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SPAL Tickets

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About SPAL FC tickets 2023/2024

SPAL Ticket Prices:
When it comes to SPAL ticket prices, 1BoxOffice offers a range of options to cater to various preferences and budgets. For a single match ticket, prices typically start from as low as 23 euros and can go up to 36 euros, depending on factors like the importance of the match and seating location within the stadium. However, if you’re a dedicated supporter looking to enjoy multiple matches, season ticket prices vary based on factors such as seating location, age, and category. These comprehensive season packages range between 256 euros and 630 euros. You can conveniently find and purchase these tickets on, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

SPAL Stadio Paolo Mazza Stadium / Venue Information:
The iconic Stadio Paolo Mazza serves as the home ground for SPAL. Located in Ferrara, Italy, this stadium has witnessed numerous memorable football moments. The stadium has a rich history, with a seating capacity that can accommodate thousands of passionate fans. Its unique atmosphere and design offer an immersive experience for spectators. The Stadio Paolo Mazza provides excellent amenities, ensuring that visitors can enjoy matches comfortably. From seating arrangements to facilities for refreshments and merchandise, the stadium is designed to enhance the overall fan experience.

Year/Season Overview:
Throughout its history, SPAL has participated in various football seasons, showcasing their dedication and talent on the field. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for the team to excel and connect with its supporters. As the years progress, SPAL continues to evolve, seeking to achieve greater heights and maintain its position as a prominent football club.

SPAL Achievements:
Over the years, SPAL has achieved several milestones that highlight their prowess on the football field. While accomplishments can vary from season to season, SPAL has showcased its potential by competing in different leagues and tournaments. These achievements serve as a testament to the team’s determination and commitment to the sport. Whether it’s advancing in cup competitions, securing crucial victories, or demonstrating exceptional teamwork, SPAL’s achievements contribute to its legacy in the football world.

Stadio Paolo Mazza Stadium: SPAL’s Home Ground

With a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators, the Stadio Paolo Mazza stands as the cherished home ground of SPAL. Situated in Ferrara, Italy, the stadium holds a rich history of hosting memorable football clashes. Its distinct architecture and vibrant atmosphere create an unforgettable experience for both fans and players alike.

Address and Seating Plan

The Stadio Paolo Mazza is located at Via Copparo, 83, 44124 Ferrara FE, Italy. The stadium is thoughtfully designed with several seating areas to cater to different preferences and needs.

- Matthew Harding Stand / North Stand: This stand is known for its enthusiastic fan base, offering a close-up view of the action on the pitch. Fans in this section can soak in the energy of the game and support SPAL passionately.

- East Stand: The East Stand provides a comfortable vantage point for spectators who appreciate a comprehensive view of the match. It’s a favorite choice for those who enjoy analyzing the tactics and dynamics of the game.

- Shed End / South Stand: The Shed End offers a lively atmosphere, often housing the most vocal supporters. This section is where fans come together to create an electrifying ambiance, motivating the team with their chants and cheers.

- West Stand: The West Stand provides a balanced view of the field, allowing fans to enjoy the game from a different perspective. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded match experience.

Directions and Transportation Options

Reaching the Stadio Paolo Mazza Stadium is easy thanks to various transportation options available:

- Public Transportation: Utilizing buses or trains can be an efficient way to access the stadium. Public transportation ensures you’re dropped off conveniently close to the venue.

- Cycling: For the health-conscious and environmentally friendly, cycling is a great option. The city’s bike paths and cycling lanes make pedaling to the stadium a viable choice.

- Taxi or Ride-sharing: Taxis or ride-sharing services provide door-to-door convenience, ideal for those who prefer a more direct route.

- Driving Bike/Car: If you’re driving, the stadium offers parking facilities. GPS navigation or a mapping app can help you reach the venue hassle-free.

SPAL FC team information

SPAL Away/Home:
SPAL, Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, thrives in the vibrant football culture of Italy. The club splits its matches between home and away fixtures, each offering a unique atmosphere. Home matches are played at the iconic Stadio Paolo Mazza, where loyal fans gather to support their team. The stadium’s energy resonates with the fervor of SPAL enthusiasts, creating an unforgettable experience. Away matches see SPAL venturing into diverse arenas, testing their mettle against rivals and competitors on unfamiliar turf.

