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Buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets for the Super Lig game being played on 14 Apr 2024 at Vodafone Arena. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Super Lig tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Super Lig tickets!

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Buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets for the Super Lig game being played on 14 Apr 2024 at Vodafone Arena. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Super Lig tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Super Lig tickets!

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Super Lig Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets

Get prepared for a jaw-dropping clash as Besiktas confronts Samsunspor in the Super Lig, and the Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticketshave reached the top level! All fans of football are dying to see this Football showdown, and no Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticket season ticketsis hotter than that. Whether you are a loyal fan or just want to be part of a thrilling sporting event, you should grab a Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticket right away.

In the stadium, the atmosphere is expected to be exciting because these two teams will do everything to win. Hurry up to enjoy the action – buy the Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticket season ticketsor one-game passes for the Besiktas vs Samsunspor football game and take part in the vivid soccer action! Therefore, confirm your Besiktas vs Samsunspor soccer ticketstoday!

Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets Pricing for Super Lig

If you are a fanatic about attending the epic Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. match in the Super Lig, you may want to know the Besiktas vs Samsunspor soccer ticketsprices. The Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticket pricessoccer matches could be affected by several factors, such as the seating area, the significance of the match, or ticket availability.

Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. Match and pricing information in Super Lig

Here's a breakdown of the Besiktas vs Samsunspor season ticket priceto help you plan your attendance:

Single Match Tickets: For fans who want to watch the uncertainty of this grand match, single-match tickets are available at different Besiktas vs Samsunspor football ticket prices. While tickets for Besiktas vs Samsunspor football games usually range from $30 to $100 for stand tickets, the premium seats tend to command a higher price.

Season Tickets: Besides those staunch fans that are going to support the club throughout the season, the club also offers season tickets. Besiktas vs Samsunspor soccer ticket prices matches may have a wide range, mainly determined by the package that one chooses and the number of matches that one is entitled to. Depending on the seat type and package chosen, the season tickets can cost you from $300 to $800 and up to $1,500 or more for VIP or premium seating.

VIP and Hospitality Packages: The VIP and hospitality packages are also available to ensure that every single fan has the best matchday experience possible. Such compounds usually comprise additional privileges, including access to private lounges, premium seating, and free food and drinks. A VIP Pack to watch Besiktas vs Samsunspor may cost from $200 and go up to $500 or more per head, depending on the inclusivity.

Early Bird Discounts: Some clubs offer the early-bird discount to their fans who get their Besiktas vs Samsunspor football tickets in advance in order to make the loyal fans happy. The discounts can vary from single-game passes to whole season tickets, therefore, stay informed or alert for every promo that is offered.

The average Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. ticket priceon the market can be changed due to the fans' demand, the team's performance and the competition's round. The authenticity of the ticket prices and availability is ensured only on the official Besiktas F.C. or Samsunspor F.C. websites and authorized ticketing platforms. So, it's better to visit official websites or authorized ticketing platforms to get the updated and reliable information on the pricing and availability.

Don't let the possibility pass you to be among those who all are going to participate in the thrilling Besiktas vs Samsunspor football battle in Super Lig – book your Super Lig Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticketsin advance and be certain you can attend this breathtaking match.

Samsunspor matches in Super Lig

Date Teams
29th January, 2024 Istanbulspor vs Samsunspor
2nd February, 2024 Samsunspor vs Galatasaray
12th February, 2024 Samsunspor vs Antalyaspor
19th February, 2024 Gaziantep FK vs Samsunspor
26th February, 2024 Samsunspor vs Caykur Rizespor
4th March, 2024 Istanbul Basaksehir vs Samsunspor
10th March, 2024 Samsunspor vs Ankaragucu
17th March, 2024 Hatayspor vs Samsunspor
3rd April, 2024 Samsunspor vs Pendikspor
7th April, 2024 Besiktas vs Samsunspor
14th April, 2024 Samsunspor vs Adana Demirspor
21st April, 2024 Kasimpasa vs Samsunspor
28th April, 2024 Samsunspor vs Trabzonspor
5th May, 2024 Konyaspor vs Samsunspor
12th May, 2024 Samsunspor vs Alanyaspor
19th May, 2024 Fatih Karagumruk vs Samsunspor

About Besiktas vs Samsunspor in Super Lig

The upcoming fixture of Besiktas vs. Samsunspor in the Super Lig is a match of great interest that is always fraught with high conflict views. These two teams, whose very different supporters from both ends of the Turkish football fans, are like yin and yang; they bring their own strengths and history to the field. The Besiktas vs Samsunspor game is not only about contests, but it is a fight for supremacy, honor and the points in one of the most important football leagues in Turkey.

