Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

Super Lig

04 November 2023


Sukru Saracoglu Stadium

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Buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets for the Super Lig game being played on 05 Nov 2023 at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Fenerbahce tickets!

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Buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets for the Super Lig game being played on 05 Nov 2023 at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Fenerbahce tickets!

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Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

The fight for the top spot in the league is on as Fenerbahce clashes with Trabzonspor in the Super Lig! Missing the showdown of the goliaths at the arena is not an option for you as you get your Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticketsnow. Whether you are an ardent fan or just enjoy watching the best football on the planet, this game will not disappoint with unforgettable, edge-of-your-seat moments.

There is no doubt that between outstanding goals and bitter rivalries the match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor is always a thriller. Be there to see the game with Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticket season ticketsor Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor football tickets, you will be part of this roaring crowd and see how Turkish football could be at its best.

Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets pricing for Super Lig

In terms of obtaining your Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor soccer ticketsfor the Super Lig, the price is dependent on a number of factors like where your seat is located, the importance of the match, and the availability. Usually, for the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticket pricesrange from $20 to $100 or even more for the premium seats. Nevertheless, it should be kept in mind that these Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor football ticket prices may be different that could be influenced by the demand and other external factors.

Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. Match and pricing information in Super Lig

For these people, season tickets with the best value and ease of use are a very good choice. The average Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor soccer ticket pricesis usually between $200 – $500, which grants the fans the opportunity to enjoy all the home matches of the rival teams at a discounted rate compared to buying individual tickets for every game of the season.

Here's a breakdown of theaverage Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. ticket pricefor the Super Lig:

  • Standard Single Match Tickets:
    • General Admission: $20-$50
    • Mid-Level Seats: $40-$80
    • Premium Seats: $60-$100+
  • Season Ticket Packages:
    • Basic Package (General Admission): $200-$300
    • Standard Package (Mid-Level Seats): $300-$400
    • Premium Package (Premium Seats): $400-$500

Note that the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor season ticket pricestated above are an approximate figure which may change depending on the type of match, stadium, or other factors. Furthermore, the chance of getting false or counterfeit ones is almost zero if you buy your Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor football tickets from the official sources. Look at the official websites of the clubs or authorized ticket vendors for the most current and actual prices of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. matches in the Super Lig.

Trabzonspor matches in Super Lig

Date Teams
19/05/2024 Trabzonspor vs Ankaragücü
12/05/2024 Trabzonspor vs İstanbul Başakşehir
05/05/2024 Trabzonspor vs İstanbulspor
28/04/2024 Trabzonspor vs Samsunspor
21/04/2024 Trabzonspor vs Gaziantep F.K.
14/04/2024 Trabzonspor vs Kayserispor
07/04/2024 Trabzonspor vs Sivasspor
03/04/2024 Trabzonspor vs Konyaspor
17/03/2024 Trabzonspor vs Fenerbahçe
10/03/2024 Trabzonspor vs Fatih Karagümrük
03/03/2024 Trabzonspor vs Alanyaspor
25/02/2024 Trabzonspor vs Adana Demirspor
18/02/2024 Trabzonspor vs Pendikspor
12/02/2024 Trabzonspor vs Hatayspor
04/02/2024 Trabzonspor vs Beşiktaş

About Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor in Super Lig

Turkish Super Lig match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor is a greatly expected encounter not only for Turkish football but also for Turkish football as a whole. The two teams are historically rich, have loyal and passionate fans, and add up a bit of the flavor with their rivalry that increases the intensity in the field. These two teams traditionally deliver exciting scenes and unforgettable suspense, therefore, these games are sought-after events for football fans all over the world.

History of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. in Super Lig

Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor rivalry has got a long history of almost a hundred years, with both teams being in the top-level of Turkish football during that time. During all these fightings they have had many battles that are worth remembering. They were ones both in-country and abroad. This competition is driven by the clubs' desires for glory and the keen fans bringing their loyalty to the game.

Fixtures in Super Lig

Here is the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tablethat shows the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor fixtures:

Date Teams
17th March, 2024 Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor

Results in Super Lig

Here are some recent Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor resultsfrom past encounters in the Super Lig:’

Fenerbahce Trabzonspor
Total 42 42
Won 18 10
Lost 10 18
Tied 14 14

Champion History and Champions List in Super Lig

The Super Lig has a rich history of champions, with both Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor having tasted success in the competition. Here's a list of Super Lig champions:

  • 2022-2023 – Galatasaray
  • 2021-2022 – Trabzonspor
  • 2020-2021 – Fenerbahce
  • 2019-2020 - Istanbul Basaksehir
  • 2018-2019 – Galatasaray
  • 2017-2018 – Galatasaray
  • 2016-2017 – Fenerbahce
  • 2015-2016 - Fenerbahce

While Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor are two important teams in Turkey, their involvement with the Super Lig history is noteworthy. They are each winners of the league trophy multiple times, and remain to be strong rivals of the league.

