Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets

La Liga

04 May 2024


Santiago Bernabeu

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Buy Real Madrid vs Cádiz CF tickets for the La Liga game being played on 04 May 2024 at Santiago Bernabeu. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Real Madrid vs Cádiz CF tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Real Madrid tickets!

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Buy Real Madrid vs Cádiz CF tickets for the La Liga game being played on 04 May 2024 at Santiago Bernabeu. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Real Madrid vs Cádiz CF tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Real Madrid tickets!

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La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets

Hold on tight as the main event of Real Madrid and Cádiz CF, two of the football giants, is about to kick off! The dream of having Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets is your pass to see football excellence at work. Whether you're a diehard fan of Real Madrid or simply looking for a stunning game experience, getting your Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF ticket is your chance to have an unforgettable time.

Whether you are looking for a Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF ticket season tickets or just a one-off game option, we have got your football passion in check. You don't need to miss the chance to be a part of the exciting and thrilling atmosphere and see some of the best players of the Spanish League (La Liga). Don't miss the opportunity to get your Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF football tickets right away and be a part of the action!

Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets Prices in La Liga

For those who are really interested to see a Real Madrid versus Cadiz CF F.C. football match in La Liga, it's very important to follow the ticket prices. The price for Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF soccer tickets can fluctuate according to several conditions, like the seat, the rank of the match, and the status of availability.

Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. Match and pricing information in La Liga

Here, we offer you an all-embracing insight into the La Liga match: Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF ticket prices.

  • Single Match Tickets:

    In general, one match tickets for Real Madrid vs. Cadiz CF is from around 50 to 200 euros or more depending of the seat category and the match importance. Spaces of the expensive seats, that are the closest to real action, usually have higher price.

  • Season Tickets:

    Attending Real Madrid - Cadiz CF derby games at the Santiago Bernabéu can be a budget-friendly choice for die-heart fans willing to attend multiple matches in a season. Ticket prices for season tickets can be quite diverse, starting from about €400 and peaking at €2,000 or above, for the premium seats.

  • VIP and Hospitality Packages:

    For the people who are seeking the extra level of experience, we have VIP and hospitality packages on offer, which include premium seating, chairs into VIP lounges, and catering services. Such packages prices are considerably higher than €500 per ticket and they are the most expensive type of a travel.

  • Average Ticket Price:

    Regular seats for Real Madrid vs Cadiz FC matches in La Liga in general are sold with the ticket price of €50-$150 on average. Nevertheless, what needs to be maintained is that prices may increase and decrease depending on factors such as the team's performance, the fans' rivalry and the stadium's capacity.

  • Additional Considerations:

    Additionally, ticket prices could possibly be affected by the tickets that are available on the secondary market or through official resale channels. Such prices may at times be above or below the prices officially charged depending on the demand/supply situation.

To make sure you will be able to purchase Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF football tickets on a good price you should visit that club official website and other ticket vendors as well as resale platforms before the match date. In this respect, prices may vary throughout the year and even from one game to another, so watch out for the most current information in order to save some money on La Liga football fan’s experience.

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Date Teams

3rd January, 2024

Granada vs Cadiz

14th January, 2024

Cadiz vs Valencia

19th January, 2024

Alaves vs Cadiz

28th January, 2024

Cadiz vs Athletic Bilbao

4th February, 2024

Villarreal vs Cadiz

11th February, 2024

Cadiz vs Real Betis

18th February, 2024

Osasuna vs Cadiz

25th February, 2024

Cadiz vs Celta Vigo

3rd March, 2024

Rayo Vallecano vs Cadiz

10th March, 2024

Cadiz vs Atletico Madrid

17th March, 2024

Real Sociedad vs Cadiz

31st March, 2024

Cadiz vs Granada

14th April, 2024

Cadiz vs Barcelona

21st April, 2024

Girona vs Cadiz

28th April, 2024

Cadiz vs Real Mallorca

5th May, 2024

Real Madrid vs Cadiz

12th May, 2024

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Almeria vs Cadiz

About Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF in La Liga

The match between Real Madrid and Cadiz CF F.C. is a crucial game of La Liga that brings two football forces having opposite trends in Spain to the stage. Real Madrid, one of the most iconic and successful clubs around the world, is going to play to Cadiz CF, a team with great traditions and a huge group of devoted fans.