History of Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. in Super Lig

The past moments of Besiktas vs Samsunspor in the Super Lig are full of memorable matches and beautiful moments that keep the fans at the edge of their seats. Besiktas, who play their matches in Istanbul, are one of the most distinguished clubs with a long glorious past and a strong fan support. While Trabzonspor, based in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, has had its share of victories and is famous for its strength, Samsunspor, with its roots in the Black Sea city of Samsun, has also had its moments.

These two teams have been in the Super Lig before competing against each other several times, which has created a rivalry that is for the fans breathtaking and looks forward to it. The matches have had the goals of true beauty, dramatic comebacks and battles of the fury on the field. The history that has been formed between Besiktas and Samsunspor is a proof of the ambitiousness of Turkish football players.

Fixtures in Super Lig

The Super Lig fixtures are carried on the shoulders of football lovers every season, as their decision determines the time and place where Besiktas and Samsunspor will encounter each other on the field. Such perennial pieces of news make fixtures available before the season starting, where fans can set their tables and prepare to attend the matches.

Here is the Besiktas vs Samsunspor tablethat shows Besiktasvs Samsunspor fixtures:

Date Teams
7th April, 2024 Besiktas vs Samsunspor

These fixtures will see the two teams battling it out for supremacy, and fans can expect thrilling football action.

Results in Super Lig

Besiktas and Samsunspor have already experienced the success of winning and facing the challenge of losing during the Super Lig matchups. Every game becomes another page in this story for their supporters who cannot wait to share the results with their friends. The effect of that outcome is paramount in deciding the league standings and the direction the season takes.

Here are the recent Besiktas vs Samsunspor results:

Besiktas Samsunspor
Total 6 6
Won 4 1
Lost 1 4
Tied 1 1

These results showcase the unpredictability and competitiveness of their matches, where anything can happen on the football pitch.

Champion History and Champions List in Super Lig

The Super Lig has a storied history of champions, with Besiktas and Samsunspor both striving for glory. Here is a list of Super Lig champions over the years:

  • 2022-2023 – Galatasaray
  • 2021-2022 – Trabzonspor
  • 2020-2021 – Besiktas
  • 2019-2020 - Istanbul Basaksehir
  • 2018-2019 – Galatasaray
  • 2017-2018 – Galatasaray
  • 2016-2017 – Besiktas
  • 2015-2016 - Besiktas

Besiktas and Samsunspor are very prestigious teams and they have on many occasions celebrated the championship of the Super Lig. This struggle will continue to attract the attention of football supporters from Turkey and abroad. The Feud between these two teams makes the game more interesting and enjoyable, which means the spectators don't want to miss their games.

In the end, the Besiktas vs Samsunspor in the Super Lig is not only a football match, but, it is a collision of history, blood and willpower. Such matches and the outcomes of them bring forward those moments which one will never ever forget and which are added into the treasury of Turkish football. With every upcoming clash, the rivalry of Besiktas vs Samsunspor in the Super Lig will continue to grow, and football fans from all over the world will remain hooked onto the epic battle.

Offers for Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets in Super Lig

As to the FIFA fans who wish to get the cheap Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets games, there are a number of platforms and offers where you can find and purchase the tickets. This range of options will guide you to the best deals and you will catch the attractive game without parting with your money.

Offers in Super Lig

Early Bird Discounts: As a rule, a number of SPL teams, for example, Besiktas and Samsunspor, give fans the opportunity to buy their SuperLig Besiktas vs Samsunspor soccer tickets in advance of the game at a discounted price. These discounts mean savings that are very considerable, so that this is the place of choice of fans who are on a budget.

Season Ticket Packages: By buying part of the season ticket you can attend all the matches together with many others and including the Besiktas and Samsunspor matches. A big advantage of season package tickets is frequency discount, i.e. the Besiktas vs Samsunspor soccer tickets pricecan be lower if you purchase a season ticket package.

Membership Benefits: While some Super Lig teams offer membership packages with many benefits including access to buy game tickets at a discount for some games. Be sure to verify whether Samsunspor and Besiktas have such offers allowing you to buy the football tickets for a reduced price

Group Discounts: You can also explore the possibility of a group offer if you plan to illustrate the game with your friends or family members. The Super Lig clubs might offer discounted rates for group purchases of the tickets, which you may get after per-person cost diminishing.

