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31 March 2024



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Buy Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion tickets for the Premier League game being played on 30 Mar 2024 at Anfield Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Liverpool tickets!

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Buy Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion tickets for the Premier League game being played on 30 Mar 2024 at Anfield Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Liverpool vs Brighton & Hove Albion tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Liverpool tickets!

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Get Ready for a Showdown! The much-anticipated clash between the titans of Anfield and the Seagulls of the coast is almost here! Secure your Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets now and witness footballing magic firsthand. This matchup promises no less than the thrilling performances that these two teams have displayed in previous seasons.

This is a game you don't want to miss, whether you're renewing your Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion season tickets or looking for a one-time experience. Get Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion ticket season tickets today. Hurry, as interest is growing and seats are quickly selling out! Be a part of the action instead of watching from the sidelines by getting the best.

Premier League Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion Tickets Prices

The Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion Tickets pricing for Premier league

In English football in particular, the Premier League is synonymous with high-level football action. Each year fixtures such as Liverpool v Brighton Hove Albion attract fans across the globe, with ticket prices reflecting the scale and excitement of such clashes.

When it comes to Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion ticket prices, various factors influence the price. These may include the importance of the competition, where they sit in the stadium and the current state of the teams. Historically at Liverpool's iconic venue Anfield, the stadium is highly sought after for its rich history and passionate fans Brighton's Amex Stadium, although modern, offers its unique charm and atmosphere, which which in turn affects ticket prices.

Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion season ticket price is a preferred purchase for die-hard fans, as they offer space for all home games, including this marquee matchup average Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion ticket price can be a good value rather than individual game tickets, especially if you want to attend multiple games.

Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion Match and Pricing Information in Premier League

Here is a basic breakdown of Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion ticket costs for the next Premier League season:

  • 1. Anfield (Liverpool's home ground)
  • Kop End: £50-£60
  • Main Stand: £65-£75
  • Anfield Road End: £55-£65
  • Centenary Stand: £60-£70
  • 2. Amex Stadium (Brighton's home ground)
  • North Stand: £40-£50
  • West Stand: £45-£55
  • East Stand: £40-£50
  • South Stand (away fans): £40-£50

It's important to understand that these costs are only an estimate and may change depending on supply, membership level, and promotional offers. The cost of tickets for Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion often falls in the middle of the ranges given, but early birds may be able to score some savings, especially with memberships or group reservations.

Regardless of the cost, watching these two teams compete on the field promises to be an exciting spectacle full of memorable football moments. Get your tickets as soon as possible and fully enjoy the Premier League!

List out the Liverpool matches followed by Brighton Hove Albion matches list in Premier league

List of Brighton Hove Albion United matches in Premier league

Date Teams Venue Time
21st October, 2023 Man City vs Brighton Etihad Stadium 19:30
29th October, 2023 Brighton vs Fulham Amex Stadium 19:30
4th November, 2023 Everton vs Brighton Goodison Park 20:30
12th November, 2023 Brighton vs Sheffield Utd Amex Stadium 19:30
25th November, 2023 Nott’m Forest vs Brighton The City Ground 20:30
2nd December, 2023 Chelsea vs Brighton Stamford Bridge 20:30
6th December, 2023 Brighton vs Brentford Amex Stadium 01:15
9th December, 2023 Brighton vs Burnley Amex Stadium 20:30
16th December, 2023 Arsenal vs Brighton Emirates Stadium 20:30
23rd December, 2023 Crystal Palace vs Brighton Selhurst Park 20:30
26th December, 2023 Brighton vs Spurs Amex Stadium 20:30
30th December, 2023 West Ham vs Brighton London Stadium 20:30
13th January, 2023 Brighton vs Wolves Amex Stadium 20:30
31st January, 2023 Luton vs Brighton Kenilworth Road 01:15
3rd February, 2023 Brighton vs Crystal Palace Amex Stadium 20:30
10th February, 2023 Spurs vs Brighton Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 20:30
17th February, 2023 Sheffield Utd vs Brighton Bramall Lane 20:30
24th February, 2023 Brighton vs Everton Amex Stadium 20:30
2nd March, 2023 Fulham vs Brighton Craven Cottage 20:30
9th March, 2023 Brighton vs Nott’m Forest Amex Stadium 20:30
16th March, 2023 Brighton vs Man City Amex Stadium 20:30
30th March, 2023 Liverpool vs Brighton Anfield 20:30
3rd April, 2023 Brentford vs Brighton Gtech Community Stadium 00:15
6th April, 2023 Brighton vs Arsenal Amex Stadium 19:30
13th April, 2023 Burnley vs Brighton Turf Moor 19:30
20th April, 2023 Brighton vs Chelsea Amex Stadium 19:30
27th April, 2023 Bournemouth vs Brighton Vitality Stadium 19:30
4th May, 2023 Brighton vs Aston Villa Amex Stadium 19:30
11th May, 2023 Newcastle vs Brighton St. James’ Park 19:30
19th May, 2023 Brighton vs Man Utd Amex Stadium 20:30

The Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion for Premier league

About Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion in Premier League

Every year, fans look forward to Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion Premier League matchup. With its long history and countless championships, Liverpool is the best team in English football. While this is the case, Brighton Hove Albion has demonstrated tenacity and perseverance since joining the Premier League, frequently surprising top-tier competition with their fortitude.

History of Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion in Premier League

Liverpool and Brighton Hove Albion have participated in a number of noteworthy games since Brighton was promoted to the Premier League. Brighton has frequently shown that they are capable of fighting with and even shocking the Merseyside giants. Liverpool has frequently been considered the favorite due to their extensive history and stronger squad depth.

Result Liverpool Brighton
Total Games 16 16
Won 9 3
Lost 3 9
Tied 4 4

Fixtures in Premier League

Here's a Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion table of the recent Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion fixtures in the Premier League:

Date Teams Venue Timing
30th March, 2023 Liverpool vs Brighton Anfield 20:30

Results in Premier League

Some of the recent Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion results are as follows:

Date Teams Result
8th July, 2020 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 1-3
28th November, 2020 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 1-1
3rd February, 2021 Liverpool v Brighton and Hove Albion 0-1
30th October, 2021 Liverpool v Brighton and Hove Albion 2-2
12th March, 2022 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 0-2
1st October, 2022 Liverpool v Brighton and Hove Albion 3-3
14th January, 2023 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 3-0
29th January, 2023 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 2-1
8th October, 2023 Brighton and Hove Albion v Liverpool 2-2

Champion History and List in Premier League

Since the Premier League's establishment in 1992, there have been a lot of champions. Liverpool and Brighton both left their marks, but they did so in quite different ways.

  • Premier League Titles: 19
  • Recent Titles: 2019/20
  • Liverpool's dominance in English football is well recognized, with their most recent Premier League title in the 2019/20 season being a testament to their footballing prowess.
Brighton Hove Albion:
  • Premier League Titles: 0
  • o Despite failing to win the Premier League, Brighton has won many fans with their perseverance and league-leading performance. Their primary goal was to establish themselves as a dependable Premier League squad, which they succeeded.

Premier League Champions List (Recent Years):

Year Team
1900-1901 Liverpool
1905-1906 Liverpool
1921-1922 Liverpool
1922-1923 Liverpool
1946-1947 Liverpool
1963-1964 Liverpool
1965-1966 Liverpool
1972-1973 Liverpool
1975-1976 Liverpool
1976-1977 Liverpool
1981-1982 Liverpool
1982-1983 Liverpool
1983-1984 Liverpool
1985-1986 Liverpool
1987-1988 Liverpool
1989-1990 Liverpool
2019-2020 Liverpool

The fact that Liverpool is among these champions serves as a reminder of their dominance and the importance of wins over Brighton-caliber opponents in their quest for extra trophy. Brighton, on the other hand, sees these games as a chance to establish their position and, who knows, maybe one day climb to the top of the Premier League's Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion table.