In the end, the red-blue rivalry between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor in the Super Lig is based on tradition, emotion and competitiveness. With the game rapidly progressing on the pitch, the fans are surely looking forward to more exciting encounters, and moments that will be remembered for a long time.

Offers for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets in Super Lig

Getting super cheap Fenerbahce and Trabzonsporticketsfor the epic match in the Super Lig will probably become a must-do for many fans. Several offers and platforms cater to fans looking for budget-friendly options to catch the action live:

  • Club Websites: Both Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor frequently advertise Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets price reductions on their official clubs websites for their home matches. Fans may follow these channels and enjoy the various promotional offers, such as early bird discounts and multi-games packages.
  • Third-Party Ticketing Platforms: Various third-party ticketing sites are involved in selling the Super Lig tickets which includes all matches between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor. Such platforms can frequently be the cheapest, with occasional discounts on Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor soccer tickets, but they are still favorite among fans seeking cheap deals.

Comparison of Ticket Prices:

Here's a comparison chart showcasing the average Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor soccer tickets pricein the Super Lig across different platforms:

Platform Average Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. ticket price
Club Websites $30 - $60
Third-Party Platforms $25 - $55
Early Bird Discounts $20 - $50

How to Buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets via 1 Box Office

If you want to check out and get tickets for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor match in the Super Lig, 1 Box Office has made it easy and comfortable to book for your seats. So, how to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticket? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy tickets through 1 Box Office:


Launch the Website:
Open the browser of your choice and in the address bar, type "1boxoffice.com" to access our website.


Finding Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets:
Use the search bar or go through the soccer tickets section which will lead you to the match in the Super Lig that is coming up between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor.


Pick Your Seats:
Once you locate the best match, pick the number of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor football tickets you are going to purchase. Then, select the desired seat or area.


Ticket Options Review:
Scan through the list of Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor football tickets options such as the preferred seating category, the pricing structure, and any applicable special offers or discounts.


Put in Cart and Checkout:
Now when you've picked your tickets select the "Add to Cart" button and checkout page will open. Please examine the order summary with the selected tickets and the total amount before proceeding to checkout.


Provide Your Billing and Contact Details:
So, how to get Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticket? Now fill in the blanks, which are your billing details, like the name, address, email and phone number, as well as any additional information needed for the delivery of the ticket or pickup.


Complete the Payment:
Select your preferred payment type and follow the instructions to fill your personal details regarding your payment securely. Make sure the total amount due is what you entered and hit the 'buy now' button to finalize the transaction. Lastly, book Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets now!


Get a confirmation:
Once you complete the payment process, you will receive a confirmation email or get a digital ticket confirmation from the 1 Box Office. It is advisable to retain the confirmation in your possession, as the same will help you enter the match!

Where to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. tickets

Season tickets for Fenerbahce against Trabzonspor can be bought via different sales channels, such as the club`s own website, third-party ticket websites, and authorized resellers. At the same time, you can buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor away ticketsmatches through 1 Box Office, which is considered to be the best place to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets.

Why 1 Box Office is the best place to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

1 Box Office stands out as the bestplace to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticketsfor several reasons:

Reliability: 1 Box Office is the most reliable and credible ticketing platform, it has gained widespread trust which is shown through the delivery of real tickets to the customers all over the world.

Wide Selection: Through partnership with a variety of ticket providers, 1 Box Office gives fans a large number of choices for Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C.tickets, that is why their seats may be fit to some preferences and in some cases budget.

Secure Transactions: Buying the tickets for Super Lig Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. on the 1 Box Office is safe and secure, thanks to higher level encryption technology together with the effective payment process of your personal and the financial information.

Customer Support: 1 Box Office gives the all round customer support services to deal with any questions or problems regarding ticket purchases, which is aimed to keep the sale process running smooth for customers.

In the end, if you want to get the best Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor ticketsmatches in Super Lig, 1 Box Office provides the optimal platform with its intuitiveness and dependability plus the wide choices of ticket options, which will be your ideal choice.

Tips for Buying Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

If you're planning to buyFenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. away tickets onlinein the Super Lig, here are some tips to ensure a smooth and satisfying ticket-buying experience:

Choose a Reliable Platform: Rather than relying on potentially faulty ticket sources, use well-known platforms such as 1 Box Office, which is trusted by fans and known to provide genuine tickets for different sports events.

Early Booking: Stick to your ticket purchasing schedule and purchase tickets early on, otherwise you may not get to watch the games such as Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor that are highly in-demand. Booking early in advance can also use to secure good location and the possibility of getting discounts on tickets.

Compare Prices: Before you can purchase an entrance ticket, you need to look out for comparison of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. ticket prices to make sure you don't over pay. Amongst many things, affordability is key to selecting the best platforms; however, platforms that offer matching rates and a sense of dependability are the best choices. The fact that it is the best is a reason why it’s the best. That’s the reason why it is considered to be the best site to buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets.