Comparison of Tickets for Super Lig

For ensuring that you make reasonable purchases of Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets in the Super Lig, it is paramount that you compare Besiktas vs Samsunspor football tickets priceacross different sources. Here's a comparison chart highlighting different ticket options:

Ticket Type Average Price Range Offers and Discounts Availability Purchase Method
Early Bird Tickets $XX - $XX (e.g., $30 - $50) Early booking savings Limited quantity Club website and outlets
Season Tickets $XXX - $XXX (e.g., $300 - $800) Season-long access Limited availability Club website
Membership Discounts Variable Exclusive perks Select matches Club membership
Group Discounts Variable (e.g., $20 - $40 per person) Group savings Group bookings Club website and outlets
Online Ticketing $XX - $XX (e.g., $40 - $70) Varies by platform Wide range Online ticketing websites
Resale Platforms Market-driven (varies widely) Limited offers Variable Resale platforms
Local Outlets Varies by location Varies by store Local availability In-person purchase

The comparison of these methods will help you find the best and cheapest way to purchase the Super Lig Besiktas vs Samsunspor football tickets, thus providing you the opportunity to witness a fantastic Super Lig game. Make sure you have a look of any ongoing promotions or discounts to optimize your savings and at the same time enjoy your favorite football tournament.

How to Buy Tickets for Super Lig Using 1 Box Office

Buying tickets for Super Lig matches, such as Besiktas vs. Samsunspor, can be an exciting experience for football fans. One convenient and reliable platform for purchasing these tickets is "1 Box Office." So, how to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets? Here are the steps on how to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor away ticketsusing 1 Box Office:


Visit the 1 Box Office Website
Start by opening your web browser and navigating to the official 1 Box Office website. You can do this by entering "" into your browser's address bar.


Search for Super Lig Tickets
Once you are on the 1 Box Office website's homepage, use the search bar or browse through the available matches to find the Super Lig fixture you are interested in, in this case, Besiktas vs. Samsunspor.


Select Your Tickets
After locating the match, click on it to view the available ticket options. You will typically see different seating categories and ticket prices. Choose the tickets that best suit your preferences and budget.


Add to Cart and Checkout
Once you have selected your desired tickets, add them to your cart. Review your selections to ensure they are accurate, and then proceed to the checkout page. So, book Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets now!


Provide Personal Details
So, how to get Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets? To complete your ticket purchase, you will need to provide personal information such as your name, contact details, and billing address. Ensure that the information you provide is accurate.


1 Box Office accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards and sometimes alternative payment options like PayPal. Select your preferred payment method and enter the required payment details to finalize the transaction.


Confirmation and Delivery
After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation of your ticket purchase. Depending on the delivery options available, you can choose to have your Super Lig Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. tickets delivered to your address or opt for electronic tickets (e-tickets) that can be printed at home or accessed via a mobile app.

Where to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. tickets

When looking to buy tickets for Super Lig matches, there are several options available, including:

Official Club Websites: Besides, Besiktas and Samsunspor have their own sites where you can buy tickets for Besiktas vs Samsunspor matches through the online platform. This way, the club is sure of its authenticity and also receives support directly.

1 Box Office: As stated earlier, 1 Box Office is the trustworthy ticketing portal that presents you the Super Lig tickets from a plethora of options. They are user-friendly and normally have the variety of payment methods and shipping methods.

Online Ticketing Websites: You can purchase Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets onlineon many online ticket buying platforms, which are expert in selling sports tickets. These platforms could have a wide range of seating options with ticket prices that are lower than some of the other platforms

Why 1 Box Office Is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

1 Box Office is considered the best place to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticketsfor several reasons:

Wide Selection: 1 Box Office Super Lig ticket collection features different match selections and seating options so you do not have to miss out on any match of your choice.

Reliability: The platform has been praised and trusted for its reliability and dependability. They give a priority to customer care and make sure that all callbacks are legit.

Convenience: User-friendly website will ensure that purchasers can locate, choose and buy tickets fast. The checkout procedure is simple and they mostly provide two or more ways of payment.

Customer Support: Box Office is a very responsive support team, which is always ready to assist with any question or issue during ticket purchase.

Secure Transactions: They highly value your security of all the personal information and your payment details and provide a guarantee that your ticket buying process is safe and secure.