SPAL Rivalries and Competitors:
SPAL has woven a tapestry of rivalries and fierce competition over the years. Matches against local rivals like Bologna and Cesena fuel the passion of fans, driving the team to deliver their best on the field. These encounters are marked by intense emotions and spirited battles, embodying the essence of football’s competitive spirit. The clashes against fellow Serie A teams further amplify the excitement, as SPAL locks horns with top-tier opponents to showcase their skill and determination.

SPAL Season Tickets and Hospitality Tickets:
For ardent supporters looking to be part of every thrilling moment, SPAL offers season tickets that provide access to a range of matches. The pricing of season tickets varies based on factors such as seating location, age, and category, spanning from 256 euros to 630 euros. This cost-effective option allows fans to witness multiple games and immerse themselves in the club’s journey throughout the season. Additionally, for those seeking a premium experience, SPAL’s hospitality tickets offer exclusive services and perks. Ranging from 400 euros to 1300 euros, these tickets provide an elevated matchday experience, complete with top-notch amenities and personalized attention. Both season tickets and hospitality tickets are available for purchase through 1BoxOffice, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

SPAL Club Information:
SPAL, founded in 1907, has a rich legacy in Italian football. The club’s full name, Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor, reflects its commitment to both sportsmanship and hard work. Throughout its history, SPAL has experienced moments of triumph and challenges, staying true to its values and dedicated fan base. The club’s colors, white and blue, symbolize the purity and determination that define SPAL’s approach to the beautiful game.

SPAL Top Players and All-time Top Goalscorers:
SPAL has seen the rise of exceptional players who have left an indelible mark on the club’s history. Emanuele Cancellato, with 126 goals, stands tall among the top goalscorers, contributing significantly to SPAL’s success. Additionally, the legendary scar Massei’s record of 253 goals and Serie B championship, securing promotion to the top league. The ‘64/’65 season marked their ascent to the 1st league, a testament to their determination. Additionally, the club’s triumph in the ‘72/’73 season as Italian Lega Pro Champion (B) underscores their prowess. These trophies reflect SPAL’s commitment to excellence and their noteworthy contributions to Italian football history.

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SPAL Ticket Price Information 2023-2024

Elevate your SPAL experience with Season Tickets, offering exceptional value. While single match tickets range from 23 to 36 €, Season Tickets vary in price based on seating, age, and category, spanning from 256€ to 630€. Immerse yourself in the entire season’s action at Stadio Paolo Mazza with these cost-effective options. For those seeking a premium matchday experience, SPAL Hospitality Tickets are available, priced between 400€ and 1300€. These tickets offer exclusive services and perks, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate football experience. Secure your chosen tickets conveniently through 1BoxOffice, where a range of options awaits to cater to your preferences and budget.

Season Stadium Average ticket price
2019-20 Stadio Paolo Mazza 25€
2020-21 Stadio Paolo Mazza 32€
2022-23 Stadio Paolo Mazza 46€

Frequently asked questions about purchasing SPAL tickets

  • You can easily purchase SPAL tickets through the official 1BoxOffice website. Browse available matches, select your preferred seating, and proceed to checkout for a seamless booking process.
  • SPAL tickets generally go on sale well in advance of the match. You can check the 1BoxOffice website for updated information on ticket release dates for upcoming SPAL fixtures.
  • SPAL ticket prices vary based on factors such as seating location, match importance, and ticket type (single match or season tickets). Prices for single match tickets range from 23 to 36 €. For season tickets, costs differ according to seating, age, and category, ranging between 256€ and 630€. Premium SPAL Hospitality Tickets start at 400€ and go up to 1300€, offering an enhanced matchday experience.
  • In most cases, SPAL tickets are available for purchase before the matchday. It’s recommended to buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. However, availability for on-the-day purchases may vary and depend on factors such as demand and ticket availability.