Offers Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets in Premier league

Offers in Premier League

Since it is one of the most watched sports leagues in the world, the Premier League frequently offers a variety of ticket packages to draw in viewers. For games like Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion, clubs and third-party platforms may provide early bird discounts, family packages, or special deals for members. These offers can make securing your spot at the match more affordable, and in high-demand matches, such deals can be invaluable. Bundled packages, where fans get tickets for multiple matches at a discounted rate, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Other Platforms for Premier League

While the primary source of Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets would be the official club websites, several other platforms provide tickets:

1. Third-party ticketing websites:
Sites like Ticketmaster or StubHub often have tickets available, albeit sometimes at a premium.

2. Reselling platforms:
Websites like Viagogo allow fans to resell their tickets, which can be a source of cheap Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets, especially closer to match day when sellers might be looking to offload tickets they can't use.

3. Travel and Tour Packages:
Some travel agencies offer packages that include both travel, accommodation, and match tickets, catering to fans traveling from afar.

Comparison of Tickets for Premier League

Platform/Source Average Price Reliability Additional Benefits
Official Club Website £50-£70 Very high Membership Discounts
1 Box Office £55-£80 High Varied Seating Options
StubHub £60-£90 Moderate Resale Options
Viagogo (Reselling) £40-£85 Varies Chance for Last-minute Deals
Travel Packages £150+ (including travel) HIgh Includes Travel & Safety

The average Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion ticket price may be the same across platforms, but the actual cost, dependability, and extra advantages differ. It's important to weigh your options, check the validity of tickets, especially those purchased through resale sites, and select the one that best fits your requirements and price range.

How / Where to Buy

Steps of How to Buy Tickets for Premier League

Buying Premier League tickets is a simple process using the official 1 Box Office website. So, how to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets? Here are step-by-step instructions:


Visit the official website:
Open a browser of your choice and visit the official website of 1 Box Office.


So, how to get Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets? Sign in with your login information if you already have an account. You must register if you are a new user. Typically, this entails creating a password, username, and email address.


Navigate to the Premier League or Soccer sections:
There might be a section on the website devoted solely to football or the Premier League. Let's proceed.


Find a match:
Use the search bar or filter to find Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion or any other match of interest.


Paw Match:
Once you find a match, click to view available tickets.


Choose your seat/section:
Provide stadium maps or seating groups on the website. Choose the location you want to live. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on where you stay.


Install in car:
Once you have selected your seat, add the ticket(s) to your cart.


Check your cart:
Before paying, take a look at your ride ticket for validity, date and seat.


Go to checkout:
Click the checkout button to scroll to the price phase.


Enter your payment data. The internet site must provide steady charge techniques, consisting of credit/debit card bills, PayPal, etc. Ensure fee gateways have stable certificate, which include SSL.


You will acquire a confirmation e mail after a success price. This e mail will include your ticket information and likely commands at the date to send it to you.


Digital Ticket/Physical Ticket:
Through internet applications and metropolis regulations, you could get admission to virtual tickets, which can be revealed or displayed in your cell device. Some platforms may also even offer the option of having bodily tickets introduced in your special cope with or vicinity.


Get geared up for match day:
Make certain you've got your price ticket (bodily or virtual) and different essentials or ID on suit day.

Buying tickets through the 1 Box Office internet site is a trouble-unfastened system in case you follow these steps. Always don't forget to behave speedy, especially in excessive-call for tournaments, as tickets can sell out quick!

Where to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets

  • 1. Official Club Websites: Both Liverpool FC and Brighton Hove Albion FC have websites with sections for ticketing.
  • 2. Independent Ticketing Sites: Sites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, or Viagogo offer access to tickets. But prices might increase, especially if there is a high demand.
  • 3. Physical Box Offices: Supporters may buy tickets in person at the actual box offices that each club will set up inside of their own stadiums.
  • 4. Travel Agents: A small number of travel agencies provide bundle discounts, especially for international aficionados. These services might include travel, hotel, and athletic event tickets.

Why 1 Box Office is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

When thinking about wherein to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets, many fanatics gravitate closer to depended on assets. One such reliable website online is "1 Box Office".

