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30 March 2024


Diego Armando Maradona

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Buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets for the Serie A game being played on 30 Mar 2024 at San Paolo Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Napoli vs Atalanta tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Napoli tickets!

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Buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets for the Serie A game being played on 30 Mar 2024 at San Paolo Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Napoli vs Atalanta tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Napoli tickets!

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Serie A Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets

This Serie A encounter between Napoli and Atalanta is an imminent challenge you don't want to miss! Even the struggle on the field is hard, and obtaining the Napoli vs Atalanta tickets will be the equivalent of a golden pass for being at the arena witnessing the action. Whether you are a true blue die-hard or just want to live a full football experience, these tickets are your way to the adrenaline-filled excitement.

Don't skip what could be the chance to follow your team closely or watching two elite football teams take part in an entertaining duel. The demand for Napoli vs Atalanta football tickets, including Napoli vs Atalanta ticket season tickets, is growing strong, so do not postpone to get in line with the other fans. Join us on this journey with the roaring crowd, adrenaline rush, and the epic moments as Napoli and Atalanta slug it out on the field. Grab your Napoli vs Atalanta soccer tickets now to be part of the action!

Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets Prices in Serie A

If you are interested in exploring the Serie A game between Napoli and Atalanta F.C. live, then the ticket prices are important things to know. The cost of Napoli vs Atalanta tickets depends on variety of elements, such as the seating category, the level of the game and the popularity of the match among the fans.

Match Ticket Prices:

  • Standard Match Ticket: The average price for a Serie A, average Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. ticket price is $50 to $100 per ticket. Such tickets shall depict a decent angle of the situation and are preferred by the fans.
  • Premium Match Ticket: For those who prefer having a higher end experience with great seating that might even mean a closer view to the action, count on spending between $100 and $200 per ticket. These tickets are usually equipped with ARMER’s seat and provide a closer look at the game.
  • VIP Match Ticket: People who want not only to witness Napoli vs Atalanta but get all the VIP treatment will have to pay more than $200 for a ticket. These tickets will be packaged with exclusive perks which include access to VIP lounges, free meals and drinks, and the yummiest seats in the stands.

Season Ticket Prices:

Napoli matches throughout the season, die-hard fans will also have an option to get season tickets. Find more information about Napoli vs Atalanta season ticket price. Tickets in this category can vary a lot depending on the section, but on average, they cost $500-$ 1500 or more. Season ticket holders can rest assured that they will be watching all home matches from their special seats, and they often get other benefits and discounts.

Note that these are Napoli vs Atalanta soccer ticket prices whose values might vary depending upon the soccer season, performances of the teams and the arena's seating arrangements. It is recommended to look for the official ticket supplier, and check the club's arena website or trusted reseller if you would like to have the most recent Napoli vs Atalanta football ticket prices. Make sure you get your tickets with time because they are in high demand and usually go quickly, especially when a team like Napoli is playing against a top team such as Atalanta.

Atalanta matches in Serie A

Date Teams
4th February, 2024 Atalanta vs Lazio
11th February, 2024 Genoa vs Atalanta
17th February, 2024 Atalanta vs Sussuolo
25th February, 2024 AC Milan vs Atlanta
28th February, 2024 Inter Milan vs Atalanta
3rd March, 2024 Atalanta vs Bologna
10th March, 2024 Juventus vs Atalanta
17th March, 2024 Atalanta vs Fiorentina
30th March, 2024 Napoli vs Atalanta
3rd April, 2024 Fiorentina vs Atalanta
7th April, 2024 Cagliari vs Atalanta
14th April, 2024 Atalanta vs Verona
21st April, 2024 Monza vs Atalanta
24th April, 2024 Atalanta vs Fiorentina
28th April, 2024 Atalanta vs Empoli
5th May, 2024 Salernitana vs Atalanta
12th May, 2024 Atalanta vs Roma
19th May, 2024 Lecce vs Atalanta
26th May, 2024 Atalanta vs Torino

About Napoli vs Atalanta in Serie A

Napoli vs Atalanta in Serie A is a highly anticipated fixture that never fails to deliver excitement to football fans around the world. This clash between two formidable Italian football clubs is marked by fierce competition, exceptional skills, and a rich history. Let's delve into the essence of Napoli vs Atalanta in Serie A.

