transaction. 1 Box Office typically offers secure online payment options, including credit/debit cards.


Delivery and Confirmation:
Upon successful payment, expect an email confirmation. This email will contain pertinent details about your purchase, including match specifics, seat information, and any additional instructions. Depending on your chosen delivery option, tickets may be emailed, physically delivered, or made available for download.

That's the simple process to acquire Fulham vs Liverpool tickets through 1 Box Office.

Where to buy Fulham vs Liverpool tickets

The 1 Box Office official website stands out as a trustworthy and direct source to buy Fulham vs Liverpool away tickets, including those for the Fulham vs. Liverpool match, despite the existence of other platforms and ticket vendors.

Why 1 Box Office is the Best Place to Buy Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets

For Premier League matches, the official and authorized ticketing outlet is the 1 Box Office website, ensuring the authenticity and validity of your purchased tickets.

  • Transparent Pricing:Known for its transparent pricing policy, 1 Box Office provides customers with a clear understanding of the costs associated with acquiring the best Fulham vs Liverpool tickets. With no hidden fees, customers can expect a straightforward and honest transaction.
  • Secure Transactions:Prioritizing consumer security, 1 Box Office employs safe online payment options, instilling an additional level of trust for fans making purchases on the site. It stands as the optimal destination to secure Fulham vs Liverpool tickets.
  • Dedicated Customer Service:Throughout the ticket purchase journey, the 1 Box Office customer service team remains available to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Whether providing advice on seat selection or troubleshooting technical issues, customer service ensures a seamless experience. Don't hesitate—book your Fulham vs Liverpool tickets now!
  • Safe and Convenient Purchases:The 1 Box Office official website offers a secure and straightforward method for purchasing Premier League tickets for Fulham vs Liverpool. By following the recommended procedures, spectators can guarantee a hassle-free experience and focus on the excitement of witnessing a live Premier League match between two football giants.

Tips to Buy Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets

Securing tickets for the highly anticipated Premier League clash between Liverpool and Fulham is always an exhilarating process. To maximize this experience while leveraging the benefits of 1 Box Office, consider the following tips:

Tips for Online Ticket Purchases:

Plan Ahead:
Premier League games, especially marquee matchups like Fulham vs. Liverpool, often sell out quickly. To secure the best seats, ensure you purchase your tickets well in advance.

Use Authorized Websites:
Opt for legitimate ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office to ensure ticket validity. Steer clear of third-party dealers to avoid potential issues with authenticity. Secure your Fulham vs Liverpool match tickets now!

Compare Costs:
Explore various seating options and compare ticket prices. Price variations between different stadium sections may allow you to find a balance between your preferred view and your budget.

Look for Promotions:
Keep an eye out for exclusive offers or discounts, especially on the official website. Clubs often present limited-time deals on Fulham vs Liverpool tickets, providing fans with the opportunity to secure tickets at a reduced price.

Review Seating Charts:
Study the stadium's seating chart to determine the best section for your preferences. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the perspective from your chosen seats.

Advantages of 1 Box Office:

Official and Reliable:
As the official and approved ticketing site for Premier League games like Fulham vs. Liverpool, 1 Box Office guarantees the authenticity and legality of the tickets.

Transparent Pricing:
Enjoy clear and straightforward pricing with 1 Box Office, eliminating surprises or hidden costs. The displayed pricing for affordable Fulham vs Liverpool tickets provides a transparent overview of the total cost, simplifying the purchase process.

Secure Transactions:
Prioritizing online transaction security, 1 Box Office offers a variety of safe payment options. Fans using the site can rest assured that safety is a top priority.

User-Friendly Interface:
The user-friendly layout of the 1 Box Office website simplifies the process of purchasing Fulham vs Liverpool tickets. Easily navigate fixtures and seating options, completing your order with convenience.

Customer Service:
Leverage the dedicated customer service provided by 1 Box Office. The support team is available to assist at every step, whether you have questions about seat selection or encounter any issues.

By incorporating these tips and capitalizing on the advantages offered by 1 Box Office, you can enhance your online ticket purchasing experience for the Fulham vs. Liverpool match. Knowing that you've secured your seats through a reputable and official platform allows you to enjoy the game stress-free.

