Rayo Vallecano Tickets

Rayo Vallecano Tickets

Rayo Vallecano Tickets

Looking to catch a thrilling Rayo Vallecano match in Spain? Your quest for “Rayo Vallecano tickets” ends here! At 1BoxOffice, we offer an unparalleled platform to buy Rayo Vallecano tickets hassle-free. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just looking for an exciting sporting event, securing your Rayo tickets with us ensures an unforgettable experience. Rayo Vallecano, a powerhouse in La Liga, promises adrenaline-pumping action and electrifying moments on the pitch. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness their mesmerizing gameplay live. Stay tuned as we guide you through the process of obtaining your coveted Rayo Vallecano tickets, making your football dreams a reality.

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About Rayo Vallecano tickets 2023/24

Rayo Vallecano Ticket Price

For fans eager to witness the thrilling matches of Rayo Vallecano, the average ticket price for a single match typically hovers around 55€ when available at 1BoxOffice. However, it’s essential to note that ticket prices can fluctuate depending on various factors such as the opponent, the significance of the match, and seating preferences. Despite these fluctuations, Rayo Vallecano has maintained a reputation for offering reasonably priced tickets, making it accessible to a diverse range of football enthusiasts.

Rayo Vallecano Stadium/Venue Information

Rayo Vallecano calls the iconic Estadio de Vallecas its home. Located in the heart of Madrid, this stadium has been the battleground for countless memorable football moments. The Estadio de Vallecas has a rich history dating back to its inauguration in 1976. With a seating capacity of over 14,500, it provides an intimate and passionate atmosphere for fans to support their beloved team.

The stadium’s unique charm lies in its proximity to the pitch, allowing spectators to feel the intensity of the game up close. The passionate Rayo Vallecano supporters, known as “Vallecanos,” create an electric ambiance, making every visit to the stadium a memorable experience. The Estadio de Vallecas is not just a venue; it’s a symbol of Rayo Vallecano’s deep-rooted connection with its community and a place where football history is written with each match.

The achievements of Rayo Vallecano

Over the years, Rayo Vallecano has achieved several remarkable milestones, solidifying its place in Spanish football history. Some of its notable accomplishments include:

  • Promotions and Relegations
    Rayo Vallecano has experienced multiple promotions and relegations between La Liga and the Segunda División, showcasing its resilience and determination to compete at the highest level.
  • Copa del Rey Success
    The club has had notable runs in the Copa del Rey, Spain’s premier domestic cup competition, reaching the quarter-finals and semi-finals on several occasions.
  • Player Development
    Rayo Vallecano has a reputation for nurturing talented players who often go on to excel in top European leagues. The club’s commitment to youth development has been a key part of its identity.
  • Memorable Matches
    The Estadio de Vallecas has witnessed numerous unforgettable matches, with Rayo Vallecano defeating some of Spain’s football giants, creating moments that are etched in the memories of fans.

Rayo Vallecano stadium/venue information

Estadio de Vallecas, nestled in the heart of Madrid, serves as the beloved home ground of Rayo Vallecano. With a seating capacity of approximately 14,500, this historic stadium offers an intimate and electric atmosphere for fans to support their team. Located at Calle del Payaso Fofó, 28018 Madrid, Spain, the stadium has been a witness to countless memorable football moments.

The stadium features distinct seating areas that contribute to its unique character. These include the Matthew Harding Stand or North Stand, the East Stand, the Shed End or South Stand, and the West Stand. Each section offers a different perspective of the action on the pitch, but all share in the passionate energy of the Vallecanos faithful.

In terms of reaching the stadium, there are various options available:

  • Public Transportation: Madrid boasts an efficient metro and bus network. Fans can easily access the stadium using these modes of public transport. The nearest metro station, Portazgo, is a short walk from the stadium.
  • Cycling: Madrid promotes cycling as an eco-friendly mode of transportation. Visitors can pedal their way to the stadium and take advantage of bicycle racks for secure parking.
  • Taxi or Ride-SharingTaxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available in Madrid. They offer a convenient way to reach the stadium, especially if you’re in a hurry.
  • Driving Bike/Car: For those preferring the flexibility of a car, driving to the stadium is an option. Parking facilities are available in the vicinity, but it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a spot, as matchdays can get crowded.

Estadio de Vallecas is not just a football venue; it’s a vibrant part of the local community, a place where the spirit of Rayo Vallecano thrives, and a must-visit destination for football enthusiasts exploring the heart of Madrid.

Rayo Vallecano team informatiom

Rayo Away/Home

Rayo Vallecano’s distinction between their home and away performances is a fascinating aspect of the club’s identity. At Estadio de Vallecas, they display a fiery brand of football, backed by passionate fans who create an electrifying atmosphere. The intimate stadium, with a capacity of around 14,500, ensures that spectators are close to the action. In contrast, Rayo’s away games present a unique challenge, as they often face formidable opponents in hostile environments. The club’s ability to adapt and perform on both fronts showcases their resilience and determination.