Generally, 1 Box Office is such a platform for buying the best Besiktas vs Samsunspor ticketseasily and reliably that can be used by football fans as there is a necessity to attend matches like Besiktas vs.Samsunspor.

Tips to Buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets

Concerning the issue of having Besiktas, I should mention that it is non-discriminatory. To purchase an online ticket, 1 Box Office is your first priority. As a matter of fact, there are several benefits of the site that turn it into the best one to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. tickets. Here are some key advantages:

Wide Selection: 1A Box Office creates an access to a wide variety of Besiktas with. Samsunspor ticket options to meet your plans and choices, leaving your wallet safe and uncompromised. So is the major reason for the consideration of the site to be the best site to buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor tickets.

Convenience: The 1 Box Office purchasing tickets online is designed for ease of use. This way you can buy Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. away tickets onlinefrom your home using your computer or smartphone which will save you time and money that you would have used to go to the physical ticket outlets or box office.

User-Friendly Interface: The venue provides a simple and straightforward platform, which will be accessible for all types of users, the novices and experienced ones, to navigate through the website and choose their tickets.

Secure Transactions: 1 Box Office, a commitment to the security of your personal and payment details is of paramount importance. In the event that you are looking to obtain Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. away tickets online, you have to ensure that the website's security measures are reliable, and 1 Box Office is esteemed for its diligence in data security.

Reliable and Legitimate Tickets: The fact that 1 Box Office is famous for selling legit and valid tickets is probably one of the most important features of this company. You do not have to worry whether you purchase these tickets or not because the tickets you purchase will be for the match of your choice.

Flexible Payment Options: The system is likely to show more than one way of payment, such as debit/credit cards as well as PayPal, so you can use the method that fits for you.

Customer Support: Customer Support at Box Office is simply excellent, you are likely to be provided with great guidance when you have any ticket-buying issue. The staff who attend to customers in a timely manner to solve your queries is their swift customer service team.

Delivery Options: You can select from different delivery options of 1 Box Office, for instance, e-tickets (electronic tickets) which can be printed at home or viewed by your mobile app, and also physical ticket delivery to the address you specified.

Competitive Prices: The main aim of the platform is to deliver tickets that are not only genuine but also reliable. Besides, the platform often offers you a competitive Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. ticket prices, again, ensuring that you get value for your money.

Cost of Besiktas vs Samsunspor Tickets

The cost of the tickets for Samsunspor can differ greatly depending on some important factors. And so, how much are Besiktas vs Samsunspor F.C. tickets? As a rule, a single match ticket for such an exciting Super Lig game costs from 30 to 100 dollars. However, it's essential to note that prices can fluctuate based on the following factors:

Why the Ticket Cost Variation

  • Seating Category: Ticket prices often ranges from the category of seating within the stadium. Some of the premium or VIP seats are more expensive as compared to the common seating areas.
  • Match Significance: Besiktas vs Samsunspor match importance may influence the Besiktas vs Samsunspor season tickets prices. In the case of high-stakes matches, like crucial league matches or cup finals, prices may be higher as demand increases.
  • Availability: The tickets availability for a particular match also affects their cost. Tickets for sold-out matches or those having limited availability are sold at a higher price on secondary markets.
  • Timing: Buying the tickets ahead of time, during the time of early bird promotions, may well save one some money. In contrast, it is possible that late shopping will be accompanied by higher prices.
  • Package Deals: Tickets for season, which gives fans the opportunity to attend several matches, may be more cost effective than purchasing single match tickets.

Top Matches Insights

Besiktas vs. Samsunspor is unquestionably one of the brightest stars of the Super Lig that shines due to its historical value and the competitive atmosphere it creates. However, it's necessary to mention that all the teams in the league attract huge attention and there may be different prices for the tickets. undefined

Istanbul Derbies: The games between Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce – the three biggest Istanbul clubs – create an atmosphere of grand enthusiasm and high ticket sales. The tickets for such matches are generally on the more expensive side.

Title Deciders: With the Super Lig season proceeding, these contests that can possibly decide the champions tend to see an increase in ticket demand and pricing, especially during the final stages of the season.

Cup Finals: Final matches, including Turkish Cup or Super Cup, are the most honorable events in Turkish football. The tickets for such finals can be quite sought after and can also be expensive ones.

International Competitions: Ticket price for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches, when Turkish clubs participate in them can also be affected by the prestige of the tournament and the opponents.