Check for Discounts: Take not of any promotional discount or special offers of tickets for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor. This could be a way of offering discounts in advance, for package deals, or via seasonal promotions, and that will save you some money on buying the ticket.

Review Seating Options: Take the time to go through the site map and select the seat that is most suitable for you given your wants and budget. Include factors like closeness to the field, the viewpoint, and the feeling in the stadium when answering.

Read Reviews: Before you buy your ticket, you should definitely read the reviews and testimonials from the other past users who had bought tickets from the platform. good comments demonstrate a reputable and satisfactory buy-ticket experience.

Advantages of Booking Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets from 1 Box Office:

Authenticity: 1. Box Office, as an authorized ticket provider, will ensure that the tickets you buy are genuine enabling you to have the confidence that, the tickets are real for the Fenerbahce vs. Trabzonspor match.

Convenience: Ticket buying for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor game online through 1 Box Office website will be a good alternative to visiting physical ticket stores. You can purchase your tickets anywhere you are without leaving home.

Wide Selection: The 1 Box Office boasts of different ticket alternatives that include seating which corresponds to your choice and preferences as well as budget.

Secure Transactions: We encrypted and secure all your information while you buy Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets onlineat 1 Box Office Tickets platform, guaranteeing your personal and financial data is safe.

Cost of Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

Ticket prices for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor match can range from low to high depending on a number of factors like seat location, match importance, or availability. So, how much are Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor F.C. tickets? In general, for the game that takes place in the Super Lig, a single-match ticket prices may range from $20 to $100 or more for premium seats. The price for season tickets for all matches will vary between $200 to $500 for the whole season.

Why the ticket cost variation information

Why with the variations of the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor season tickets pricesinformation:

  • Seat Location: Premium seats that are closer to the pitch commonly cost more since better viewing angles and better match day experience is offered.
  • Match Importance: Ticket prices may vary depending on the matches' importance like for derby matches and the matches that may decide the championship.
  • Availability: Limited ticket availability for big-league matches creates a demand-supply imbalance, thus pushing prices up as people fight for seats.

Top matches insights

The information from the best matches between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor frequently displays the fierce fight for the control of the pitch area where two teams fight for dominance. These games, in addition to enormous and engaged audiences, result in high levels of enthusiasm among fans, consequently leading to ticket price fluctuations. Moreover, the historical rivalries and outstanding moments of past matches have a significant influence on the choice of the spectators to attend the match as well as the pricing of tickets which raises the demand for the tickets.

Matches and Stadium Details in Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor Teams in Super Lig

The Super Lig, Turkey's top professional football league, features thrilling matches between some of the country's most prominent clubs. Here's an overview of the matches typically seen in the Super Lig:

Match Type Description
League Matches Regular season matches between all participating clubs, with each team facing each other twice, once at home and once away. These matches determine the league standings and eventual champions.
Derby Matches Highly anticipated matches between fierce rivals, such as Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray or Fenerbahce vs Fenerbahce. Derby matches are characterized by intense competition and passionate fan support.
Top Six Matches Matches between the top six teams in the league standings, often crucial in determining the title race and European qualification spots. These matches are pivotal in shaping the final league standings.
Relegation Battles Matches involving teams fighting to avoid relegation to the lower division. Relegation battles are tense affairs with significant implications for the future of the clubs involved.

Stadium Details in Super Lig

The Super Lig is played in various stadiums across Turkey, each with its own unique characteristics and atmosphere. Here are some details about some of the notable stadiums in the league:

Stadium Location Capacity Home Team(s)
Turk Telekom Stadium




Vodafone Park




Sukru Saracoglu Stadium




Konya Buyuksehir Stadium




Antalya Stadium




Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium



Istanbul Basaksehir

These stadiums provide the backdrop for thrilling matches in the Super Lig, offering fans an unforgettable experience as they support their favorite teams. From the historic venues in Istanbul to the modern facilities in other cities, Super Lig stadiums showcase the rich tapestry of Turkish football.

FAQs About Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor Tickets

  • Tickets for the Super Lig match between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor can be purchased through various platforms, including official club websites, third-party ticketing websites, and authorized resellers.
  • The match is scheduled to happen on 17th March, 2024.
  • Ticket prices for the Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor match can vary depending on factors such as seat location, match importance, and availability. Generally, prices range from $20 to $100 or more for premium seats.
  • The sale dates for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets are typically announced by the respective clubs or ticketing platforms closer to the match date. It's advisable to keep an eye on official club websites and ticketing platforms for sale announcements and updates.
  • The best way to get Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor tickets is to purchase them through reliable and authorized platforms such as official club websites or trusted third-party ticketing websites like 1 Box Office.
  • Ticket prices for Fenerbahce vs Trabzonspor soccer matches vary depending on factors such as seat category, match importance, and availability. Generally, prices range from $20 to $100 or more for premium seats.

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