History of Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. in Serie A

The rivalry between Lazio and Milan is a long story, one that has witnessed both Settebello and Orobici bouncing back from dire straits and prospering too. As the years pass, these fan zones become places that the fans constantly count on.

  • Competitive Matches: The games between Naples and Atalanta have happened in Serie A several times, and each of them was very important. This rivalry has become more intense because both teams have recently been fighting tooth and nail to be the best in Serie A, with their games being decisive as regards the competition for the supremacy of the league.
  • Memorable Moments: The story of the clash between Napoli and Atalanta in Serie A is a series of exciting episodes. Goals scored, dramatic returns, and supernova performances have been so vivid that they have branded themselves on the fans' memories forever. These encounters are marked by impressive goals being scored rather than a lot of goals per match that show equally good attacking sides of both teams.

Fixtures in Serie A

Fans eagerly anticipate the Serie A fixtures for Napoli vs Atalanta as they mark key moments in the season.

Here is the Napoli vs Atalanta table that shows the Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. fixtures:

Date Teams
30th March, 2024 Napoli vs Atalanta

These fixtures are bound to draw large crowds and captivate football enthusiasts worldwide as Napoli and Atalanta battle for Serie A supremacy.

Results in Serie A

The Serie A results for Napoli vs Atalanta often provide thrilling narratives and insight into the ongoing competition.

Here are the recent Napoli vs Atalanta results:

Napoli Atalanta
Total 35 35
Won 16 13
Lost 13 16
Tied 6 6

These results showcase the competitive nature of their matches, with both teams striving for victory and the precious Serie A points.

Champion History and Champions List in Serie A

Serie A, one of Europe's top football leagues, has witnessed numerous champions over the years. Napoli and Atalanta, while strong contenders, have notched their fair share of titles. Here's a list of recent Serie A champions:

  • 2022-2023 – Juventus FC
  • 2021-2022 – Inter Milan
  • 2020-2021 – Inter Milan
  • 2019-2020 – Juventus FC
  • 2018-2019 – Juventus FC

Napoli and Atalanta, with their own internal goals to be added to the aforementioned illustrious list. Since it is a league which has rivals, Serie A is sure to be an adventure every season.

Napoli vs Atalanta in Serie A is a football showdown with a fascinating history, crucial games, stunning results and plenty of controversy. These meetings represent soul of Italian soccer and still they deserve special attention of all football fans throughout all the world.

Offers for Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets in Serie A

When it comes to securing cheap Napoli vs Atalanta tickets clash in Serie A, fans often seek the best deals and offers to enjoy the thrilling match without breaking the bank. Here, we'll explore the various offers available for Serie A tickets and where to find them, along with a comparison of ticket options.

Offers in Serie A:

  • Early Bird Discounts: Serie A will provide fans with an opportunity to get discounts if they buy Napoli vs Atalanta away tickets beforehand. According to these discounts, the average Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. ticket price and other meetings may get down to the lowest averages. Make sure to visit their page on the official club websites to find out about their promotions.
  • Season Ticket Packages: An opportunity of cost effectiveness in watching several Serie A matches including Napoli vs Atalanta can be provided by availing a season ticket package. Season ticket holders very often enjoy high discounts by purchasing a ticket for the whole season compared to purchasing individual tickets for one game.
  • Student and Youth Discounts: While some Serie A clubs have a special ticket price for students and young fans, others do not. If you obtain these discount coupons, the Napoli vs Atalanta match ticket can be purchased at a better price.
  • Membership Benefits: Membership in the official fan club or the membership program of a club gives the advantage of first access to ticket pre-sales, fruit discounts, and better seating positions for Napoli vs Atalanta and other attended games. Book Napoli vs Atalanta tickets now.

