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The Serie A Legacy 

Founded in 1929, Serie A was preliminarily split into regional groups, and since then has become the Italian football’s national top-flight division. Inter Milan has made history after reigning in the inaugural season, which paved the way for them to get the coveted trophy over 15 times, a number similar to that of AC Milan, one of their toughest local rivals. 

However, Juventus FC has made a mark for being the Italian football’s most triumphant team, finishing top of the league on over 30 occasions. The champions have been granted the Coppa Campioni d'Italia trophy since 2005, while during the succeeding season, the kit of the team featured a small coat of arms called the ‘scudetto’ alongside the Italian flag. 

Over the years, the number of clubs competing in the acclaimed Serie A has greatly varied, with a low of 16 from 1934 to 143 and a high of 21 from 1947 to 1948. However, it was in 2004 when the division had begun to welcome 20 clubs into the fold every season. Come 2016, Serie A became one of the top-flight leagues to adapt using video replays. 

That’s a long and rich history. But here’s the bottomline—you need to get your hands on Serie A tickets if you want to be part of this massive sporting event. 

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Serie A Team's

Serie A 2020-2021

Serie A is an Italian league competition played by the superior Italian teams in the Italian football system. Serie A is considered to be the second-best league in the world. Watching a Serie A game is a unique experience that you can carry with you for years. And everyone can get the chance to watch a Serie A game as there are about 10 months out of each year when we can catch a Serie A game.

To mention, if you are a fan of Florence then you got to consider a Fiorentina game, if you are in Naples then check Napoli and if you plan a visit to Rome then AS Roma and SS Lazio are the options for you. And if in Milan, then you will absolutely go for an AC Milan or Inter game. Not to forget Turin with its famous teams Juventus and Torino.

The Serie A League teams:

Serie A is a league made up of 20 teams, the teams play against each other twice once at home and the other away from home. The team that attains most points, usually gets the Scudetto Title. The competing teams are: AC Milan, ACF Fiorentina, AS Roma, Atlanta, Bologna FC, Brescia Calcio, Cagliari Calcio, Genoa CFC, Hellas Verona, Inter, Juventus, Lazio Roma, Parma Calcio1913, Smpdoria, Sassuolo Calcio, SPAL 2013 Ferrara, SSC Napoli and Torino FC.

Usually, a team is awarded three points for every achieved win, one point for a draw and zero points for a loss. The total points gained is one of the factors that determine the teams rank in the competition. The championship winner is the club with the most points   and the three lowest placed teams in the league table are relegated to Serie B.


Serie A Stadiums:

There are 53 stadiums that can host football games in Italy, those stadiums have an  average capacity of 10,000 seats including VIP seats. To mention, the San Siro stadium is considered to be the largest stadium with a seating capacity of 80,000 seats. And Sienns has the smallest stadium with a capacity that goes for just around 15,000 setas. Here is the list of stadiums hosting Serie A 2020-21 games.17 stadiums will be hosting the matches as Genoa and Sampdoris will be sharing the Stadio Luigi Ferraris.


Serie A Tickets:

Tickets for Serie A 2020 -21 matches are now available at Don’t miss this tournament and check the Serie A match tickets online. Serie A 2020 soccer Tickets prices can range from cheap to VIP depending on the seats. Good, safe and secure deals for any game can be done online and always remember to check for tickets info and updates. You can buy 100 % authentic reliable Serie A tickets to attend and join the stadiums and enjoy the competition. Like any other game, more demand can be on Serie A tickets final, so makes sure to do bookings as early as possible.


Serie A Schedule:

The season usually starts on August untill May. This season the game kicked off on September 19th 2020 and the final round is due to take place on May 23, 2021. There are going to be six midweek rounds on December 16, December 23, January 6, February 2, April 21 and May 12. There are breaks on the weekends of October 11, November 15 and March 28. As well there will be a gap from December 24 to January 2.

A series of games will take place but to mention some: Week 1 have started on September 2020 with the following teams competing;

Benevento-Inter, Fiorentina-Torino, Genoa-Crotone, Juventus-Sampdoria, Lazio-Atalanta, Milan-Bologna, Parma-Napoli, Sassuolo-Cagliari, Udinese-Spezia, Verona-Roma. The last week of September 2020 have witnessed the following teams playing against each other; Bologna-Parma, Cagliari-Lazio, Crotone-Milan, Inter-Fiorentina, Napoli-Genoa, Roma-Juventus, Sampdoria-Benevento, Spezia-Sassuolo, Torino-Atalanta, Verona-Udinese.

During the last week of October, the following teams competed: Atalanta-Sampdoria, Benevento-Napoli, Cagliari-Crotone, Fiorentina-Udinese, Genoa-Inter, Juventus-Verona, Lazio-Bologna, Milan-Roma, Parma-Spezia and Sassuolo-Torino. The last week of Novemeber has witnessed the following plays: Atalanta-Verona, Benevento-Juventus, Bologna-Crotone, Cagliari-Spezia, Genoa-Parma, Lazio-Udinese, Milan-Fiorentina, Napoli-Roma, Sassuolo-Inter and Torino-Sampdoria.

On the 23rd of December Bologna-Atalanta, Crotone-Parma, Juventus-Fiorentina, Milan-Lazio, Napoli-Torino, Roma-Cagliari, Sampdoria-Sassuolo, Spezia-Genoa, Udinese-Benevento and Verona-Inter will play. The last week of January will witness the following matches: Atalanta-Lazio, Bologna-Milan, Cagliari-Sassuolo, Crotone-Genoa, Inter-Benevento, Napoli-Parma, Roma-Verona, Sampdoria-Juventus, Spezia-Udinese and Torino-Fiorentina.

February 2021 will mark the 28th week and will end with the following games: Crotone-Bologna, Fiorentina-Milan, Inter-Sassuolo, Juventus-Benevento, Parma-Genoa, Roma-Napoli, Sampdoria-Torino, Spezia-Cagliari, Udinese-Lazio and Verona-Atalanta. Then during the 33rd week, which is on the 25th of April 2021, the following teams will play: Atalanta-Bologna, Benevento-Udinese, Cagliari-Roma, Fiorentina-Juventus, Genoa-Spezia, Inter-Verona, Lazio-Milan, Parma-Crotone, Sassuolo-Sampdoria, Torino-Napoli. And then the final week will be on the 23rd of May, 2021 where the following teams will play: Atalanta-Milan, Bologna-Juventus, Cagliari-Genoa, Crotone-Fiorentina, Inter-Udinese, Napoli-Verona, Sampdoria-Parma, Sassuolo-Lazio, Spezia-Roma and Torino-Benevento.


Serie A past winners:

Whenever we ask who has won the most Serie A titles? The answer is Juventus. Juventus is considered to be the most successful team and the Serie A top scorer with 34 winning titles of which there are seven consecutive wins since 2011-12 season until 2017-18 season.  Then comes the two other Italian clubs, Internazionale and AC Milan. Those two clubs have achieved 16 and 15 winning titles so far. During the 2009-10 season, Inter was the first team that has achieved three winning titles in the same season where they have won the Serie A League, Coppa Italia, and the UEFA Champions League. Here are some other clubs with some remarkable wins:Torino with 6 titles, Bolonga with 5 winning titles, Roma with three winning titles and Fiorentina with two wins.


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