History of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. in La Liga

The fights in La Liga that took place in the past are full of unforgettable moments and battles. Cadiz CF, although they are not as successful as Real Madrid, have been a team capable of defeating anyone and making themselves counted. undefined

  • Historical Battles: Over the years Real Madrid and Cadiz CF have competed against each other in some La Liga matches that have filled the history with competition dated back to decades ago. The meetings were the manifestation of the contradiction between the Real Madrid team with a galaxy of stars and the Cadiz CF team with determination.
  • Fixture Intensity: The fixtures between the two have always had a tremendous impact on the fans. The desire of Real Madrid for the league titles and Cadiz CF's resolve to always keep up with the La Liga add to the thrill of the matches.

Fixtures in La Liga

Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF game is one of the most expected and awaited football events for fans and football lovers themselves. These are the settings where football fans can enjoy seeing outstanding footballers showcasing their technical skills. It is to be noted that the fixture dates vary from season to season, but these games always keep the supporters of both clubs on the edge of their seats.

Here is the Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF table that shows the Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF fixtures:

Date Teams

5th May, 2024

Real Madrid vs Cadiz

Results in La Liga

The Real Madrid as well as Cadiz CF match in La Liga have had a different outcome in the past seasons. Real Madrid, who boast a longstanding reputation for being the giant of Spanish football, usually begin these games being seen as the favorites. In fact, sometimes Cadiz CF can show amazing results that indicate they are a club that can even fight with the heaviest champions of La Liga.

Here are the recent Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF results:

Real Madrid Cadiz CF
Total 10 10
Won 7 1
Lost 1 7
Tied 2 2

Champion History and Champions List in La Liga

La Liga has seen a great number of winners, but Real Madrid has been one of the most successful clubs of the league and their history. Their great tally of the championship titles in the league illustrates their superiority. Here is champions list:

  • Real Madrid – 35 times
  • Barcelona – 26 times
  • Atletico Madrid – 11 times
  • Valencia – 6 times
  • Athletic Bilbao – 8 times

The rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, known as "El Clásico", is one of the most important encounter in Liga BBVA and has been an important shaping factor of the history of this league.

The final outcome of the games played between Real Madrid and Cadiz C.F. in La Liga contains a lot of history, rivalry, and thrill. These stadiums still have the effect of allure on the football fans, and so they remain events that a person cannot afford to miss out, especially when talking of La Liga calendar.

Offers for Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets in La Liga

The fans of football are waiting for the occasions like Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF in La Liga and the best ticket offers exist to be found that will make the fixture day a memorable one. In this section, we examine various deals and sites fans might use to purchase La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets for what promises to be a thrilling clash of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF.

  1. Official Club Websites: On the websites of Real Madrid and Cadiz CF maintained up to date, the tickets of the upcoming match can be obtained. These platforms are always ready to start their promotions by offering early bird offers, season ticket packages, and exclusive deals for their members.
  2. Authorized Ticket Vendors: Beside the official website of Real Madrid and the sports agencies, there are authorized vendors who purchase Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets online. They may be partners with the clubs, offering their fans the opportunity to receive the special packages, discounts, and also the group rates.
  3. Season Ticket Holders: While some of the season ticket holders would at times sell the individual match tickets for the games they couldn't attend, the local club football teams would still have to compete against the big clubs because of their popularity. Using websites and forums from which you can purchase the La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF soccer tickets at competitive prices is a great way to get the tickets.

Comparison of Ticket Prices:

For those seeking the best deals, comparing ticket prices across different platforms is essential. Below is a comparison chart illustrating the potential differences in average Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. ticket price:

If you are a die hard supporter of Real Madrid and cannot bear the thought of missing the forthcoming La Liga match against Cadiz CF, then 1 Box Office is the right option for you. Therefore, how to buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets? Here is the step by step process to buy tickets online:

Platform Ticket Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF soccer tickets price Range Additional Offers
Official Club Websites €50 to €150 Early bird discounts, member benefits
Authorized Vendors €60 to €180 Group rates, special packages, promotions
Season Ticket Holders €50 to €200 Individual ticket sales, sometimes at face value
Resale Platforms €60 to €200 Variable Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF football tickets price, availability depends on sellers

How to Buy Tickets for La Liga Using 1 Box Office


Revisit the 1 Box Office Website
Get to the 1 Box Office site by typing "1 Box Office" into the search bar of your preferred browser or by just entering its URL into the address bar.


