Everton vs Brentford Tickets

Premier League

27 April 2024


Goodison Park

Sat 27 April 2024 | 17:30 Goodison Park, Liverpool , GB

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Buy Everton vs Brentford tickets for the Premier League game being played on 27 Apr 2024 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Brentford tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!
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Buy Everton vs Brentford tickets for the Premier League game being played on 27 Apr 2024 at Goodison Park. 1BoxOffice offers a wide range of Everton vs Brentford tickets that suits most football fans budget. Contact 1BoxOffice today for more information on how to buy Everton tickets!

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Premier League Everton vs Brentford Tickets

Experience the electrifying atmosphere of a Premier League clash as Everton takes on Brentford, a matchup that promises to be more than just a game. It's an opportunity to witness the thrilling action and intense rivalry firsthand. Securing your Everton vs Brentford ticket is your passport to a world where every pass, tackle, and goal is a moment to remember.

Whether you're a die-hard supporter or a football enthusiast, this match is a showcase of skill, strategy, and the passionate spirit of the beautiful game. From season ticket holders reveling in their cherished spots to first-time attendees soaking in the vibrant stadium vibe, every Everton vs Brentford football ticket is a gateway to an unforgettable experience. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this exciting Premier League spectacle by getting the Everton vs Brentford ticket season tickets!

Everton vs Brentford Tickets pricing for Premier league

For the 2023/24 Premier League season, ticket prices for an Everton vs Brentford F.C. match offer a range of options catering to various audience segments. In general, Everton vs Brentford ticket prices are set at £55 for adults across different sections of the stadium, including the Family Enclosure, Paddock, Lower Bullens, Upper Gwladys, Lower Gwladys, Top Balcony, Main Stand, Upper Bullens, and Park End.

Concession Everton vs Brentford away tickets, which may apply to seniors, students, or other eligible groups, are priced at £37, while junior tickets are available for £25. These prices represent the standard rates for individual Premier League matches at Everton's home ground.

Everton vs Brentford F.C. Match and pricing information in Premier league

For season ticket holders, Everton's pricing structure varies based on the location within the stadium and the age category of the holder. In the 2023/24 season, prices for the Family Enclosure start at £360 for Senior Adults (aged 25-64), with a slightly higher Everton vs Brentford season ticket price of £515 for Young Adults aged 18-21.

The cost for Juniors (aged 11-17) is set at £440, and for Kids, it's £155. Similar pricing structures apply to other areas of the stadium, such as Lower Bullens, Lower Gwladys, Main Stand, Paddock, Park End, Top Balcony, Upper Bullens, and Upper Gwladys.

For instance, in the Main Stand, the price for Senior Adults is £670, while for Young Adults, it's the same £360. Juniors in this section pay £440, and Kids pay £155. These prices reflect a commitment to keeping football accessible while balancing the need to cover escalating matchday costs.

Everton's approach to ticket pricing is notable for its affordability in the context of Premier League football. The club's average season ticket price is ranked as the third lowest in the league. Despite a 10% average increase for adults in the 2023/24 season, the club has maintained a long-standing commitment to fair pricing.

The average Everton vs Brentford F.C. ticket price has decreased by 15.9% in real terms since the 2010/11 season when compared against inflation. Similarly, the average price of a concession ticket has decreased by 28.1% over the same period, adjusting for inflation.

Brentford matches in Premier league

Date Match Venue
4th November, 2023 Brentford vs West Ham Gtech Community Stadium
12th November, 2023 Liverpool vs Brentford Anfield
25th November, 2023 Brentford vs Arsenal Gtech Community Stadium
2nd December, 2023 Brentford vs Luton GTech community Stadium
7th December, 2023 Brighton vs Brentford Amex Stadium
9th December, 2023 Sheffield Utd vs Brentford Bramall Lane
17th December, 2023 Brentford vs Aston Villa Gtech Community Stadium
28th December, 2023 Brentford vs Wolves Gtech Community Stadium
30th December, 2023 Crystal Palace vs Brentford Selhurst Park
20th January, 2024 Brentford vs Nott’m Forest Gtech Community Stadium
31st January, 2024 Spurs vs Brentford Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
3rd February, 2024 Brentford vs Man City Gtech Community Stadium
10th February, 2024 Wolves vs Brentford Molineux Stadium
17th February, 2024 Brentford vs Liverpool Gtech Community Stadium
24th February, 2024 West Ham vs Brentford London Stadium
2nd March, 2024 Brentford vs Chelsea Gtech Community Stadium
9th March, 2024 Arsenal vs Brentford Emirates Stadium
16th March, 2024 Burnley vs Brentford Turf Moor
30th March, 2024 Brentford vs Man Utd Gtech Community Stadium
3rd April, 2024 Brentford vs Brighton Gtech Community Stadium
6th April, 2024 Aston Villa vs Brentford Villa Park
13th April, 2024 Brentford vs Sheffield Utd Gtech Community Stadium
20th April, 2024 Luton vs Brentford Kenilworth Road
27th April, 2024 Everton vs Brentford Goodison Park
4th May, 2024 Brentford vs Fulham Gtech Community Stadium
11th May, 2024 Bournemouth vs Brentford Vitality Stadium
19th May, 2024 Brentford vs Newcastle Gtech Community System

Everton vs Brentford in Premier League

The head-to-head record between Everton vs Brentford in the Premier League shows a balanced rivalry. As of the 2023/24 season, each team has secured two wins, with one match ending in a draw. Their most recent meetings highlight the competitive nature of their matchups:

  • On September 23, 2023, at Brentford's Gtech Community Stadium, Everton clinched a 3-1 victory.
  • On March 11, 2023, at Everton's home, Goodison Park, the Toffees won 1-0.
  • Their encounter on August 27, 2022, at Brentford's ground, ended in a 1-1 draw.