How Much Are Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets?

Top Matches Insights:

Several factors contribute to the fluctuation in the cost of Premium Fulham vs Liverpool tickets, impacting the overall expense of these high-profile Premier League encounters.

Why Ticket Costs Vary:

Seating Location:
The perspective from different sections of the stadium and the proximity to the pitch significantly influence ticket prices. Premium seats, offering enhanced views of the action, often come at a higher cost.

Match Significance:
The importance of the fixture within the season can influence ticket pricing. Games with significant implications for the league standings typically experience higher demand and pricing.

Star Players and Team Performance:
The current performance of Liverpool and Fulham, coupled with the presence of star players, can impact ticket prices. Matches featuring teams in excellent form and exciting players tend to generate increased demand and, consequently, higher costs.

Cost of Season Tickets:
Fulham vs. Liverpool season ticket prices offer dedicated fans an economical way to attend multiple games, ranging from £800 to £1500. In addition to affordability, season tickets provide the added benefit of securing a seat for every home game.

Average Ticket Cost:
For standard seats, individual Fulham vs Liverpool game tickets typically range from £50 to £150. Premium seating options may extend up to £350. The availability of various ticket types catering to diverse budgets and preferences contributes to the overall average ticket price. Informed Fulham vs Liverpool ticket purchases involve understanding the factors influencing ticket prices. Whether it's the view from the seat, the significance of the game, or overall demand, being aware of these elements empowers fans to navigate the fluctuations in Premier League ticket costs wisely.

Matches & Stadium Details of Fulham and Liverpool Teams

The Premier League, with an atmosphere that tells its own story, houses some of the world's most renowned sporting arenas. Here are key details about some significant stadiums:

Premier League games:

The Premier League features a dynamic calendar brimming with fixtures that showcase English football clubs, celebrated for its intense competition and broad global fan base. The season is marked by thrilling moments, including captivating derbies and pivotal championship games that have the potential to decide the league champion.

Details of Premier League stadiums:

Stadium Capacity
Old Trafford 74,140
Emirates Stadium 60,704
Stanford Bridge 40,853
London Stadium 60,000
St. James’ Park 52,305
Kenilworth Road 10,356

Each Premier League stadium possesses a unique character, playing a crucial role in the triumph of the club it houses. Beyond being the stage for exhilarating matches, these stadiums stand as symbols of the local community's rich history and distinct character. The atmosphere reaches a fever pitch on match days, especially during high-profile fixtures like Fulham vs Liverpool, drawing supporters from around the globe to passionately cheer on their teams.

FAQs to Buy Fulham vs Liverpool Tickets

  • To purchase tickets for the Premier League match between Fulham and Liverpool, you can follow these steps:
    • Visit the official website of Fulham FC or Liverpool FC.
    • Navigate to the "Tickets" or "Buy Tickets" section on the website.
    • Look for the specific match, which is Fulham vs. Liverpool.
    • Select your desired seats or section.
    • Add the tickets to your cart.
    • Proceed to checkout, where you'll need to provide your payment information and contact details.
    • After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to collect or access your tickets.
  • The match between Fulham vs Liverpool is going to happen on 3rd December, 2023 and 20th April, 2024.
  • Ticket prices for the Fulham vs. Liverpool match can vary based on factors such as seating location, ticket category, and availability. Prices are typically announced closer to the match date and can be found on the official websites of Fulham FC and Liverpool FC.
  • The ticket sale dates for this specific match are determined by the respective clubs and the Premier League. Ticket sale announcements are usually made well in advance of the match. To stay informed about ticket sale dates, it's advisable to regularly check the official websites of Fulham FC and Liverpool FC or subscribe to their newsletters for updates.
  • The best way to secure Fulham vs. Liverpool tickets is to purchase them through the official websites of Fulham FC and Liverpool FC. This ensures authenticity and provides you with access to official ticketing channels.
  • Ticket prices for Fulham vs. Liverpool can vary depending on factors like seating category and availability. To find out the specific prices for this match, please visit the official websites of Fulham FC and Liverpool FC or check with the official ticketing outlets for the most accurate pricing information.

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