Rayo Rivalries and Competitors

Rayo Vallecano has its fair share of rivalries that add spice to their fixtures. The most intense rivalry is with Getafe CF, known as the “South Madrid Derby.” Matches between these two clubs are fiercely contested, and emotions run high. Another notable rivalry is with Atletico Madrid, as they share the city. These clashes, referred to as the “Madrid Derby,” are highly anticipated by fans. Competing against these rivals is a chance for Rayo to assert their presence in Madrid’s football landscape and secure bragging rights.

Rayo Season Tickets

Rayo Vallecano offers season tickets that cater to a wide range of fans. Prices for season tickets typically start at around 160€ and can go up to 660€, depending on various factors, including the age of the fan and the location of the seats within the stadium. This pricing strategy ensures that supporters of all ages and financial backgrounds have the opportunity to become season ticket holders. Season ticket holders enjoy the privilege of witnessing all home games, creating a strong bond between the club and its dedicated fan base.

Rayo Club Information

Rayo Vallecano is more than just a football club; it’s a symbol of the Vallecas neighborhood and its working-class roots. Founded in 1924, the club has a rich history of promoting social causes and community engagement. Rayo’s motto, “Proud to be Vallecas,” reflects its deep connection with the local community. The club’s commitment to youth development is another hallmark, with the Rayo Vallecano Youth Academy producing talented players who often go on to excel in top European leagues. Rayo’s blue and white stripes represent their identity, and their emblem, featuring a lightning bolt, signifies their speed and energy on the pitch.

Rayo Top Players Names

Over the years, Rayo Vallecano has been home to several notable players who have left an indelible mark on the club’s history. While the roster of top players is extensive, a few names stand out. Legends like Michel, who was both a player and a coach, left an enduring legacy. The likes of Piti, Míchel Macedo, and Roberto Trashorras are celebrated for their contributions on the pitch. Furthermore, Rayo’s commitment to nurturing young talents has produced stars like Álvaro Negredo and Michu, who went on to have successful careers in top European leagues. These players are not just stars; they are an integral part of Rayo Vallecano’s story, embodying the club’s spirit and passion for football.

Rayo Vallecano’s trophies

Rayo Vallecano’s trophy cabinet may not boast the glittering titles of some football giants, but its history is adorned with significant triumphs. In 1931-1932, they clinched the Workers Federation of Soccer title, highlighting their early commitment to the sport. Further regional successes followed, with the First Regional Division win in 1948-1949 and the Second Regional Division in 1940-1941. The Copa de Castilla and Madrid Cup victories in the 1950s and 1960s showcased their prowess in regional competitions. The Copa Ramón Triana triumphs in the early 1970s added more silverware to their collection, reflecting Rayo Vallecano’s enduring spirit and regional dominance.

How to buy Rayo tickets 2023/24


Visit 1boxoffice
Start by opening your web browser and visiting the official 1BoxOffice website. You can access it through your computer or mobile device.


Search for Rayo Vallecano Matches
Use the website’s search or navigation features to find upcoming Rayo Vallecano matches. Browse through the list to select the specific match you want to attend.


Select Your Seats
Once you’ve chosen a match, you’ll typically see a stadium seating map. Select your preferred seating area, taking into account factors like view, proximity to the pitch, and ticket price.


Add Tickets to Your Cart
After selecting your seats, click on the “Add to Cart” or equivalent button. This action adds the chosen tickets to your virtual shopping cart.


Review and Checkout:
Review your ticket selection in the cart. Ensure that the details, including match date, seats, and quantity, are accurate. If satisfied, proceed to the checkout page.

Rayo Vallecano Ticket Price Information 2023/24

Rayo Vallecano ticket prices can vary depending on several factors, including the opponent, the seating section within Estadio de Vallecas, and whether it’s a regular league match or a high-profile fixture. On average, single-match ticket prices typically range from around 25€ to 60€, with discounts available for children, students, and senior citizens. Season tickets, providing access to all home matches, can start at approximately 160€ and go up to 660€, depending on age and preferred seating location. These pricing structures ensure that fans of all ages and budgets have the opportunity to support Rayo Vallecano and enjoy live football action at their iconic stadium.

Season Stadium Average Ticket Price
2019-20 Estadio de Vallecas 43€
2021-22 Estadio de Vallecas 57€
2022-23 Estadio de Vallecas 50€
Frequently asked questions about purchasing Rayo Vallecano tickets
  • To buy Rayo Vallecano tickets through 1BoxOffice, simply visit our website, search for the desired match, select your seats, and proceed to the checkout, where you can provide billing and payment information. Follow the easy steps outlined on our platform to secure your tickets conveniently.
  • Ticket sale dates can vary depending on the specific match and competition. Typically, tickets for Rayo Vallecano matches go on sale well in advance of the game, allowing fans to plan ahead. Keep an eye on our website for announcements regarding ticket release dates.
  • Rayo Vallecano ticket prices vary depending on factors like opponent, seating location, and match significance. On average, single-match tickets can range from approximately 25€ to 60€, with season tickets starting at around 160€ and going up to 660€, taking into account age and seat preferences.
  • In some cases, it may be possible to purchase Rayo Vallecano tickets on the day of the match, particularly if they are not sold out in advance. However, to ensure availability and avoid disappointment, it’s generally recommended to buy tickets in advance, either through our website or at the official ticketing outlets.