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Chelsea Tickets

Welcome to 1BoxOffice, your ultimate destination for securing Chelsea FC tickets. As avid supporters of the Blues, we understand your passion for witnessing the thrilling action at Stamford Bridge first-hand. With our user-friendly ticketing platform, obtaining Chelsea tickets has never been easier. Whether you're looking for premium seats or affordable options, our extensive selection caters to every fan's preferences. Bypass the hassle of navigating the official Chelsea FC ticket office and explore our reliable and secure ticketing service. Join thousands of fellow enthusiasts and experience the electric atmosphere as CFC delivers unforgettable moments on the pitch. Get your cheap Chelsea tickets today and be part of the exhilarating journey with Chelseafc!

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About Chelsea Fc Tickets 2023/2024

Chelsea FC, also known as the Blues, is a top-flight English football team that competes in the Premier League, one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. Fans from around the globe flock to Stamford Bridge, Chelsea's home ground, to witness their favourite team compete against other Premier League teams.

If you're looking to buy Chelsea tickets for the 2023/24 season, you'll be pleased to know that there are various options available to you. The ticket prices for Chelsea FC vary depending on the type of ticket and the match you're interested in attending. A season ticket for the 2023/24 season ranges from £595 to £1,250, while individual match tickets can range from £30 to over £100, depending on the match's demand.

Stamford Bridge has a seating capacity of 40,834, making it one of the smaller stadiums in the Premier League. However, it's also one of the most atmospheric stadiums, thanks to the passionate Chelsea fans who fill the stands week in, week out.

Chelsea tickets can be purchased online through the official Chelsea FC website or from third-party websites. It's essential to ensure that you buy tickets from a reputable seller to avoid any disappointment or fraud. Fans can also purchase tickets from the Chelsea FC ticket office located at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea games are known for their high-intensity and competitive nature. The Blues have a loyal fanbase that supports the team through thick and thin, creating an unforgettable atmosphere on match days.

How To Book Chelsea Tickets 2023/24


Visit the 1BoxOffice website:
Head over to the 1BoxOffice website to browse the latest chelsea FC ticket information. You’ll find everything you need to know about match schedules, ticket pricing, seating options, and more.


Choose Your Match:
Select the chelsea FC match you want to attend from the list of available options. Be sure to double-check the date, time, and venue to make sure it fits your schedule.


Select Your Seats:
Choose your preferred seating category and select the number of tickets you need. You can view the seating plan to see the available seats and choose the ones that best suit your preference.


Complete your booking:
Enter your personal information, payment details, and any other required information to confirm your purchase. Be sure to review your booking details carefully before finalizing your purchase.


Receive your tickets:
Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive your Chelsea FC tickets via email or mobile ticketing. Simply bring a printed or digital copy of your tickets to the stadium on match day and get ready to experience the excitement of live football at Stamford bridge.

With these easy steps, you can book your Chelsea FC tickets hassle-free and get ready to cheer on your favorite team. Don’t miss out on the action – book your Chelsea FC tickets for the 2023/24 season today!

Chelsea Team Information

Chelsea Fc Away/Home:

We offer an extensive selection of Chelsea FC tickets, whether you're looking to support the Blues at home or join the away contingent. Experience the electric atmosphere of Stamford Bridge with our Chelsea home tickets, immersing yourself in the vibrant crowd as you cheer on your favorite team. Alternatively, secure Chelsea away tickets to witness the excitement unfold in rival stadiums across the country. Immerse yourself in the passion of the away supporters and be part of the unforgettable moments that define the beautiful game.

Chelsea Ticket Office:

Avoid the hassle of navigating the official Chelsea FC ticket office by turning to us. Our user-friendly ticketing platform provides a convenient and secure way to purchase your Chelsea tickets. Say goodbye to long queues and limited availability. With just a few clicks, you can secure your spot at the next Chelsea match, ensuring a seamless ticketing experience.