Comparison of Tickets for Serie A

Ticket Type Approximate Price Range Availability Benefits
Standard Match Ticket $50 - $100 Widely available Entry to individual Serie A matches
Premium Match Ticket $100 - $200 Availability varies Enhanced seating, better view
VIP Match Ticket $200 and above Limited availability VIP lounges, complimentary amenities
Season Ticket $500 - $1500 or more Available pre-season Access to all home matches, discounts
Student/Youth Discounts Varies Club-specific Reduced rates for eligible fans
Early Bird Discounts Varies Club-specific Reduced prices for early purchases
Membership Benefits Varies Club-specific Priority seating, exclusive perks
Online Ticket Platforms Varies (market-driven) Convenient options Accessibility, potential discounts
Secondary Market Varies (market-driven) Limited availability Potential cost savings, caution required

Steps to Buy Tickets for Serie A Using 1 Box Office Official Website:

Attending a live Napoli against Atalanta matches in Serie A needs to be ticketed so you wouldn’t miss out on the fascinating game. Of the most substantial and reliable ones, people could buy Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. away tickets online through the entity's official Box Office website. Here, we'll walk you through the steps of how to buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets using the 1 Box Office official website and explain why it's an excellent choice.


Visit the Official Website:
Starting with the main 1 Box Office site is essential. Through search engines, you’ll find this website by typing in the words "1 Box Office Serie A tickets."


Select Napoli vs Atalanta Match:
When on the website, go to the Serie A tab and find the Napoli vs Atalanta match as one of the options there. Click on the event to get the full picture.


Choose Your Seats:
Typically, first, you'll be shown a seat map of the stadium. Select your entries in the desired seating category with additional specific seats if necessary. Notice the price and the number of seats that are vacant.


Add to Cart:
Boom! As soon as you have selected your seats, you will need to add them to the cart. Generally, you are advised to review your choice and to be able to alter it as you see fit before finalizing it.


Log In or Create an Account:
Log in to 1 Box Office account if you have already created one. If so, you may need to create a new account to make the acquisition.


Input your payment details to proceed further with the operation. Make certain that you write down the right data, otherwise you will have problems.


Just after the transaction is approved successfully, you will receive email which contains information on your tickets. Please guard this email, in case the need to prove the purchase arises. This is how to get Napoli vs Atalanta tickets.

Where to Buy Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets:

1 Box Office is one of the best place to buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets and tickets for other Serie A matches. However, you can also consider the following sources:

  • Official Club Websites: The official websites of SSC Napoli and Atalanta BC often sell tickets for their respective home matches. This is another reliable source to secure your tickets.
  • Online Ticketing Platforms: Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Viagogo are well-known online ticketing platforms where you can find Serie A tickets, including Napoli vs Atalanta. Be sure to verify the legitimacy of the listings.

Why 1 Box Office is the Best Place to Buy Tickets:

1 Box Office stands out as one of the best place to buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets for several reasons:

  • Official and Reliable: 1 Box Office is an official ticketing partner of Serie A, ensuring the authenticity of the tickets.
  • Secure Transactions: The website offers secure payment options, protecting your financial information.
  • Seating Options: You have the flexibility to choose your preferred seats from the available options.
  • Customer Support: In case of any issues, 1 Box Office typically provides excellent customer support to assist you.
  • Official Confirmation: Tickets purchased through 1 Box Office come with an official confirmation, providing peace of mind.

Purchasing the best Napoli vs Atalanta tickets through the 1 Box Office official website is a convenient and trustworthy option. Follow the steps outlined above to secure your seats and enjoy the thrilling Serie A action between these two top-tier Italian football clubs.

Tips to buy Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets

To buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets online, check the official club websites, authorized ticket platforms, and be wary of scams. Opt for reputable sources to guarantee authentic tickets and stay updated on ticket release dates to secure your spot in the stands.