Matches & Stadiums in Besiktas and Samsunspor Teams in Super Lig

The Super Lig, the highest football league in Turkey, is famous for the thrill and fervor of its games and the marvelous arenas. Let's explore the matches and the stadiums that make the Super Lig a fervent and lively football spectacle.

Matches in Super Lig

The Super Lig involves a competition in which 21 teams are competing against each other for the entirety of the season. The teams play 38 matches and face every other team twice - once at home and once away. The league is usually operated from August to May; with a winter break.

Here's a glimpse of the Super Lig match format:

Total Teams 21
Total Matches 380 (38/team)
Season Duration August to May
Round-Robin Format Yes
Home and Away Yes
Relegation System Yes
Title Deciders Yes

The Super Lig is known for its intense rivalries, particularly among Istanbul's big three clubs: Besiktas, Galatasaray, and Fenerbahce. Matches between these teams, often referred to as Istanbul derbies, are highly anticipated and electrifying, drawing immense fan interest both domestically and internationally.

Stadium Details in Super Lig

Super Lig boasts a collection of impressive stadiums that add to the atmosphere and excitement of matches. Here are some noteworthy stadiums in the Super Lig, along with their seating capacities:

  • Vodafone Park (Besiktas):
    • Location: Istanbul
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 42,190
    • Notable Features: Home to Besiktas JK, this stadium is renowned for its passionate fanbase and the iconic eagle statue at the entrance.
  • Turk Telekom Stadium (Galatasaray):
    • Location: Istanbul
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 52,223
    • Notable Features: Home to Galatasaray SK, this stadium has a vibrant atmosphere, and matches here are known for their intensity.
  • Sukru Saracoglu Stadium (Fenerbahce):
    • Location: Istanbul
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 50,530
    • Notable Features: Home to Fenerbahce SK, this stadium offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and is known for its passionate supporters.
  • Kadir Has Stadium (Samsunspor):
    • Location: Samsun
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 33,919
    • Notable Features: Home to Samsunspor, this stadium provides an authentic Turkish football experience.
  • Timsah Arena (Bursaspor):
    • Location: Bursa
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 45,000
    • Notable Features: Home to Bursaspor, this stadium is known for its unique crocodile-shaped architecture.
  • Ali Sami Yen Stadium (Trabzonspor):
    • Location: Trabzon
    • Seating Capacity: Approximately 24,169
    • Notable Features: Former home of Trabzonspor, this historic stadium holds a special place in Turkish football history.

These stadiums not only host domestic league matches but also serve as venues for international competitions, creating an unforgettable football experience for fans across the globe. The Super Lig's combination of thrilling matches and iconic stadiums makes it a must-watch for football enthusiasts worldwide.

FAQs about Besiktas vs Samsunspor Super Lig Match Tickets

  • You can purchase tickets for the Besiktas vs. Samsunspor Super Lig match through various channels. The most common methods include official club websites, authorized ticketing platforms, and sometimes local ticket outlets. Online ticketing websites and platforms like 1 Box Office may also offer tickets for this exciting fixture.
  • The match is scheduled to happen on 7th April, 2024.
  • Ticket prices for the Besiktas vs. Samsunspor match can vary based on factors such as seating category, match significance, and availability. On average, single-match tickets typically range from $30 to $100. For precise pricing, check the official club websites or authorized ticketing platforms.
  • The timing of ticket sales for Besiktas vs. Samsunspor and other Super Lig matches typically varies by club and season. Tickets are usually available for purchase well in advance of the match date, with early bird discounts often offered for early buyers. Keep an eye on official announcements from the respective clubs or ticketing platforms for the exact sale dates.
  • The best way to secure Besiktas vs. Samsunspor tickets is to plan ahead and purchase them from reliable sources. Official club websites and authorized ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office are dependable options. Additionally, consider early bird discounts and season ticket packages for cost-effective choices.
  • The cost of Besiktas vs. Samsunspor soccer tickets can vary depending on factors like seating category and match significance. On average, single-match tickets typically range from $30 to $100, with pricing subject to change based on demand and other factors. Be sure to check the most current ticket prices when making your purchase.

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Ankaragucu Tickets - - -
Besiktas Tickets Vodafone Arena Istanbul Vodafone Arena Seating Plan
Fenerbahce Tickets Sukru Saracoglu Stadium - Sukru Saracoglu Stadium Seating Plan
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