Cadiz CF Tickets

Cadiz CF Tickets

Cadiz CF Tickets

If you’re a football/soccer enthusiast looking to catch a Cadiz CF match, securing your tickets is essential. To buy Cadiz CF tickets hassle-free, consider the convenience of 1BoxOffice. They provide a seamless platform for purchasing Cadiz tickets, ensuring you don’t miss out on the excitement. Whether it’s a crucial league fixture or an exhilarating cup match, 1BoxOffice offers a reliable solution to acquire your Cadiz CF tickets. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the live football action in Cadiz; grab your tickets through 1BoxOffice and witness the team’s electrifying performances firsthand. Enjoy the beautiful game with ease and enthusiasm, courtesy of 1BoxOffice’s ticketing services.

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About Cadiz CF tickets 2023/24

Cadiz CF Ticket Prices

For a thrilling Cadiz CF match, ticket prices typically range from 20€ to 60€, depending on your choice of seat location. The pricing structure takes into account factors such as the match’s significance, the opponent, and the proximity to the pitch. Generally, seats closer to the field, like those in the main stand or along the side-lines, tend to be on the higher end of the price scale due to their premium viewing experience. On the other hand, seats in the upper tiers or behind the goals often come at a more affordable rate, making it accessible for fans on a budget. You can easily purchase these tickets through 1boxoffice, ensuring a smooth and secure booking process.

Cadiz CF Stadium/Venue Information (Nuevo Mirandilla)

Cadiz CF calls the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla its home. This stadium is the hub of football excitement in Cadiz, offering a fantastic atmosphere for fans and players alike. The stadium’s capacity and modern facilities make it an ideal setting to watch live football. With a seating capacity of around 21,000, Nuevo Mirandilla ensures an intimate and electrifying environment where you can truly immerse yourself in the match.

Cadiz CF Achievements

Cadiz CF has a rich history in Spanish football, with several notable achievements to their name. While the club may have experienced ups and downs over the years, here are some key accomplishments as of my last update:

  • La Liga Promotion: Cadiz CF has earned promotions to La Liga, Spain’s top division, multiple times throughout its history, showcasing its competitive prowess.
  • Copa del Rey Success: Cadiz CF has had its fair share of memorable moments and victories against some of Spain’s football giants, solidifying its place in the hearts of passionate fans.

It’s important to note that the club’s achievements and performance in subsequent seasons can change, so I recommend checking the latest updates to get a comprehensive overview of their accomplishments in the most recent years.

Cadiz CF stadium/venue information

Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla serves as the proud home ground of Cadiz CF, providing a vibrant and passionate backdrop for their matches. With a capacity of approximately 25,000 spectators, this stadium offers an intimate yet exhilarating environment for fans to support their beloved team. Located at Av. Jose León de Carranza, s/n, 11011 Cádiz, Spain, it’s easily accessible and has become a focal point for football enthusiasts.

The stadium’s seating plan is thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse preferences of fans:

  • Matthew Harding Stand / North Stand: This section typically houses some of the most fervent supporters, creating an electrifying atmosphere as they cheer for their team.
  • East Stand: Providing excellent views of the pitch, the East Stand offers a comfortable and immersive experience for spectators.
  • Shed End / South Stand: Similar to the North Stand, this area is known for its passionate fans, adding to the overall excitement during matches.
  • West Stand: With a prime location, the West Stand is another great choice for those seeking a premium viewing experience.

For those planning to attend a match at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, here’s how to reach it:

  • Public Transportation: Utilizing the city’s public transportation system, including buses or trams, is a convenient and eco-friendly way to access the stadium. Cadiz CF often collaborates with local transport authorities to offer matchday shuttle services for fans.
  • Cycling: Cadiz is a bicycle-friendly city, and cycling to the stadium is not only environmentally conscious but also allows for a unique experience.
  • Taxi or Ride-Sharing: Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are readily available in the city and offer a convenient door-to-door option.
  • Driving Bike/Car: For those preferring personal vehicles, driving to the stadium is an option. Parking facilities are usually available in the vicinity, but it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a parking spot.

Cadiz CF team information

Cadiz Away/Home

Cadiz CF, based in the historic city of Cadiz in southern Spain, plays its home matches at the Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla. The stadium’s vibrant atmosphere, with a seating capacity of around 25,000, creates an unforgettable experience for both home and away fans. The team’s home matches are a celebration of football, drawing passionate supporters from the city and beyond. Away matches, on the other hand, present a unique challenge as the team competes in various cities across Spain, facing different atmospheres and opponents. Whether it’s the comforting embrace of their home ground or the excitement of away fixtures, Cadiz CF’s journey through the football season is a thrilling one.

Cadiz Rivalries and Competitors

Cadiz CF has rivalries that add intensity and drama to their matches. One of the most notable rivalries is with Sevilla FC, known as the Andalusian Derby. These clashes are emotionally charged, pitting Cadiz against one of Spain’s top clubs. Another fierce rival is Real Betis, making matches against these teams highly anticipated events. In addition to rivalries, Cadiz competes against various clubs in La Liga, showcasing their footballing prowess against teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. These encounters are eagerly awaited by fans and are opportunities for Cadiz to prove themselves on the national stage.