History of Everton vs Brentford F.C. in Premier League

The history between Everton and Brentford extends beyond their recent Premier League encounters. Both clubs have rich histories in English football. Everton, one of the founding members of the Football League, has been a mainstay in the top division for most of its history. Brentford, on the other hand, has experienced a more varied journey through the English football leagues, recently finding success in the Premier League.

Premier League Fixtures – Everton vs Brentford Ticket

The Premier League fixtures for Everton and Brentford are part of a rigorous and exciting football calendar. Each team plays 38 matches throughout the season, half at home and half away. The fixtures are determined by a computer algorithm that considers various factors to ensure fairness and balance in the schedule.

Here is the Everton vs Brentford table that shows the Everton vs Brentford fixtures

Date Teams Venue
27th April, 2024 Everton vs Brentford Goodison Park

Everton vs Brentford results

The results in the Premier League are always unpredictable, with each match bringing its own challenges and opportunities. Everton and Brentford, like all teams in the league, face a tough competition from both traditional powerhouses and emerging clubs.

Here are the recent Everton vs Brentford results

Everton Brentford
Total Matches 7 7
Won 3 2
Lost 2 3
Tied 2 2

Champion history and show champions list in Premier league

The Premier League, since its inception, has seen several clubs crowned champions. The list of champions includes:

  • Manchester United (20 titles)
  • Liverpool FC (19 titles)
  • Arsenal FC (13 titles)
  • Everton FC (9 titles)
  • Manchester City, Chelsea FC, Aston Villa, Sunderland AFC, and others with fewer titles
  • Everton's last league title came in the 1986/87 season, before the Premier League era began. Since the formation of the Premier League, Everton has not yet secured the title, but they remain a competitive and respected team in the league. Brentford, being a recent addition to the Premier League, is yet to win the title

    Offers Everton vs Brentford tickets in Premier league

    Cheap Everton vs Brentford tickets Premier League matches can be found through various promotions or early bird offers. Clubs often have special discounts for members, students, or early purchases. Additionally, group discounts or family packages can provide cost savings.

    Other Platforms for Premier League Tickets

    Apart from the official club websites, Everton vs Brentford tickets for Premier League games can be purchased through authorized ticketing platforms. These platforms include sites like Ticketmaster, Viagogo, or StubHub, offering a range of pricing options. Fans can also explore secondary markets, though prices may be higher due to demand.

    Comparison of Tickets for Premier League

    The comparison of average Everton vs Brentford F.C. ticket price typically shows variation based on factors like seat location, match significance, and time of purchase. For instance, Everton vs Brentford 2023 tickets bought closer to the match day may be more expensive than those purchased well in advance. Additionally, seating areas closer to the pitch or with better views command higher prices.

    Given the specific request for comparison charts, it's important to note that while detailed price comparisons for specific matches like Everton vs Brentford are not readily available, fans should expect prices to vary based on the aforementioned factors. For the most accurate and current pricing, checking official club websites and authorized ticket sellers closer to the match date is advisable.

    Steps to buy tickets for Everton vs Brentford tickets for Premier league

    So, how to buy Everton vs Brentford tickets? Here are the steps to follow


    Visit the Website
    Navigate to the 1 Box Office official website.


    Find the Match
    Search for the Everton vs Brentford match.


    Select Tickets
    Choose from the available Everton vs Brentford ticket categories and quantities. Categories may include Shortside, Lower Tier, Longside Upper Tier, etc.


    Check Availability and Pricing
    Prices set by sellers may vary and can be above or below face value.


    Complete Purchase
    So, how to get Everton vs Brentford tickets? Follow the prompts to complete the purchase process. This usually involves providing personal details and payment information.

    Where to buy Everton vs Brentford F.C. tickets

    Tickets can be bought on the 1 Box Office website, which offers a wide range of options catering to different budgets. It's important to contact 1BoxOffice for the most up-to-date information on how to buy Everton tickets

    Why 1 Box Office is a Good Choice

    1 Box Office is considered a reliable platform for several reasons

    Wide Selection: They offer a variety of ticket options to suit different preferences and budgets. This makes it the best place to buy Everton vs Brentford tickets.

    Convenience: The process of purchasing Everton vs Brentford tickets is streamlined and user-friendly.

    Reputation: As an established ticketing platform, they are known for providing legitimate tickets.