The hunt for Real Madrid vs Cadiz FC Tickets
Go to the 1 Box Office website, type in the keyword, and get the La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF football tickets. For instance, enter "Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets" or specify the match date and venue.


Scan Ticket Alternatives
The search is done and 1 Box Office will show the list of available tickets for the Real Madrid game against Cadiz CF. We may come up with different seating categories, varied price levels, or other offers.


Choose Your Seat According to Your Needs
Firstly, have a look at the tickets carefully, whether the seat location and pricing meet your requirement. Select the tickets you would like to purchase and you will be provided with more specific information like the seat map or any discounts that may be available.


Please add Tickets to your Cart.
Thus, Where to get Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets? After selecting your desired Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF La Liga football tickets, click the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons. Here you will be able to buy the tickets and they will be added to your cart.


Check your order
Before continuing, you need to double check the order of your ticket to make sure that all the information is correct. Ensure that the date and the match time, the number of seats, and the price are as per your preferences. Therefore, book Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets now!


Account Creation or Login
For finishing your purchase, you might have to sign up at the 1 Box Office website or login if you already have a user account. This is usually needed for the billing purposes and ticket delivery.


Make billing information available.
Input your payment data, including your payment method and shipping address. Provide your payment details and make sure you’re not having any issues as your transaction will be processed


Tick and Process the Payment
Please again go through the information you have submitted, and once you are ready, please go ahead and make the payment for your La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C tickets. Enter all the details on the screen as directed to ensure the transaction is done securely.


Be informed that you have been accepted and you will receive your tickets.
Once payment is verified, you'll get a confirmation of your order on your email. Furthermore, you'll be guided on how to access your tickets whether you want to use electronic or physical tickets

Where to buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. tickets

1 Box Office is a secure online ticket selling website to purchase the tickets of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF game. In addition to 1 Box Office, you can also consider the following options:

  • Official Club Websites: Check out the official Real Madrid and Cadiz CF websites for any ticket purchases that could be found there.
  • Authorized Ticket Vendors: The reliable sports bodies and licensed ticket vendors frequently present tickets for LaLiga matches.
  • Season Ticket Holders (Resale): Monitor the online sites and groups where season ticket holders may give up their tickets.

Why 1 Box Office Is the Best Place to Buy Tickets

1 Box Office is considered the best place to buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets for several reasons:

  • Wide Selection:

    1 Box Office provides a variety of tickets, ranging from stadium to lawn, enabling fans to select seats they consider comfortable and affordable.

  • Security:

    You can trade with 1 Box Office to enjoy a secure experience as this platform is connected to reliable payment processing methods to protect your data and finances.

  • Reliability:

    The site is well recognized for its reliability and a reputation in the ticketing area, so you get real tickets according to it.

  • Convenience:

    The hassle-free purchase of tickets can be made possible by 1 Box Office with its user-friendly interface and simple steps.

  • Customer Support:

    When customers have any problem or they are in need get more assistance, 1 Box Office often offer customer service to help buyers.

By logging on to 1 Box Office website, reading the terms and conditions, and considering it as your platform to purchase the best Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets for La Liga you can do it with confidence and ease.

Tips to Buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets Online

As far as buying tickets for Real Madrid against Cadiz is concerned, the best site to buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets emerges as the best one, and there are many reasons for this. Here are some key benefits to consider:

  • Wide Selection:

    1. Box office provides a variety of ticket categories to meet any need, from the top-of-the-line seats to the budget options so you can have the seats of your choice whether it's the premium seats, the economical ones or the specific part of the venue.

  • Secure Transactions:

    1. Box Office not only values the security of your personal and financial details but also ensures that it is protected from any hacker or cybercriminal. Their payments methods are trustworthy and developed with the security of your data in mind that bring you an easy and hassle free ticket purchase where you never have to be concerned.