Cadiz Season Tickets

Cadiz CF offers a range of season ticket options, allowing fans to secure their spot at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla for the entire season. Season ticket prices vary depending on factors such as age and seat location. For example, season tickets for adults can range from 55€ to 360€, offering flexibility for different budgets. Younger fans, like children and teenagers, often enjoy discounted rates, making it an attractive option for families. The choice of seat location also affects the price, with premium seats typically commanding a higher cost. Season ticket holders enjoy the privilege of attending all home matches and being an integral part of the Cadiz CF community throughout the season.

Cadiz Club Information

Cadiz CF, founded in 1910, is one of the oldest football clubs in Spain. The club has experienced its fair share of highs and lows over the years, but its enduring presence in Spanish football showcases its resilience. Known as “Los Gaditanos,” the team has a deep connection with the city of Cadiz and its passionate football-loving residents. Throughout its history, Cadiz CF has demonstrated its potential to compete at the highest level, earning promotions to La Liga and making significant runs in domestic competitions. The club’s colors, yellow and blue, are proudly worn by players and fans alike. Cadiz CF’s commitment to their supporters and their contribution to the footballing heritage of Cadiz make them a cherished institution in Spanish football.

Cadiz Top Players Names over the years:
  • Kiko: A Cadiz CF legend, Kiko had a remarkable career with the club and went on to play for top teams like Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid
  • Vicente Pernía: Known for his versatility and skill, Pernía became an icon at Cadiz CF, earning praise for his performances on the pitch.
  • Raúl Lopez: This talented midfielder had a long and successful career with Cadiz CF, playing a crucial role in the team’s fortunes.
  • Alvaro Cervera: While primarily known as a manager, Cervera also had a playing career with Cadiz CF and later became instrumental in leading the team as a coach.

Cadiz CF trophies

Cadiz CF boasts a history of remarkable achievements in Spanish football. They secured promotion to the top-tier La Liga in memorable seasons like 2019-2020, 2004-2005, 1984-1985, 1982-1983, 1980-1981, and 1976-1977. Additionally, they earned promotions to the second division, Liga 2, in seasons including 2015-2016, 2008-2009, 2002-2003, 1969-1970, and 1954-1955. Notably, Cadiz became Spanish 2nd tier champions in 2004-2005 and 1939-1940, marking their dominance. Their historic journey includes promotion to the third tier in 1944-1945. These achievements illuminate Cadiz CF’s rich footballing legacy and their persistent pursuit of excellence in the Spanish football hierarchy.

How to buy Cadiz CF tickets


Visit 1BoxOffice
Start by visiting the official website of 1BoxOffice


Search for Cadiz CF Matches
Navigate to the sports or football section of the website and look for Cadiz CF matches or events.


Select the Match
Choose the specific Cadiz CF match you want to attend from the list of available fixtures. Click on it to proceed.


Choose Your Seats
A seating chart or map of Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla will be displayed. Select your preferred seats based on availability and your budget.


Add to Cart and Checkout
Once you’ve selected your seats, add them to your shopping cart. Review your selection, and when you’re ready, click the “Checkout” or “Buy Tickets” button.


Payment and Confirmation
You’ll be prompted to enter your payment details and personal information. After completing the payment process, you should receive a confirmation email with your Cadiz CF tickets. Ensure you bring a copy of your ticket or the digital ticket on your smartphone to the match for entry.

Cadiz CF Ticket Price Information 2023/24

Cadiz CF ticket prices can vary depending on factors such as the opponent, match significance, and seat location. Typically, ticket prices for Cadiz CF matches range from approximately 20€ to 60€. Seats closer to the field, offering premium views, tend to be on the higher end of this range, while seats in the upper tiers or behind the goals are often more affordable. Discounts for children, students, and seniors may also be available, making it accessible for fans of all ages. It’s advisable to check the official Cadiz CF website or authorized ticket vendors for specific pricing details for each match.

Season Stadium Average Ticket Price
2019-20 Nuevo Mirandilla 28€
2021-22 Nuevo Mirandilla 35€
2022-23 Nuevo Mirandilla 37€
Frequently asked questions about Cadiz CF tickets
  • To get Cadiz CF tickets, you can visit the 1BoxOffice website, search for Cadiz CF matches, select your preferred game, choose your seats, add them to your cart, and complete the purchase online. You will receive a confirmation email with your tickets.
  • Cadiz CF ticket prices can vary based on factors like the opponent, match significance, and seat location. Typically, prices range from around 20€ to 60€, with discounts available for children, students, and seniors.
  • Cadiz CF plays its home matches at Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla, located at Av. Jose León de Carranza, s/n, 11011 Cádiz, Spain.
  • While it’s possible to purchase tickets on match days, it’s advisable to buy them in advance, especially for high-demand games, to ensure availability. Online platforms like 1BoxOffice provide a convenient way to secure your tickets ahead of time.
  • To buy Cadiz CF tickets through 1BoxOffice, visit their website, search for Cadiz CF matches, choose your seats, add them to your cart, proceed to checkout, provide payment and personal details, and receive your confirmation email with the purchased tickets. This online process simplifies ticket acquisition for fans.

Cadiz CF Latest News
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Clash of Ambitions: Real Sociedad Aims to Dominate Home Turf Against Battling Cadiz

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The match of Friday will provide an opportunity for La Liga fans to watch an equally exciting match between Real Sociedad and Cadiz. The host team will do all they can to utilize their edge with their

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