    For the most current and detailed information, visiting the 1 Box Office official website or contacting their support directly would provide the latest guidance on purchasing the best Everton vs Brentford tickets.

    Tips to Buy Everton vs Brentford Tickets

    When considering purchasing Everton vs Brentford tickets online, 1 Box Office stands out as a preferred choice for many fans due to its numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages of using 1 Box Office for your ticket needs:

    • Wide Range of Ticket Options: Offers a diverse selection of ticket categories, including Shortside, Longside Upper Tier, and Longside Lower Tier.
      Provides options for different budgets and preferences.
    • User-Friendly Platform: The best site to buy Everton vs Brentford tickets are easy to navigate, making the ticket buying process smooth and straightforward.
      Clear information on ticket availability and pricing.
    • Secure Transactions: Ensures a secure and reliable payment process when you want to buy Everton vs Brentford tickets online.
      Protects customer data and transaction details.
    • Legitimacy and Trust: Known for its reputation in providing authentic tickets.
      Reduces the risk of counterfeit tickets.
    • Customer Service: Offers support and assistance in the ticket buying process.
      Provides information and guidance for any queries or concerns.
    • Convenience: Enables purchasing tickets from the comfort of your home or on the go.
      Saves time and effort compared to physical ticket purchases.
    • Real-Time Updates: Keeps customers informed about ticket availability and any changes in match schedules.
      Useful for last-minute ticket purchases.

    Everton vs Brentford F.C. Ticket Prices

    • Variable Pricing Everton vs Brentford F.C. ticket prices are set by sellers, offering a range of costs.
      Prices may be above or below face value, depending on demand and proximity to the match day.
    • Transparency The platform clearly displays the price for each ticket category.
      No hidden fees or charges are involved in the purchase process.

    Using 1 Box Office to buy Everton vs Brentford tickets provides a combination of convenience, security, and choice, catering to a wide spectrum of football fans and their specific needs.

    Cost of Everton vs Brentford Tickets

    • Match Day Tickets Prices are influenced by factors such as seat location (e.g., Shortside, Longside Upper or Lower Tier) and the demand for a particular match
      So, how much are Everton vs Brentford F.C. tickets? Prices may fluctuate based on the significance of the match, with high-profile games often commanding higher ticket costs.
    • Season Tickets Everton offers season tickets with Everton vs Brentford season tickets prices varying depending on the seating area within the stadium.
      Season tickets encompass all home games, providing a cost-effective option for regular attendees.

    Why the ticket cost variation information

    • Demand and Popularity High-demand matches, such as local derbies or games with significant league implications, typically have higher ticket prices.
      The popularity of the clubs involved also affects ticket costs.
    • Stadium Location and Viewing Experience Tickets for seats with better views or in preferred stadium sections are usually priced higher.
      Accessibility features and additional amenities can also influence ticket prices.

    Insights into Top Matches

    • Average Ticket Prices The average ticket price for Everton vs Brentford varies each season and is subject to change based on the factors mentioned above.
      Fans should check the latest pricing on official platforms like the club website or authorized sellers for accurate information.
    • High-Profile Matches Tickets for matches against top-tier teams or during critical points of the season may see an increase in price due to increased demand.

    In summary, the average ticket price for Everton vs Brentford is shaped by a combination of match significance, seating preferences, and overall demand, offering a range of options for different budgets and experiences.

    Matches and Stadium Details For Everton vs Brentford Teams

    The Premier League, England's top-flight football league, features a range of exciting matches played across various iconic stadiums. Each stadium has its own unique characteristics and history, adding to the allure of the matches played there.

    • Premier League Matches The Premier League operates on a system where each of the 20 teams plays 38 matches over the course of a season, totalling 380 matches. Each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away.
    • Premier League Stadiums The Premier League stadiums are known for their atmosphere, history, and modern facilities. Here are details of a few notable stadiums
    Stadium Capacity
    Old Trafford 74,140
    Emirates Stadium 60,704
    Stanford Bridge 40,853
    London Stadium 60,000
    St. James’ Park 52,305
    Kenilworth Road 10,356

    FAQ’s for Everton vs Brentford Tickets

    • Tickets can be purchased through the official websites of Everton and Brentford, as well as authorized ticketing platforms like 1 Box Office. It's advisable to check these websites regularly for updates on ticket availability and sales dates.
    • The exact date of the match can vary each season. The Premier League schedule is typically released before the start of the season, and it is recommended to check the official Premier League website or the clubs' websites for the specific match date.
    • Ticket prices depend on various factors like seat location, match significance, and demand. Prices can range from affordable options to premium seats. For precise pricing, refer to the clubs' official websites or authorized ticket sellers.
    • The sale dates for tickets can vary. Generally, tickets go on sale a few weeks to a couple of months before the match date. Club members and season ticket holders often get early access to tickets.
    • The most reliable way is through the clubs' official ticketing channels or reputable ticketing platforms. Becoming a club member or subscribing to newsletters can provide early access and updates.
    • Prices vary, but they typically start at a standard rate for the most basic seats and increase based on factors like location in the stadium and demand. Check the clubs' official websites for the most current pricing information.

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