  • Reliability:

    1 Box Office offers an excellent approach to ticket sales which is strongly supported by its reputation for reliability. Regardless of the tickets you purchase through this site, be it a single or a group, you are assured that they are genuine and you may use them as proof of entry to the Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF match.

  • Convenience:

    The 1 Box Office quickly and easily walking through the ticket purchasing process, which is a user-friendly interface that allows fans of various levels of experience to effortlessly find their way around and complete transactions.

  • Customer Support:

    If you face any difficulties while buying a ticket or you have any questions about your reservation, the 1 Box Office customer service team often stands at your disposal to help you quickly and productively.

  • Verified Sellers:

    Most of the ticket sellers on the 1 Box Office are verified as legitimate and reliable, which makes the openness of the platform even more trustworthy.

  • Transparent Pricing:

    1 Box Office is an option that provides the total price of tickets as well as any add-ons like service fees at one glance.

  • Special Offers:

    It may be dependent on specific circumstances and the availability that Box Office displays exclusive special offers and promotions that can be used for ticket discounts for the match Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. or they can acquire other benefits.

  • Availability:

    1 Box Office has a large number of tickets available, which also includes the tickets that have a greater demand like Real Madrid vs. Cadiz CF match. That implies you are going to pay for Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets online with higher success rate.

  • Instant Confirmation:

    Right after your buying is confirmed, Box Office sends a message with ticket confirmation which completely eliminates the last-moment worries about losing your tickets.

  • Delivery Options:

    The kind of ticket delivery that will be offered by 1 Box Office may be either electronic tickets (e-tickets) or physical ticket delivery, whatsoever your choice is and the address you specify.

Cost of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Tickets

The amount of money to pay for the ticket of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF match will rely on a number of parameters. Then, how much are Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF F.C. tickets? Examples of these factors are the seats location, match importance, and whether there are deals or promotions available. Primarily, a huge variation of ticket prices for this highly anticipated La Liga game is meant to satisfy a wide variety of budgets.

Why Ticket Cost Variation Occurs

  • Seat Location: First of all, the location of the seat is the most crucial factor affecting Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF season tickets prices. Seats with premium tickets that are located near the field tend to be more expensive because they offer an enhanced viewing experience.
  • Match Significance: The significance of the match plays a part in determining the price of tickets as well. Major competitions or cup matches against opponents tends to attract higher demand thus the tickets will become costly.
  • Availability of Season Tickets: The groups of season ticket holders may benefit from discounted amount for the whole season including Real Madrid against Cadiz CF. Hence, more choices with variable prices are provided for the committed fans.
  • Promotions and Special Offers: Ticket platforms occasionally put on the discount or special promotions; thus, the fans may be able to get the tickets at a lower price.

Insights into Some Top Matches

While the cost of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets can fluctuate, it's helpful to gain insights into other top matches in La Liga to understand the general pricing dynamics:

  • El Clásico (Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona):

    The tickets for the epic El Clásico fixture between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are among the priciest in the La Liga and this is because of their popularity worldwide and the intense animosity that surrounds the clash.

  • Derbies:

    Game tickets caught in the grip of the local rivals like the Madrid Derby (Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid) or Seville Derby (Sevilla FC vs Real Betis) usually are more expensive as they are game with high emotions and local pride.

  • Champion Contests:

    Sporting events in which top teams compete for the La Liga title or the qualification for European tournaments frequently have high ticket prices due to the fact that the results of these matches may well determine the final position of the teams in the league standings.

  • Historic Encounters:

    Tickets to a match between teams with historical relevance, or those with football stars can likewise lead to an increase in ticket costs, as spectators willing to be part of the memorable moments.

Hence, the price of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets is determined by numerous parameters, so the fans have to take in account not only their resources but also their preferences before choosing the seats. Learning the actual selling price for the other best La Liga games gives the ability to analyze the ticketing system and to support a decision-making process.