Perks of Choosing 1 Box Office

  • Exclusive Access: Gain early access to Napoli vs Atalanta tickets, increasing your chances of securing desirable seats.
  • Competitive Pricing: Benefit from competitive and transparent ticket pricing for Napoli vs Atalanta matches.
  • Official Verification: Tickets purchased through 1 Box Office are verified and authentic, minimizing the risk of scams.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface for a hassle-free ticket-buying process.
  • Additional Perks: Some purchases may come with extra perks such as discounts on merchandise or future ticket purchases.
  • Wide Availability: 1 Box Office typically has a wide range of ticket options, ensuring availability even for high-demand matches. It is therefore considered as the best site to buy Napoli vs Atalanta tickets.
  • Trusted Reputation: The platform's trusted reputation in the industry makes it a top choice for Serie A ticket purchases.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the convenience of buying Napoli vs Atalanta tickets online from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Cost of Napoli vs Atalanta Tickets

How much are Napoli vs Atalanta F.C. tickets? The cost of Napoli vs Atalanta tickets can vary significantly depending on several factors, making it essential for fans to understand the pricing dynamics. Napoli vs Atalanta season tickets prices are influenced by the following factors:

  • Seating Category: The seating category is one of the influential variables that impacts the ticket cost. The closer one is to the stand, the higher is the price one pays as compared to the fans sitting in standard seats which are more economical.
  • Match Significance: The Napoli vs Atalanta game, one of the Serie A games, maybe a factor in why ticket rates change. On the other hand, matches of high importance to the teams, or those in which the top teams compete, are usually charged higher tickets as a result of consecutive purchases.
  • Demand and Supply: The prices for tickets will vary in line with supply and demand. On the other hand, if the game is so highly anticipated or difficult to get for the fans, the prices of tickets normally go up because they have to compete with each other for the limited numbers of tickets.
  • Season Tickets: By season ticket prices you can save up to 40% when compared to normal cost of the matches, including Napoli vs Atalanta for example. Such enclosures usually give away a great discount instead of purchasing match tickets singly.
  • Discounts and Promotions: Clubs often provide special discounts and deals, for example, reduced rates for early reservations and low cost for youths and students. These opportunities can become the fans’ choice to buy tickets at lower prices.

Insights on Top Matches

The tie between Napoli and Atalanta, without a doubt, belongs to the Serie A most anticipated fixtures having provoked not only the passion of football but also the intensification of the rivalries. When it comes to ticket prices for such high-profile encounters, fans can expect:

  • Premium Pricing: This is the same for the fixtures of Napoli and Atalanta and, especially, if both are in a run for the title. These matches readily sell more expensive tickets, as a result.
  • Increased Demand: Increased demand is mainly responsible for the fluctuation of ticket prices. Matches vs. top teams such as Napoli and Atalanta are more likely to engage the larger audience, translating to more demanding tickets.
  • VIP and Hospitality Packages: For VIP fans who want more luxury, VIP and hospitality packages may be accessible, offering premier seating, exclusive amenities, and the high prices go with it.
  • Historical Significance: Together with the historical value of the stadium and the record of the clubs in recent matches, this too can impact on flight prices. Sometimes, the tickets for the matches that are actually to decide league champion or European qualification have a quite high price.

The ticket prices of Napoli vs Atalanta can vary being because of the elements like seating group, importance of the match, demand and supply, season tickets and promotional offers. Fathoming the causes determines the fan properly to choose ticket to this thrilling game.

Matches and Stadium Details of Napoli vs Atalanta Teams in Serie A

Matches in Serie A

Serie A, the highest level of professional football in Italy, is recognized for its well-rounded gameplay with top-class football players and teams in the world. The league is traditionally composed of 20 teams that play each other in turn during the entire season. All teams play 38 matches over the season and face each other twice, that is, at home and on the road.