Chelsea’s Rivalries and Competitors:

Chelsea's fierce rivalries with teams like Arsenal and Tottenham make their matches even more thrilling. Get your hands on Chelsea vs. Arsenal tickets or Chelsea vs. Tottenham tickets to witness these intense battles first-hand. Brace yourself for high-stakes encounters filled with passion, skill, and unforgettable moments that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

CFC Season Ticket:

For die-hard Chelsea fans, a season ticket is the ultimate way to support the club throughout the year. Prices range from £380 to £940, depending on age and seat location. With a season ticket, you can secure your place at every home game, ensuring you never miss a moment of Chelsea's journey.

Chelsea fc’s Game Information/Cups:

We provides access to a variety of cup matches involving Chelsea FC. Whether you're looking for Chelsea FA Cup tickets or highly anticipated clashes like Chelsea vs. Arsenal tickets or Chelsea vs. Manchester City tickets, we've got you covered. Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere as these top-tier teams battle it out for silverware.

How to Buy Chelsea FC Tickets:

Purchasing Chelsea FC tickets from 1BoxOffice is simple and hassle-free. Follow these steps:


Visit our website and search for Chelsea FC tickets.


Browse the available matches and select the desired game.


Choose your preferred seating category and quantity.


Proceed to the checkout page and review your order.


Provide the necessary personal and payment details.


Complete the purchase, and you'll receive a confirmation email with your e-tickets.

CFC Club Information:

Stay up to date with the latest Chelsea FC news and developments. As of the 2022/2023 season, the club has experienced a period of transition, with three different coaches at the helm. Currently, Frank Lampard is managing the team until the end of the season. Looking ahead to the 2023/2024 season, Chelsea has struck a deal with Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager, promising an exciting future for the club. Stay connected with 1BoxOffice for the latest updates on Chelsea FC and be a part of their journey.

Chelsea Ticket price information

The cost of Chelsea FC tickets can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the opponent, the competition, and the seating location in the stadium. Generally speaking, tickets for Chelsea FC matches can range from around £30 for a lower-tier seat in a midweek Premier League game against a smaller club, to well over £100 for a premium seat in aHigh-profile match against a top rival or in a knockout stage game of a major tournament like the Champions League.

It’s worth noting that ticket prices can also fluctuate depending on availability and demand, with prices often higher for matches that are in high demand or have limited availability. Additionally, the club offers a range of ticket packages and hospitality options that can come at a premium price.

Season/year Location Average prices (£)
2019/2020 Stamford bridge 30-60
2020/2021 Stamford bridge 30-60
2021/2022 Stamford bridge 50-100

Frequently asked questions about Chelsea FC tickets

Are you interested in knowing more about Chelsea FC tickets? Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Chelsea FC tickets:

  • Yes, you can. However, members have priority access to tickets, and non-members may have to wait until a later date to purchase tickets.
  • Yes, you can purchase Chelsea FC tickets from anywhere in the world through authorized ticket agents or resellers.
  • Non-members can purchase Chelsea FC tickets through authorized ticket agents or resellers. Alternatively, non-members can purchase tickets through the official Chelsea FC website.
  • We strongly advise against purchasing tickets from unauthorised sources or third-party vendors as they may be fraudulent or invalid. Always purchase tickets through authorized ticket agents or resellers.
  • Away tickets can be purchased through the official Chelsea FC website or authorized ticket agents.
  • The price of a Chelsea FC season ticket can vary depending on the seat location, but they typically range from £500 to £2,200..
  • Tickets for Chelsea FC matches can be expensive, but there are ways to purchase them at a lower price. Keep an eye out for special promotions, discounts, or last-minute offers on the official Chelsea FC website or authorized ticket agents.
  • The cost of Chelsea FC tickets can vary depending on the match and seat location. Tickets for Premier League matches typically range from £50 to £150, while Champions League matches can be more expensive.

Major Tournaments and team info

Chelsea Fc Team Information:

Chelsea FC is one of the most successful and renowned football clubs in England. With a rich history and a passionate fan base, the club continues to make headlines in the footballing world. Get the scoop on upcoming matches, team news, player transfers, and managerial changes. Be in the know and never miss a beat with Chelsea FC.