Here’s why 1 Box Office would be the high-quality location to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets:

Tickets bought from the official box office are guaranteed to be proper. No danger of fraud or faux tickets.

While 1/3-party providers can inflate prices primarily based on demand, authorities’ credit often provide a more highly-priced or cost price tag hooked up by means of the town.

Real-time availability:
The box schedule is updated in actual-time, so you get a correct photo of to be had seats.

Direct help:
Contacting the federal field workplace at once if any problems or questions stand up manner you may get assist from town team of workers.

Membership Benefits:
Buying at once will typically will let you gather points or blessings if you are a member, allowing you to earn discounts or short redemptions in the future.

In summary, even though there are numerous approaches to get your Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets, 1 Box Office (respectable club box office) commonly will be the first-rate alternative because of its reliability, rate glaringly due to the direct communication with the membership. That’s why, this is the best place to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets.


1 Box Office Benefits

1 Box Office has made a name for itself in the ticket industry, especially with sports enthusiasts. For the following reason, The Box Office stands out as a popular destination for buying tickets for events like Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion:

Truthiness and Serviceability:
1 Box Office is an authorized ticket seller, so that you can consider them to offer actual tickets while not having to worry about fraud or fakes.

Competitive pricing:
Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion ticket prices for Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion at 1 Box Office are generally luxurious. Although they mirror marketplace demand, the platform often gives income and discounts.

Easy-to-use interface:
The internet site has been designed to be intuitive and user-pleasant, making it simpler for fans to find, pick out and buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets online.

Real-time entry:
The system updates the to be had tickets in real time. This guarantees that in case you see a seat or section to be had, it’s in reality well worth grabbing.

Safe Behavior:
The platform makes use of superior encryption and security measures to guard customers’ non-public and payment statistics.

Different charge alternatives:
1 Box Office offers a variety of price options for a worldwide target audience. Whether you decide on a credit/debit card or an internet fee gadget like PayPal, possibilities are there may be a choice.

Customer Support:
The forum presents dedicated customer support if you face any troubles or have any questions. This may be valuable, specially for first-time customers or worldwide enthusiasts unexpected with the technique.

Digital and Physical Ticket Options:
Depending to your preference and fit schedule, 1 Box Office offers virtual tickets (which can be published or displayed on a cellular device) and bodily tickets, which meet one-of-a-kind desires.

Global Introduction:
1 box office deals with fans all over the world. So, whether you’re a local fan or an international supporter planning a trip, the platform has you covered.

In summary, when looking for the best site to buy Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets, 1 always ranks Box Office reliability, ease of use and dedication to ensuring fans get tickets a smooth purchasing experience.


Cost of Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion Tickets

There are a number of variables that affect the cost of Liverpool vs. Brighton Hove Albion tickets. So, how much are Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets? A Premier League game between these clubs typically costs between £45 and £100 for premium seating near the field or in the middle of the main stand. Lower levels or tickets behind the goal are more expensive, costing upwards of £100.

Why the Ticket Cost Variation

So, how much are tickets for the Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion? Ticket prices vary for a multitude of reasons:

Due to the better views they provide, seats closer to the field, particularly those along the stadium's central axis, often attract higher costs.

Match Significance:
If the game has implications on league standings, such as a title decider or a match crucial for avoiding relegation, prices might be inflated.

Liverpool has a massive fanbase, and games at Anfield, especially against competitive teams like Brighton Hove Albion, can see increased demand, influencing ticket pricing.

Membership/Season Tickets:
Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion season tickets prices could offer a more economical per-game rate for fans attending multiple matches.

Top Matches Insights

When considering the broader Premier League landscape, Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion tickets can be seen as moderately priced. Top-tier clashes like Liverpool vs Manchester United or fixtures against Manchester City can have an average ticket price that's considerably higher, reflecting the high-profile nature of the match and the intensified demand. Conversely, matches against newly promoted teams or less historically successful clubs might be a tad cheaper.

In essence, while average ticket price for Liverpool vs Brighton Hove Albion reflect the allure and competitiveness of the match, they sit within a spectrum influenced by opponent stature, demand, and overall league significance.