Stadium Details of Serie A

The Italian Serie A has a selection of iconic stadiums of great historical interest and strong supporters fan following. Such stadiums are often where the most powerful battles of the league play out. Here are some notable stadiums in Serie A:

  • San Siro (Giuseppe Meazza):
    - Location: Milan, Italy
    - Capacity: Approximately 75,923
    - Home to: AC Milan and Inter Milan
    - Notable Features: Known for its architectural beauty, it's one of Europe's largest and most iconic stadiums.
  • Stadio Olimpico:
    - Location: Rome, Italy
    - Capacity: Approximately 72,698
    - Home to: AS Roma and Lazio
    - Notable Features: A historic stadium that hosted the 1960 Summer Olympics, it's the largest sports facility in Rome.
  • Allianz Stadium (Juventus Stadium)::
    - Location: Turin, Italy
    - Capacity: Approximately 41,507
    - Home to: Juventus
    - Notable Features: Renowned for its modern design and scenic views of the Alps.
  • Stadio San Paolo:
    - Location: Naples, Italy
    - Capacity: Approximately 54,726
    - Home to: SSC Napoli
    - Notable Features: Known for its passionate and vocal fan base, it's the home of Napoli's memorable victories.
  • Stadio Artemio Franchi:
    - Location: Florence, Italy
    - Capacity: Approximately 43,147
    - Home to: ACF Fiorentina
    - Notable Features: A picturesque stadium set in the heart of Florence, known for its unique tower structures.

These same stadiums are not just the places where significant Serie A games are played but also where the historical heritage and culture of Italian football are on display. Ranging from the extraordinary aura of the San Siro to the visually appealing Allianz Stadium, Serie A fields are among the major excuses for the league's colourfulness and easygoingness.

FAQs - Napoli vs Atalanta Serie A Match

  • The tickets for the Napoli-Atalanta Serie A match can be obtained through different modes of payments. The club's official websites, approved ticket websites and the 1 Box Office site are reliable sources to secure your tickets. Treaty specially when purchasing from third-party sellers and make sure that they are with good reputation to avoid any scams.
  • The Atletico Madrid vs Osasuna is scheduled to take place on 30th March, 2024.
  • Ticket prices for Napoli vs. Atalanta games in Serie A differ depending on the particularities of your chosen seats, whether it is a significant match, or if there is a promotion going on. The standard price range for a ticket depends on the nature or magnitude of the event and can vary anywhere between $50 and $100, however, premium and VIP tickets will be more costly. Perhaps season ticket prices for Napoli games can give the most ardent supporters the chance to save a few bucks.
  • The time we place the Napoli vs Atalanta tickets on sale changes from one season to another in accordance with the clubs and the league. Usually, the season ticket holders renew their club membership before the individual home match tickets go on sale. Regularly checking the club websites and authorized ticket platforms for ticket release dates is part of the first step to buying tickets.
  • The best way to get Napoli vs Atalanta tickets will be though legitimate and authorized sources.1 Box Office's official website is a reputable source. Besides that, official club websites usually provide early bird promotions and give premium privileges to members ahead of a general audience.
  • Ticket prices for an Atalanta versus a Napoli match fluctuate, with premium seats ranging from fifty to a hundred dollars. Some sections are priced higher, while the season pass allows the fans to pay less for more matches within the season. Season tickets indeed come at different prices, e.g. depending on the category of your seats and on the match that attracts the most fans.

Serie A   Teams Tickets

Team Tickets Home Ground / Stadium City Seating Plan
AC Milan Tickets San Siro - San Siro Seating Plan
AS Roma Tickets Stadio Olimpico - Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan
Atalanta Tickets Gewiss Stadium - Gewiss Stadium Seating Plan
Bologna Tickets - - -
Cagliari Tickets - - -
Empoli FC Tickets - - -
Fiorentina Tickets Artemio Franchi Stadium - Artemio Franchi Stadium Seating Plan
Genoa Tickets - - -
Hellas Verona Tickets Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium - Marcantonio Bentegodi Stadium Seating Plan
Inter Milan Tickets San Siro - San Siro Seating Plan
Juventus Tickets - - -
Lazio Tickets Stadio Olimpico Rome Stadio Olimpico Seating Plan
Lecce Tickets - - -
Monza Tickets - - -
Napoli Tickets San Paolo Stadium - San Paolo Stadium Seating Plan
Salernitana Tickets - - -
Sassuolo Tickets - - -
Torino Tickets Olympic Grande Torino Stadium - Olympic Grande Torino Stadium Seating Plan

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