CFC Tournament Information:

Chelsea FC competes in several important tournaments that showcase their prowess on the field. The Premier League, the pinnacle of English football, sees Chelsea as a consistent contender. The club has won the Premier League six times, with their most recent victory in the 2016-2017 season. In the UEFA Champions League, Chelsea has triumphed twice, in 2012 and 2021, and has reached the final on three other occasions. The FA Cup, the oldest football competition globally, has seen Chelsea lift the trophy eight times, most recently in 2018. Additionally, the club has achieved success in the Europa League, winning the tournament in 2013 and 2019. These are just a few examples of the prestigious competitions in which Chelsea FC has excelled.

Chelsea’s Fans:

Chelsea FC boasts a passionate and dedicated fan base. Known for their unwavering support and vibrant atmosphere, Chelsea fans play a vital role in driving the team forward. Join the fervent Blues supporters at Stamford Bridge or experience the electric ambiance at away matches. Feel the unity and camaraderie that comes with being part of the Chelsea FC fan community.

Premier League 2023/24:

Stay tuned to for the latest updates on Chelsea FC’s Premier League fixtures for the upcoming 2023/24 season. Cheer on the Blues as they face fierce rivals, strive for glory, and aim to secure a top position in the league table. Be there to witness the intense battles and exhilarating moments that make the Premier League a must-watch competition.

Chelsea’s Important Matches 2023/24:

The 2023/24 season promises thrilling encounters for Chelsea FC. Keep an eye out for crucial matches against top rivals like Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City. Witness the clashes that ignite passion and define seasons. Stay updated on 1BoxOffice to secure your tickets for these highly anticipated fixtures and be part of the footballing spectacle.

Chelsea FC Top Rivalries

Arsenal: The rivalry between Chelsea and Arsenal dates back to the 1930s, and the two clubs have been fierce competitors ever since. Matches between the two sides are known for their intensity and physicality and rivalry have only grown stronger in recent years.

Tottenham Hotspur: The rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, also known as the "London Derby," is one of the most heated in English football. The two clubs have a long history of animosity, and matches between the two sides are always closely contested.

Liverpool: Chelsea's rivalry with Liverpool stems from several high-profile matches between the two clubs, including the 2005 Champions League semi-final and the 2014 Premier League title race. Matches between Chelsea and Liverpool are always closely watched by football fans around the world.

Manchester United: Although the rivalry between Chelsea and Manchester United is relatively new, it has quicklybecome one of the most intense in English football. The two clubs have competed for titles in recent years, and their matches are always closely contested.

Getting in to Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea FC, is located in Fulham, West London. There are several ways to travel to the stadium, depending on your location and preferences. Here are some of the best ways to get to Stamford Bridge:

By Tube: The nearest tube station to Stamford Bridge is Fulham Broadway, which is on the District Line. From there, it's just a 10-minute walk to the stadium.

By Bus: There are several bus routes that pass by Stamford Bridge, including the 14, 211, and 414. Check the transport for London website for the latest bus timetables and routes.

By Car: If you're driving to Stamford Bridge, there are several car parks available near the stadium. However, parking can be limited on match days, so it's advisable to book your parking spot in advance.

By Bike: If you enjoy cycling, there are bike racks available outside the stadium where you can lock up your bike. Alternatively, you can use the Santander Cycles bike-sharing scheme to rent a bike.

No matter which mode of transportation you choose, make sure to plan your journey to avoid any delays or last-minute surprises.

Chelsea’s Top Matches/Rivals

Chelsea vs West Ham United:

A London derby that is always a closely contested match, with both teams looking to come out on top. Expect a high-energy game with plenty of drama and excitement.

Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur:

One of the biggest rivalries in English football, this game is sure to be a must-watch. With both teams boasting top-quality players, it promises to be a thrilling encounter.

Chelsea vs Manchester United:

A classic match-up that always delivers. Both teams have a long history of success, and this game is sure to be a showcase of their talents. Expect a fiercely competitive game.

Chelsea vs Liverpool:

Two of the biggest clubs in English football face off in a game that is sure to be packed with action. With both teams known for their attacking style of play, expect plenty of goals and excitement.

Chelsea vs Manchester City:

Another top-tier match-up that pits two of the best teams in the country against each other. With both teams boasting world-class talent, this game is sure to be a showcase of skill and ability.

Chelsea vs Arsenal:

A London derby that always delivers. Both teams have a long-standing rivalry, and this game is sure to be fiercely contested. Expect plenty of passion and intensity on the pitch.

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