Matches & Stadium

Matches of Premier League

The Premier League is the pinnacle of English football and is contested by 20 clubs each season. Each team plays 38 matches, facing every other club twice — once at home and once away. This results in a total of 380 matches over the course of a season, usually running from August to May.

Matches usually take place on weekends, with some mid-week fixtures thrown into the mix, especially during the festive season and when compensating for clubs' participation in other competitions.

Stadium Details of Premier League

The Premier League boasts some of the most iconic football stadiums in the world. The teams bring their unique charm to their home grounds, making each visit a unique experience.

Premier League Stadium Details

Team Stadium Capacity Location
Liverpool Anfield 54074 Liverpool
Luton Town FC Kenilworth Road 10356 Luton
Manchester City Etihad Stadium 53000 Manchester
Arsenal Emirates Stadium 60704 London
Burnley FC Turf Moor 21944 Burnley

Each stadium carries a wealth of history and traditions. For instance:

  • Liverpool's home pitch, Anfield, is famous for its iconic "This Is Anfield" sign and the emotional performance of "You'll Never Walk Alone" before kickoff.
  • The Amex Stadium, sometimes known as Falmer Stadium, is Brighton Hove Albion's contemporary stadium, famed for its cutting-edge amenities and fervent local support.

It's also significant to remember that stadiums don't just host football games. They are hubs of activity and a lure for both locals and tourists since they typically house museums, tour facilities, and occasionally even cuisine or hotels.

The Premier League, in essence, offers a rich tapestry of football action in a number of historic locations, each of which mirrors the shouts, hopes, and wants of its committed fans.


  • The official websites of Brighton Hove Albion and Liverpool both sell tickets for this game. Tickets are also sold at the 1 Box Office and other places. Always be careful to purchase from trusted sites to avoid frauds.
  • The title of the Premier League match will include the precise date and hour of the game. The official websites of the Premier League and the clubs both provide access to the current schedule.
  • Depending on the seating, significance of the event, and demand, ticket prices may change. Average tickets can range from £45 to more than £100. Check with the store for specific pricing information.
  • Tickets usually go on sale a few weeks before the game. Season ticket holders and club members will receive priority admission. Normal items usually sell out a few days later.
  • The best way is to buy directly from official websites to ensure authenticity. Once sold out, third parties such as 1 Box Office offer a second option but always buy from reputable retailers to ensure the tickets are valid.
  • As mentioned earlier, ticket prices can vary, generally ranging from £45 to over £100 depending on the seating category and demand. Always refer to the official selling platform for the most accurate pricing.

Always stay updated by checking the official websites and authorized ticket vendors for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Premier League   Teams Tickets

Team Tickets Home Ground / Stadium City Seating Plan
Arsenal Tickets Emirates Stadium London Emirates Stadium Seating Plan
Aston Villa Tickets Villa Park - Villa Park Seating Plan
Bournemouth Tickets Vitality Stadium - Vitality Stadium Seating Plan
Brentford Tickets Gtech Community Stadium - Gtech Community Stadium Seating Plan
Brighton & Hove Albion Tickets AMEX Community Stadium - AMEX Community Stadium Seating Plan
Burnley Tickets Turf Moor - Turf Moor Seating Plan
Chelsea Tickets Stamford Bridge London Stamford Bridge Seating Plan
Crystal Palace Tickets Selhurst Park Stadium London Selhurst Park Stadium Seating Plan
Everton Tickets Goodison Park Liverpool Goodison Park Seating Plan
Fulham Tickets Craven Cottage London Craven Cottage Seating Plan
Liverpool Tickets Anfield Liverpool Anfield Seating Plan
Luton Town Tickets Kenilworth Road - Kenilworth Road Seating Plan
Manchester City Tickets Etihad Manchester Etihad Seating Plan
Manchester United Tickets Old Trafford Manchester Old Trafford Seating Plan
Newcastle United Tickets St James Park - St James Park Seating Plan
Nottingham Forest Tickets City Ground Nottingham - City Ground Nottingham Seating Plan
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