Matches and Stadium Details of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF Teams in La Liga

It is not only La Liga, the top-flight football league in Spain, but it contains a great deal of popular matches all season long. Here's an overview of the types of matches you can expect to see in La Liga:

  • Regular League Matches: With most of the turmoil and drama in these games, teams in La Liga have a standard league fixture where the 20 teams of the league play against each other in a home-and-away format. This gives each team 38 matches in a season.
  • El Clásico: Probably the most famous event in football and the most anticipated match across the world, the Clasico comes from the long standing rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. This is the time when the whole world watches the game breathlessly, and fans all over the world are in the same place with the identical emotions.
  • Derbies: La Liga is a home to some of the local derbies like El Madrid Derby between the Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, El Derbi de las Sevillanas played between Sevilla FC and Real Betis, and El Derbi Valenciano between Valencia CF and Levante UD which is just a few to mention. These tournaments are marked by providing an arena for intense rivals and a platform for die-hard fans.
  • Champion Contests: The clashes between the leaders battling for the title or the European Football League usually attract the most popular attention. Those matchups can be decisive in outlining the eventual league positions.
  • Historical Encounters: Some games have legendary status, having befallen such a high point in the past due to outstanding performances or legendary players. These games attract the fans who are ready to experience the genius of players and great moments on the field.

Stadium Details in La Liga

La Liga features a diverse range of stadiums, each with its own unique atmosphere and capacity. Here are some notable stadiums in La Liga:

Stadium Home Team Capacity Location Notable Features
Camp Nou FC Barcelona 99,354 Barcelona One of the largest stadiums in Europe, renowned for its passionate fan base and historic moments.
Santiago Bernabéu Real Madrid 81,044 Madrid The iconic home of Real Madrid, often referred to as the "White House," is known for its grandeur and rich history.
Wanda Metropolitano Atlético Madrid 68,456 Madrid A modern stadium with state-of-the-art facilities, it hosted the 2019 UEFA Champions League final.
Mestalla Valencia CF 53,000 Valencia Known for its intimidating atmosphere, Mestalla is one of Spain's oldest stadiums and has undergone several renovations.
San Mamés Athletic Bilbao 53,289 Bilbao Renowned for its unique design and passionate fans, it's one of the most iconic stadiums in Spain.
Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Sevilla FC 43,883 Seville An atmospheric stadium with a rich history, it is known for its passionate Sevilla supporters.
Coliseum Alfonso Pérez Getafe CF 17,393 Getafe A compact stadium that offers an intimate matchday experience and a distinct football culture.
Mendizorroza Deportivo Alavés 19,840 Vitoria-Gasteiz Renovated and modernized, it provides an intimate setting for matches and is known for its vocal home fans.

These stadiums differ in size, age, and the range of atmosphere associated with their fans. Alongside the giant Camp Nou and Santiago Bernabéu (under construction at currently the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium) there are other important stadiums like the Mestalla and Wanda Metropolitano where you will experience an authentic La Liga match.

Whether you are at the stadiums themselves or you just follow the events from afar, La Liga is about the vast variety of the football experience in Spain, which shows the power and the quality of the Spanish football.

FAQs About Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF La Liga Match Tickets

  • Tickets for the Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF La Liga match can be purchased through various channels. You can buy Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF away tickets online through official club websites, authorized ticket vendors, or specialized ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office. Additionally, season ticket holders or fan clubs may offer ticket purchasing options.
  • The match is scheduled to take place on 5th May, 2024.
  • Ticket prices for the Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF match can vary based on factors like seating category, match significance, and special offers. On average, ticket prices typically range from €50 to €150 or more for regular seating. Premium seats may be priced higher.
  • The timing of ticket sales for individual La Liga matches, including Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF, can vary. Tickets are typically made available for purchase well in advance of the match date. It's advisable to monitor the official club websites and ticket vendors for announcements regarding ticket sale dates.
  • The best way to secure Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF tickets is to purchase them through reputable sources. Official club websites, authorized ticket vendors, and well-known ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office are reliable options. Additionally, joining fan clubs or considering season tickets may provide access to tickets.
  • The cost of Real Madrid vs Cadiz CF soccer tickets can vary depending on factors mentioned earlier. On average, ticket prices for this match typically range from €50 to €150 or more for regular seating. Premium seats may have higher price points. To find the exact ticket prices, it's recommended to check official ticket sources closer to the match date.

La Liga   Teams Tickets

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